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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

NSA Hearing Action Alert -- Upcoming Meeting Announcement

Added: 25 Mar 2006: NSA hearing Tues, 28 Mar 2006 Click

Update 04 Feb 2006 The voters understand the issues. Does the Senate? [ Click ]

State Proclamation Voter Guide: Click

The Senate Judiciary Committee has a meeting announcement on the NSA Hearings.
Details: Click here

Monday, Feb. 6, 2006

9:30 a.m.


To hold hearings to examine wartime executive
power and the NSA's surveillance authority.

Room to be announced
Welcome Alabama: Ref -- MoonOfAlabama

[ For your convenience, there is backup analysis, research, and assessments in the NSA Hearing Support focus area; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Support focus area.]

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This ation alert asks you to share this information with your friends: Why you need to watch the NSA hearings on Monday, Feb 6 2006.

DakotaToday: State level proclomations are heating up.

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Briefly, the Presidident and the Joing Staff are in rebellion against the Constitution. Congress has the power -- under Article 1 Section 8 -- to call up the militia to put down this rebellion. Here are four links that will help you understand the President's rebellion and why you and your friends should watch the NSA hearings on [ 06 Feb 2006] :

  • A. The President's current rebellion against the Constitution Click

  • B. Statutory Language calling for the Joint Staff to stay out of Politics Click

  • C. Inherent authority of Congress to call up the militia to put down the rebellion led by the President, Joint Staff, and RNC against the Constitution Click

  • D. What will happen if the Congress refuses to lead, investigate, or suppress this domestic rebellion led by the President, Joint Staff and RNC against the Constitution Click

  • E. Comments to Gonzalez pre-release in Time [ Click ]

    The deadline for Congress to act: 01 March 2006, or the states shall act.

    The solution is for Congress to create an NSA-like monitoring system that Congress uses to monitor the President, Joint Staff, DoD, and other agencies to ensure they are following the law and remain within their lane. This Joint Staff chooses to defy the law, violate directives, and join the President in an unlawful rebellion.

    The deadline for a resolution to this matter remains 01 March 2006. Or the states will act.

    Choose wisely.

    The remainder of this Action Alert shows you how the above information relates to the NSA hearing; why you and your friends need to watch the hearings; and the important role you as a voter will play in the 2006 elections in choosing a replacement for the President. That's right: The next President will come from the Congress.

    * * *

    The White House refused to turn over data. This will help you understand the data refusal in the context of the "impeachment" and "rule of law" issues. For an overview of what is happening with the RNC stonewalling with the RNC-controlled Judiciary: [Click here . . .]

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    This action alert is designed to mobilize state-level citizens like you in the blogosphere to discuss the NSA issue with State level elected officials in your assemblies and legislature. The information below explains why your state officials need to watch the NSA hearing.

    This Action alert asks you to share this information with your friends, the blogosphere, and your state level officials.

    This information is simple, straightforward, and will help you explain to others why they should be interested and watch the upcoming NSA hearing.

    Thank you for your support.

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    [ For your convenience, there is an NSA Action Alert Archive; Click here to read other NSA Hearing Action Alerts.]

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    This Action Alert: NSA Hearing Action Alert: Calendar -- Pre-Meeting Announcement -- Meeting Scheduled for 06 Feb. 2006, Senate Judiciary Committee.

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    This is designed to explain what this is about

    The purpose of the information below is to discuss the issues surrounding the NSA hearing. The information is designed to give you a head start so you can let others know why they should follow the NSA hearings.

    The information below is simple. It outlines all the information for you. All you have to do is decide which information you want to ignore.

    The information below is designed to give you the stuff you need to take action: Talk to your state officials, your friends, the blogosphere, and your local media.

    It's that simple. All you have to do is share the information with others -- send the link for this blogspot to your friends, that's all you have to do.

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    Action Alert

    Specific things you can do to prepare for the NSA hearings Monday, 06 Feb 2006.

    This action alert calls your attention to information about the NSA Hearing.

    The scheduled time for the hearing is: [ Feb. 6, 2006 ]

    The link to this information is here: [ Click here]

    Requested Action: Share this Action Alert

    Please pass the URL for this action alert to your friends.

    The URL for this Action Alert is here:

    Requested Action: Share the link with your friends. Please forward this information throughout the blogosphere.

    Requested Action: Contact your state officials -- they want to hear from you. Discuss this upcoming NSA meeting with your state elected officials.

  • It's easy to find your local officials: You can click on this map to find their contact info: Click here, no problem.

