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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NSA Hearing Archive Overview

This is the NSA Hearing Archive Overview. You're in the right place.

The archive is at another link. It will look familiar. It will look like this Click

The Archive will have two purposes:

  • 1. A central place to find information

  • 2. Give you plenty of time to see how this fits together

    Purpose of this Overview about the NSA Hearing Archive

    The purpose of this information is to outline for you how the NSA Hearing Archive will be organized, and how it will assist you. It is designed to provide you useful information. It will provide you with a structure to the information you will be receiving.

    Your job is to be familiar with the archive and freely share it with your friends, provide comments, or offer suggestions on how this can be improved. Your public comments will be found and considered. If you are not happy with the way this is being done, you are free to express your views in your own blog or develop another mechanism. This is not intended to be "the answer" but a place to start. Shortly, there will be some websites that will provide a far simpler approach to this effort.

    This is merely a place to start. The other options that are more useful will clearly be your number one priority. Within a matter of days this blogspot will be overshadowed by better organized, more useful, and timely information. Once that information is available, we encourage you to ignore this information, and use those more useful sources.

    What is in the archive

    The NSA Hearing Archive will have a series of links. The links will be organized into useful groups. Here is a sample of what the archive will look like--It will look like this Click

    The links will provide you information about the following things:

  • Action Alerts: An Archive of action items you may wish to participate in

  • Useful information and links: Content-related

  • Other bloggers in the support: Who's doing what, opposition arguments/samples, and those who are doing the leg work and have some excellent ideas on how to approach these issues.

  • Analysis of the White House hearing strategy: Stonewall, deny

  • Discussion of the White House defenses: They are flawed and are without legal foundation.

  • Analysis of the Senate excuses not to convict and remove the President: They are without merit.

    The State voters should track this information. This information will help voters like you make decisions. You and your friends will want to consider who to lawfully remove from the Senate in the 2006 elections.

    There are other options. State legislators may issue proclamations. This is different than the impeachment proclamation. State legislators can call to have Senators expelled from the Senate. Expulsion can be for failing to assert their oath of office.

    Also, voters and the State Legislators can remove Senators lawfully during elections for "not waking up" to their oaths of office, or "not getting the big picture why this is important." If they have to be told this information, they're not fit to lead, they're following. It is time for them to follow.

    What you can do

    Your job is to let your friends in your neighborhood or in the blogosphere know their involvement is important.

    Your job is to choose which action alerts who want to participate. If you are concerned about a particular action alert, your job is to discuss this in your blog, your concerns.

    Also, any resistance or non-support you get from elected officials will be interesting and useful. This feedback will help assess what the White House is doing in their defense of the President. Any information, however insignificant you get from official sources will be useful.

    For example: You may have information on an elected official’s schedule, or their comments about an ongoing matter related to the hearing. Your job is to share what you learn. If you are not getting responses using faxes, e-mails, or telephones – let the world know in your blog. Those patterns will be analyzed to assess what the White House is doing.

    If you have a comment on the NSA hearings, your job is to simply blog about it, comment, and raise public attention to the issue. If you do not publicly comment in the blogosphere, you will have no input.

    If you would like to have your site featured on the linking system, your job is to generate activity, discussions, and drive traffic to your site. Your valued content will be organized and shared with others.

    Big Picture: Where are we giong

    This is the first step in lawfully removing the President from office.

    NSA Hearing Archive will support the State Proclamation Effort. The States will issue a proclamation calling for the House to start an investigation. This will occur after 1 Mar 2006.

    If the House fails to act -- as is expected -- in the wake of the Senate Hearing, the States are already poised to work. The States are prepared to move. They will move to ensure action is taken on the House floor -- and the public will have plenty of time to see the delaying actions by the House. The voters will have time to digest whether they want to have confidence in the current House leadership and their representatives.

    The NSA hearings are also linked to the next President. Local citizens must realize: Your attention to this matter is important. The 2006 House elections will choose the next President. President Bush, when he is lawfully removed from office as will Vice Present Cheney, will have a replacement from the US House of Representatives. The State-level voters will choose in November 2006 the next Representative, who will then replace the President in mid to late 2007.

    The NSA hearing archive will act as a method to orchestrate, coordinate, and provide a big picture approach to the following issues:

  • A. NSA Hearings -- how the information will form the basis to impeach and convict the President

  • B. State Proclamations -- What the states are doing; how the state legislators are commending on the material they are hearing; what you can do to work with others to notify your state representatives of the importance of the NSA hearings; the role the State legislators will have in brining action to the floor of the US House

  • C. House and Senate impeachment proceedings -- This will also serve as a forum to organize the proceedings for the House-Senate conferences on this issue. Again, this isn't intended to do the work of the House-Senate, but to provide you with a structure to see in general terms how the NSA information fits in with the impeachment and Conviction phases

  • D. White House defense -- The White House will be working with the Joint Staff to orchestrate a number of overt and covert propaganda campaigns. These will be primarily targeted at the American public. The purpose of the propaganda campaign will be to

    - Discredit anyone challenging the White House
    - Distract attention
    - Dissuade belief that the President can be removed from office
    - Shore up public support
    - Destroy and neutralize efforts to hold the President accountable
    - Explain away problems with the ongoing investigation
    - Promote, disrupt, or remove critical people from the organizing effort

  • E. White House hearing approaches -- The White House has one goal: To protect the President from being removed from office. The archive will point you to links outlining samples of what they are doing.

    The purpose of this will be to provide you a framework to understand:
    the nature of the witness testimony,
    why the Senate is or isn't asking questions,
    the reasons for invoking the 5th Amendment, and
    how the statements are or are not consistent with previous testimony, documents, and legal arguments.

    In short, the RNC and White House are in a mess. And they know they have no credible defense. Their only option is to do what they've always done: Spew forth non-sense, create confusion, rely on the main stream media to parrot non-sense, and discredit those who dare point out the obvious: The President is unfit for office.

  • F. Pre-2006 Election planning -- The Local voters will soon realize that their voice will be important. The Senate and House have failed. The local voters will move to find a suitable replacement for the President. This person will be positioned in the US Congress. They will await the lawful removal of the President.


    Your job is to keep the big picture in mind during the NSA hearings. They are to gather facts, form a basis to outline an investigation by the House, and generate standards of evidence the Senate will use to evaluate whether the President should be lawfully removed from office.

    This archive is intended to support these objectives.

    If you are not clear about something, have questions, or are in disagreement with any of the above, you are free to discuss this with your friends and blog about it. Your views will be considered.

    Good luck. Stay focused. Your attention is valued. Realize you have an important job to do: Understand what is going on with the NSA conduct, how it violates your Constitution, and the way forward to lawfully remove the President from office and replace him with someone who respects his oath of office and the rule of law.


    The above comments will be revised, edited, and reformatted. They are not intended to be a “fixed” content; rather, they are merely notional. Future updates will reconfigure this content. There will be no effort to provide a “line-by-line” explanation of why the above content is or isn’t the same. Rather, the information will simply expand, and improve in terms of clarity, organization, and specificity.

    If information is removed, we’ll provide a link to where that content and valuable information is located.