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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NSA Hearing Action Alert: Announcing the NSA Hearing Archive

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Action Alert Archive; Click here to read other NSA Hearing Action Alerts.]


Welcome to the team who will provide you information to assist you.

The purpose of this announcement is to introduce you to the NSA Hearing Archive. This archive is designed to help organize useful information for you.

Please forward this link quickly to others. Work is already underway at the state level to review the information, and issue a proclamation demanding the House investigate and lawfully remove the President from office.

Requested Action

This action alert asks you to:

1. Pass the link to others

2. Discuss this information in your blog and with your friends

After you read this information and talk to your friends, you should walk away with a sense of whether this approach is or is not going to be of assistance.

Either way:

A. Your job is to decide whether you want to comment, ignore this information, participate, or wait for others to do something;

B. Know that the voters have seen the US Senate is unwilling to openly discuss information. The world now knows that the States must take action.

There is a process in place at the State level to take action. These are called State proclamations. They have been successfully tested in 1903. They by pass the RNC Controlled House Judiciary Committee.

There is nothing the RNC or the White House can do to stop the states from issuing this proclamation. Only one proclamation is needed.

This action alerts simply announces the organization of this blog to support the NSA hearing.

Other information you may find useful is the information related to the State Proclamation.

There are three sources.

First, at Daily Kos: [ Click ]

Second, the Vermont effort. [ Click here ]

Third, the background material related to the State Proclamation. [ Click here ]

Your job is simply to know that the NSA Hearing Archive Exists, that there is a plan in place to organize, and there are far more effective methods behind the scenes penetrating the White House legal team, and gathering information to assist you lawfully remove the President.

There is nothing Karl Rove or the President can do to stop this process.

The RNC is in a no-win situation. The voters know what is going on.

The NSA hearings will show why the President cannot be trusted to honor his oath and should lawfully be removed from office.

The State proclamation will trigger a House vote. Either the House will do what the senate did -- and rubber stamp a vote to "take no action", or they will order an investigation.

Either way, the House will have to publicly commit: Where do they stand on their oaths, the rule of law, and violations of their oaths of office.

The State proclamation process will accelerate after 1 March 2006. After this date, the House and Senate will have communicated -- by their collective inaction -- that they are not serious about fact finding.

This is important information for you -- as a voter -- to discuss with your friends. The 2006 election is about the next President of the United States. When the current president is lawfully removed from office in January 2007, his replacement will come from the US House of Representatives.

The voters know this. The voters know their decision in November 2006 in the congressional races will decide who is sitting in the White House.

Make no mistake. The President knows he is in trouble. He has no defense. His arguments are absurd. He has been caught. There is nothing he can do to prevent action.

In the event that he chooses to disband Congress, there are back-up options available to subdue this president's rebellion against the Constitution. They are lawful. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. But know, if the President chooses to shut down Congress, this will simply confirm what we already know: He is unfit to preserve the Constitution and should lawfully be removed from office.

Good luck . . . .


Here are some sample comments you may with to include in your subsequent announcements of this. Feel free to copy this content and post using the name "Constant" wherever you desire.

The purpose of this message is to call attention to the NSA hearings. The voters need to know that they need to be involved and aware.

Also, the voters need to know there is a system in place to provide timely, useful, and organized information.

Within a matter of hours, a more effective system will be up and running. It will not appear to have any connect to this. However, know the NSA is unable to detect the coordination efforts.

Here are the details of the suggested message -- feel free to modify, or rewrite

. . . getting ready for the NSA hearings . . .

. . . planning efforts for state level impeachment proclamations, and the 2006 election -- the President's transition team, and information on Joint Staff propaganda efforts to interfere with the NSA hearings. . .

Action Alert: Review NSA hearing preparation information

This is an announcement: There is an NSA Hearing Archive. The Archive will organize information related to the NSA hearings into the unlawful wire tapping. The link provides an overview of what will be happening. You are free to review the information, or pass the information onto your friends. If you are in disagreement with this information, you are free to blog about it, or establish other approaches.

The voters are organized to lawfully remove the President from office

Here is what is happening:

Here is how this information is being summarized: [The single link you need to keep track of all this information]

Your job is to let others know about the archive. Other information will follow.

Your job is to provide the link to others, no mater where they are, and let them consider the information.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Copy of the link to this Action Alert

End of Suggested Action Alert Message

This concludes this action alert. If you have comments on this action alert, feel free to blog about it.

If you have concerns, feedback, or other inputs, it will be considered. Your comments will be valuable in monitoring what is going on.

Remember, every small action you take will add up. Never believe that you do not make a difference. You do. Never forget that.

Together, we will make this happen: This President shall assent to the rule of law.

Best wishes.

End of Action Alert