    Requested Action: Share you perspective with your editor -- they want to know the local angle, and you've got one.

    Please contact your local news paper editors and encourage them to take your comments on this upcoming NSA hearing. They want to know the local angle on this national issue, and why your neighbors will want to read more.

  • It's easy to let your local editors know about this: Click here, simple.

  • You can do it: Tips on writing letters to the editor Click here, easy.

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    The information below is merely background material to help you and others. It does not have to be used.

    It will help you explain to others why the NSA Hearing is important to watch, and why your friends in your neighborhood should be interested in the hearing.

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  • HuffingtonPost Click here

  • Raw Story Click here

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  • [ Other places that you want ]

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    And they'll know you're a kick-ass blogger who does something!

    It's that easy.

    More information is on the way. We will provide updates, and future information is this spot to share with others [a] who is talking about the action alert, and [b] the progress at the state level to raise awareness of the NSA hearing.

    [ Check back here for updates ]

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    State Proclamation Voter Guide

    More detailed information

    What this information is all about

    The remainder of this information is designed to assist you. It outlines the issues. You are free to ignore this information.

    This information is designed to help you show others why they should follow the NSA hearings and pass this onto others.

    This information is simple to understand. There is a checklist. There are also questions that you can use to discuss this issue with your friends.

    This information is designed to help you see why your action is important and how your individual action -- even just lurking -- is a great support.

    Here is your chance to get involved.

    * * *

    When you call or write or state officials, consider these points. Have them ready as you focus on your conversation. They may ask you to fax something.

    They may tell you something about the person they are working for. Try to tailor your comments to the new information you are getting. Your goal is to link your comments and interests to those who are listening to you.

    Here are important points to keep in mind.

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee has an upcoming hearing into the NSA program.

  • There is a solution: Congress needs to have the same NSA-like monitoring capability to check the President.

  • Encourage your elected officials to watch the hearings and talk about this issue with their colleagues in the State offices.

  • Remind your elected officials in the state have a role in the issue with State Proclamations. This is a check on Presidential power. The States have the inherent authority to check federal power.

  • You are interested because you care about protecting your Constitution

  • The NSA hearings will be the first step in deciding whether the President is fit to remain in office, or can be trusted to honor his Oath to God to protect our Constitution and follow the laws.

  • You are interested in the issue because your vote in the November 2006 elections will choose the next Congressional leadership – the President’s replacement will likely come from the choices you make in November.

    * * *

    Helpful Links

    Here is a summary of the links related to this material. They are her for quick reference:

    What you may want are some links or other information to share with your friends.

    Here is some back up information that you may find helpful.

  • State level proclamations Click here: Summary; Vermont Poised Click here; More Details -- Click here.

  • The FISA statute Click Here

  • Massachusetts emergency meetings – have your state officials thought about having meetings like this? Click for more

  • If the NSA program rally can find things, why can’t they find the Iranian nuclear weapons information. [click here to find out why the NSA cannot find anything -- and why your elected officials should know.]

  • DoJ Attorney General Gonzalez debarment effort: click here to find out what is going on with the Texas State Bar.

  • Jon Yoo disbarment effort Click here to find out what is going on in Pennsylvania with this.

    * * *

    State Officials and Proclamations

    Calling for President to Be Impeached

    Why state officials should be interested.

    Here are some details about the State Proclamation calling for an impeachment. [Click here for details.]

    The states can issue a proclamation telling Congress to investigate the President’s conduct, and vote in whether to impeachment. This approach was successfully tested in 1903 against a Federal Judge in Florida.

    The Proclamation bypassed the Judiciary Committee, went straight to the floor for a vote, and ordered an investigation; and even though the committee could not agree what happened, the House subsequently impeached the Federal Judge.

    Key points:

  • It only takes one [1] state to do this. There are 50 states, some have significant DNC majorities, enough to override an RNC veto by the State Governor. There is already a plan in place to do this. [Click here for details]. The Congress is powerless in stopping a state from debating this issue.

  • The deadline for Congress to act is 1 March 2006. The States are ready to act if [a] there is no House order to investigate the President; or [b] the Congress ignores the results the Senate Judiciary Hearing into the NSA program.

  • There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this process. The RNC is in a no-win situation. If they do not support the rule of law, they will show the public that they have no respect for their oaths of office or the standards of conduct.

  • This approach has precedent. It is consistent with the House rules. This approach was successfully tested in 1903 with a Federal Judge in Florida. Florida issued a proclamation. The Judge was impeached, even though the Committee did not agree on what happened. [Click here for more details on these precedents and how this was done.]

