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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Senate Role in Overseeing Wayward Executive

The problem is well understood. The voters see the problem with Checks and Balances.

The States are prepared to act. Click.

The Voters understand the issue before the Senate on the eve of the NSA hearings: Whether this man is or is not fit to remain in office.

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References: Jane Click; Glenn: Click

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

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Solution: The solution to this mess is to have an NSA-like capability for Congress -- with court oversight -- to monitor the President, DoD, and other branches. What does the President have to hide; and why aren't checks and balances modernized with 21st Century; how can the President claim "immunity from oversight" but not assert that right on behalf of Americans in the 4th Amendment. He's failing to lawfully enforce/protect the Constitution. Range of articles about the NSA spying – why the voters know the RNC is not asserting their oath of office, this has been going on for years. It’s time to draw the line on this illegal conduct. Articles

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Conviction/Removal Phase: Senate needs to think in terms of what is going to happen if they refuse to remove this man. If Congress fails to credibly investigate, or timely take action, the States have options.

Here are the Constitutional issues related to the Senate filibuster, inherent authority of Senate to Check the President; and how the Senate and House leadership need to organize to ensure the NSA hearings are probed in terms of finding evidence that will warrant removal from office. More

Impeachment Media Strategy: Here's an analysis of the White House media disinformation strategy to dissuade Senate Conviction/removal. Click

State Level Efforts poised: State level impeachment effort is gaining serious traction. News articles, discussion in state and local level:
Click Deadline for Congress: 01 March 2006, or the States will commence debates.

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Why is the President defying the rule of law? Because the Senate refuses to compel the President to assent. Details on the President's rebellion against the Constitution. Click here President can't argue he has "inherent authority" to do anything, unless he recognizes the other branches have matching power to check that "inherent authority. Curious, the President claims right to create new powers; but ignores explicit Article 1 Section 8 Congressional powers -- allowed to make FISA rules; regulate pirate capture/trial [AlQueda]

As long as the President, SecDef, and Joint Staff face meaningless consequences for violating the law and DoD directives, the US will be seen as a rogue nation.

Example DoD Discipline program: Joint Staff Rebellion, Indictments Also, preliminary inquiry outlined for the Joint Staff over their alleged violations of DoD Directives.

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Voter's Guide to NSA Hearing: If the President is lawfully removed from office with Cheney, the voters in 2006 will likely choose the Representative that will replace him. Here is a State-level action guide for voters to review the NSA hearings. If Congress doesn't act, the States are prepared to move. The voters have 8 months to digest what the Senate does or doesn't do.

NSA hearings 06 Feb scheduled for Monday -- get your friends to watch

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Alert for Congressional leadership: Other discussion on the Joint Staff Discipline Problem: Here are the details over the Joint Staff and apparent President/SecDef guidance to violate directives; why there is a discipline problem in DoD, and what the Congress needs to be aware of next time anyone from the Executive Branch appears: they're willing to violate their directives.

Prohibited Conduct: DoD directives explicitly prohibit Service Personnel from using their official rank to make public comments about political matters.

Preliminary Inquiry: Here's the preliminary outline for the indictments against the UCMJ over their alleged violations of DoD directives for sending this letter. Click for summary of UCMJ Inquiry -- tell your friends the Joint Staff has violated specific DoD Directives Click

UCMJ Prohibits interference with any investigation into this matter. UCMJ is warranted because Joint Staff's "commander" likely [a] ordered the letter writing; and [b] is not going to impose non-Judicial punishment because of conflicts -- President/SecDef are not likely to sanction Joint Staff for following orders to violate directives -- that would implicate the President and SecDef. Ref: Click

  • What is the Senate’s view on the President’s apparent direction to DoD to violate the law?

  • Are Senators committed to ensuring that DoD and the President enforce the law?

  • Is this Congress committed to asserting Article 1 Section 8 powers to raise a militia put down this President’s rebellion against the President Constitution?

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    Summation: If the Senate is not willing to seriously address this issue, the State level legislatures are poised to debate this issue during their Senate Proclamation reviews. There is nothing the Congress, RNC, Senate, or President can do to prevent the States from demanding the system of checks and balances – as they have promised with their oaths – to be protected. It is time for the Congress to decide if they are with the President’s rebellion against the Constitution, or they are for the Constitution.

    The voters have 9 months from Feb 2006 to Nov 2006 to digest whether the Senate is or is not a credible forum to engage in checks and balances. Article IV Section 4 guarantees a republican form of government. If the Congress refuses to assert their oath of office, the States are prepared to move. The Deadline is 01 March 2006. The Senate needs to wake up and realize there is a plan in place to make this happen. The voters have 9 months from today to digest whether this Congress is for or against the rule of law.

    Choose wisely.