  • The States can force Congress to deal with this. Even though the RNC controls Congress, the States can take action that bypasses the Committee and forces a floor vote

  • It does not matter which party controls Congress. Even through the RNC may control the House Judiciary Committee, the proclamation requires the full House to take a final vote on impeachment

  • The House must vote up or down. Even through the RNC may say that there is no evidence, or nothing is wrong, the States can force the House to vote up or down. There is nothing the House can do to avoid this issue.

  • This cannot get buried in committee. Even through the RNC may control the committee and the RNC and DNC may not agree on what did or didn’t happen, they cannot stop the full House from voting on the issue.

  • This is a 2006 election issue: Who do we trust to honor their oath and protect the Constitution. Voters will watch to see whether the House is or not honoring their oaths. Those who ignore this issue may lose their power in the November 2006 election.

    * * *

    Editors Interested in Your Views On NSA Hearing

    Here is a link to a site that will help you communicate your thoughts to your local media. Let them know your position. Encourage your local editors to interview public officials about their oaths of office, and government contracts.

  • It's easy to let your local editors know about this: Click here, simple.

  • You can do it: Tips on writing letters to the editor Click here, easy.

    Let them know you are interested in the NSA issue and that it is something you want to know more about. Let your editors know that the votes you cast in the state elections are important, and that your state has a role in checking the Federal government.

    * * *

    Detailed Information: Preparing To Meet

    With State Officials

    on the NSA Issues


    The remainder of this action alert is designed to assist you. You are free to ignore this information. You are free to copy, modify, or adjust this information in any way.

    The following information is designed to assist you. It will help you discuss the NSA hearing with State Officials.

    This information is designed to assist you in discussing the importance of the NSA Hearing in terms local officials may respond to.

    When you discuss the Senate Judiciary Hearing into the NSA program, local officials may wonder why you are contacting them. Politely off them several reasons.

  • 1. State officials have a voice in state proclamations about impeachment

  • 2. State voters will make decisions on who they vote for

  • 3. Voters are realizing that the NSA is spying on Americans, and that the state officials need to say something

  • 4. State officials have taken an oath to preserve the Constitution; Article VI Section 4 guarantees this system of checks and balances will be protected.

  • 5. State elected bodies – assemblies or legislatures – have the inherent authority to check the President.

  • 6. Misleading statements about the NSA program are made by people regulated by the States

  • Let them know -- It's easy to find your local officials: You can click on this map to find their contact info: Click here, no problem.

    * * *

    Local Voter Interest in NSA Hearings

    Local voters may wonder why they should care about the NSA hearings.

  • 7. There are options to check Presidential power using a state proclamation

  • 8. Voters need to discuss this issue with their friends

  • 9. State voters will have a voice in the 2006 Congressional elections – the next President may be chosen from the House of Representatives

  • 10. It is appropriate to learn where elected officials stand on the rule of law, oaths of office, and the Constitutional system of checks and balances.

  • 11. The public has to follow rules. Why aren’t elected officials held to the same standard?

    * * *

    Editors Interested in Local Views on NSA Hearings

    The local media may wonder why your state and local media audience will care or want to learn more about this issue.

  • 12. Local voters are interested in knowing the facts.

  • 13. The public is interested in knowing what did or didn’t happen.

  • 14. The public wants to make informed decisions about the 2006 elections.

  • 15. The public wants to know where local officials stand on the rule of law, oaths of office, and the system of checks and balances.

  • 16. The public wants to know which businesses are involved in supporting unlawful domestic spying.

  • 17. The public wants to know whether the money and resources we are spending on this program are getting any lawful results.

  • It's easy to find an editor Click here, simple. Editors want news tips related to current events, and what local perspectives of issues.

  • There are easy tips to write a good note to editors Click here, easy. They'll pay attention.

    * * *

    Starting A Dialog on the Unlawful NSA Activity

    Discussion questions

    The following questions are designed to spark discussion. They are not intended to be mandatory questions. Feel free to modify, ignore, or tailor these. This is just a starting point.

    Sometimes we wonder how to have a discussion. The key is to find a topic people are discussing, and broaden the discussion to include other perspectives.

    One way to introduce the NSA hearings is to show how the subject is related to the topic at hand.

    One way to open the discussion is to talk about the rule of law. The country is founded on the idea that we have a system of checks and balances. No single branch can have all the power. One solution is to let the Congress have an NSA-like monitoring system that will check the President and find out what he is doing.

    You can also introduce the NSA program in terms of budgets. It takes a lot of money to pay people to engage in domestic spying. They have to use satellite resources and ground stations. This means that money is spent developing and maintaining very costly information technology. Some Americans have a hard time paying for heating bills. The public should not spend money on expensive programs that violate their rights or violate the law.

    Another way is to consider responsible government action. Voters elect officials to solve problems. There are rules. The public has to follow rules. The government officials who violate those rules should be monitored closely.

    Or another is a responsible corporate citizen. Responsible corporate management will make sure that their companies make and do things that are consistent with the law. Local businesses need to know whether they are selling products to firms or governments that are violating the law. The Constitution prohibits reimbursement for costs related to supporting unlawful attacks on our way of law, or engaging in a rebellion against the authority of the land – our Constitution.

    There are many of ways to open the discussion. The key is to be sensitive to your audience. They are looking at the world through their eyes, not yours. Take the time to listen to understand their concerns and priorities.

    * * *

    Issues RNC Leadership Cannot Provide Guidance

    Questions RNC cannot address

    If you take the time, you will understand that they have goals and concerns. The key will be to show how this issue fits in with their goals, and why this deserves there attention.

  • A. If this program really has benefits, why aren’t we getting any information about Iran using the same system?

  • B. If the President has inherent authority to do something, why don’t the states and Congress have inherent authority to review those matters?

  • C. If the program is lawful, why are they lying about it?

  • D. If this is the right thing to do, why do they keep changing their arguments?

  • E. If the President can use this system to monitor Americans, why does the president oppose Congress having the same type of monitoring system to check the President – does the President have something to hide?

  • F. If the NSA program is useful, we should have something from Iran on the nuclear program. What is going on – either, the program works, and we should have found something in Iran; or the program does not work, and the US has no basis to taking any military action. How can the US say that the NSA program is useful when we have nothing to point to in Iran?

  • G. If the monitoring is acceptable and the President is doing nothing, and the President respects the system of checks and balances, then the President should have no reason to oppose an NSA-like monitoring program for Congress to check the President. What is the President afraid Congress will find out?

  • H. Ether the program is lawful and the Congress can monitor the President; or the program is not lawful, and the president should not be allowed to do this unless other branches can monitor him. Which is it?

  • I. The Statute of Liberty. Is Lady Liberty a beacon of hope, or is she now a lighthouse to warn of troubled waters?

  • J. What is the PA attorney’s view on Yoo’s disbarment. What is his view on Gonzalez. What is the PA state disciplinary board’s status on the investigation into John Yoo’s license to practice law in Philadelphia?

  • K. Will we see action in the media to cover the Yoo and Gonzalez disbarment investigation?

  • L. Does state-level regulation of attorneys work; are there improvements needed; does Congress need to have some special oversight targeted at attorneys who provide legal advice to the Executive Branch; should there be a special DC Bar focused exclusively at State-certified attorneys who are providing legal advice to government contractors and the federal Government?

  • L. What is Senator Feingold’s position on Texas State Bar status – and whether Gonzalez should or should not be disbarred?

  • M. What is the public getting for this surveillance?

  • N. What are the reasons people give to not get interested – are they bored with the issue; do they just not want to pay attention; do they have other priorities; are they so tired with the President’s misconduct that they cannot care?

  • O. Do your friends know about the Grand Jury investigations, the indictments against Libby and Delay; and the role the States have in issuing a proclamation?

  • P. Do your friends realize that although the RNC controls Congress – the States control the Agenda – they can force the House to vote on a matter, and this was successfully tested in 1903 as a way to impeach a federal official?

  • Q. Where are the auditors in all this? Should we have reason to question whether CPA’s can or cannot follow simple instructions in their Generally Accepted Auditing Standards; how does this type of unlawful contracting occur, but the State CPAs have not raised the alarm; what kind of non-sense are they state CPA’s using to justify doing nothing, or not resign from the audit engagement because the unlawful violations of the Constitution?

  • * * *

    Dialog with the RNC

    Sample NSA spying issues and questions they cannot defend or argue

    There are also a number of logical riddles. These are designed to put your listener in a no-win situation.

    One example is the argument on “inherent authority.” The President likes to say that he can do what he wants.

    Rather than argue the law, simply ask your audience to talk about “inherent authority.” If the President does have “inherent authority” to do something, then it should be reasonable that the other branches and the States have “inherent authority” to do the same – and check the power. The President cannot argue that he has “inherent power” to do anything; but the other branches and the States cannot.

    When talking about Senate “inherent power,” talk about Article II Section 2 – the clause that talks about treaties and appointments. They key is that this clause specifically states the President shall have the power by and consent of the Senate> to do certain things. This means that if the Senate does not consent to the President’s use of power, they do not have to assent to his decisions about two matters: Treaties and appointments. The Senate derives its inherent power to engage in extended debate – or a filibuster – from Article II Section 2 – because this is how they Senate can communicate, “We do not consent or assent to the president’s power.” The Senate need not consider the qualifications of the nominee. Rather, they can simply say, “We refuse to take action.” The president can make appointments during Congressional recess, so he is not stuck or prevented form filling vacancies that occur because of resignations.

    There is another way to talk about inherent authority. Look to Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution. In there you will see many clauses related to the Congressional role in making rules. Look at the last clause. That is the catchall clause. That let’s Congress make rules to carry out its powers.

    Also there is a way to link the idea of “inherent authority” with the States. The States have the power to issue proclamations. Under Article VI Section 4 the States may ask for assistance. If the President is threatening the system of checks and balances, the states have a vote or say on what is to be done. If the President asserts he has “inherent authority” to do something, the States have a voice in whether that “inherent authority” is lawfully exercised; or whether the President is in rebellion against his authority – the Constitution.

    The last phrase is key to discuss. Some like to argue that FISA is not constitutional. However, Congress has the power to make rules. FISA is a rule.

    Some like to say that the FISA isn’t fair to the President. If that is true, why did the President and his staff in 2002 agree to the FISA rules?

    * * *

    The above information is simply designed to show you that the President’s arguments about the NSA program are poor.

    * * *

    General NSA Spying Discussion Questions

    Here are some discussion questions

    If the President is to be believed – that the pogrom is “OK,” – why is the President unwilling to let Congress have an NSA-like monitoring program?

    How can the executive claim “executive inherent authority” to do something, without letting eh States or Congress check that power?

    How much risk do local officials have in supporting a president how engages in unlawful conduct – have the local officials looked at the 14th Amendment, Section 4 – barring support for unlawful rebellions against the authority – our Constitution.

    If spying is OK, the right thing to do, and will find information, why can’t the NSA find information in Iran about Iran’s nuclear program; or is it OK to spy on Americans to find information, but OK to not use that capability to lawfully target American military forces against real targets.

    The US government lied about WMD in Iraq. If the NSA can do this monitoring on Americans and gather information, what happened to the NSA analysts who knew there was no WMD in Iraq; how have they been treated; and does Congress need a separate system to independently gather, assess, and evaluate whether Congress should or should not support military action?

    What method will Congress use to independently check whether the President is or isn’t providing them with false information, or hopes to get Congress to do something that Congress should not?

    If State level regulation is effective to sanction attorneys for misconduct, why are people like Mr. Yoo and Mr. Gonzalez making statements that appear to be unrelated to the law, are devoid of any legal foundation, and are designed to unlawfully assert executive power without any check by the Congress, courts, or the States?

    Is a new system of attorney oversight needed to ensure that there are meaningful sanctions on attorneys who mislead Congress, provide non-sense legal arguments, and induce the country to engage in unlawful wars of aggression?

    * * *

    Organizing Your Analysis

    Here is a checklist you may find helpful for follow-up at your State Level

    Purpose: NSA Spying Issues your States Should Openly Discuss with Voter Input

    Sample checklist you may want to use

    [ yes ] [ no ] As a solution, what are your local official’s reactions to having an NSA-like monitoring capability for Congress to monitor the President’s conduct?

    [ yes ] [ no ] As a solution, have your state officials considered the valuable contracts your state may win if they are allowed to bid on Congressional contracts to support Congress in monitoring the President?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Do your friends realize the importance of the 2006 elections in selecting the president’s replacement in the US House of Representatives?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Are you state elected officials planning to watch the Senate Judiciary Hearings?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Are people you talking to aware of the state role in impeachment?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Do the people you talk to understand the States have inherent authority to issue a proclamation calling for Congress to investigate Presidential misconduct?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Is your state attorney disciplinary board aware of the statements Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. You have made?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Is there a plan by your State officials to review the attorney conduct of those attorneys who are violating the law and supporting the NSA’s unlawful conduct?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Have your state licensing boards that review CPA credentials, reviewed the conduct of those auditors and accountants that have supported the unlawful NSA program; have their licenses been revoked; why or why not?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Is your state taking action to find out which companies may be unlawfully supporting the President’s violation of his authority?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Is your state reviewing the Article IV Section 4 requirements about seeking assistance to protect your states system of government?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Is your state reviewing the contracts your state government and businesses licensed to do business in your state in how they support what appears to be an unlawful rebellion against the Constitution?

    [ yes ] [ no ] Have your state officials reviewed their insurance liability coverage in the event that the President’s programs are not lawful and the state cannot get reimbursement for activity done to support the President’s unlawful program?

    * * *

    Feel Free to Ignore This

    Use what works, ignore or modify as appropriate.

    This is just a place to start.

    Remember, the above information is simply designed to give you something to work with. Feel free to ignore it. Come up with your own ideas. The key is to listen to your audience, and carefully understand their position.

    You may think that they are wrong, or not understanding something. That is fine. Let them speak. Your job is to be there and listen, and make sure you understand exactly what they are saying. Give them time to talk. You may learn something about what they value.

    * * *

    Share With Others

    No matter how trivial, know that any detail you provide will be valuable

    The smallest grain of rice can tip the balance.

    Even marginal analysts can string the beads together to see the larger pattern

    After you do the above, there are others who can learn from your experience. Remember, there are others in other states that are doing the same. So share what happens. Let others know what the reactions are. Maybe you have better ideas on how this should be done. Maybe the people have a good reason why the President should be doing what you are doing.

    Either way, share what you learn. Here are some ideas of questions you may want to think about. Again, you are not required to answer all these questions. These are just questions to help you organize your thoughts. Feel free to talk about whatever you want.

    They important thing is that you share the information you have about the NSA program, and get others interested in seeing how the activity is related to what they are doing in their daily life.

    Here are the questions that you may want to talk about:

    * * *

    Why State-level voters and officials Should Be Closely Follow the Hearings into the Unlawful NSA Domestic Spying

    The 2006 election has started. The NSA program is a key issue. This issue relates to how elected officials use their power.

    The issue is whether we can trust elected officials to follow the rules, and whether they honor their oaths to check power.

    Your job is to know that the rule of law requires us to examine evidence and gather facts about what is going on. Our job as American citizens is to step in when the system of checks and balances fails.

    If the federal officials refuse to investigate, the states have options. Proclamations are possible. There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this process.

    Your job is to learn the lessons of Iraq WMD, Downing Street Memo, and the information we have about the NSA program, and apply those lessons.

    It is time to find out whether this leadership is telling us the truth or whether they are lying. It is our job as citizens to find out if we can trust them to do their job. Their job is to honor their oath. That oath means preserving this Constitution. Our government separates power so that no one branch is all powerful.

    If the President wants to argue he has inherent authority to do something, then the Congress and States have inherent authority to check that power.

    If the State bar association says it is doing a good job of regulating attorneys, then the state bars disciplinary board needs to disbar those attorneys who are violating the law, ignoring their oaths, advocating unlawful conduct, or lying to Congress.

    The nation needs to find out what is going on with the NSA. Your friends next door need to know why this is important. What we learn about the NSA program will tell us many things about the government. We will find out who is or is not following the law.

    Your job is to move with confidence – knowing that you are on the right side of the law. You may be challenged. But that is a sign that you are learning something. Whatever happens, no matter how rude others are to you, know there is a ready audience eager to learn what happens when you raise this issue.

    Every little piece of information you provide about your experience will aid others in making progress. Together, we can do what this government has failed to do: Check power. And together, we can create a solution that makes the system of checks and balances stronger, and something you can be proud of – it is something you helped fix with your simple act and single voice.

    Never forget that we are merely a nation of individuals. You working alone can do incredible things. All you have to do is move with the faith and confidence that your simple actions can make a difference, not just in your own life, but in your community, and across America.

    Don’t lose hope. There are many others working behind the scenes. They are waiting the right time to surface. The investigations continue. The fact finding continues. And the Grand Juries continue to gather information. Keep up your work, have faith, and remember, you’re not alone.

    We’re making great progress. The RNC is on the run, and they have no where to hide. Let your state officials know about the NSA hearings and get them to commit to watching and staying involved with the topic. They will soon have to make some important decisions – not just about their state, but about what your state will do to check this President’s defiance of the Constitution.

    Know your time is appreciated, even if you cannot do anything and choose to lurk, simply keeping positive and encouraging others to act is all that you need to do.

    Best wishes!