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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

DoJ questions of Google possibly linked to Paul Weiss 02 July 2005 internet concerns

Why would DoJ put so much pressure on Google to find records from July 2005?

Well, this was at a time when Paul Weiss, the attorney involved in the Libby defense was concerned about public discussion of a domestic police force.

Paul Weiss is very concerned about this.

Why could that possibly be Theodore Wells?

Are you upset that maybe there are under cover operatives inside the White House that are not loyal to the President, but the Constitution?

Now the White House has to wonder: How is the NSA not able to track this communication between counsel, DoJ, and your client.

Goodness, you don't think that there's some GCHQ equipment that can penetrate NSA headquarters, and this can be done without NSA management knowing about it; and then that information can get out without anybody in the White House knowing.

Or do you think it's possible -- in those cases where there are NSA keys required, and there are multiple locks -- that someone inside GCHQ has figured out how to enter the NSA archives, extract data, and then leave without anyone inside the White House knowing about it?

It is a real surprise when the GCHQ forces inside NSA surface, and provide the Congress with the information about what's been going on. All this time -- Bolton, Libby, and Koza thought nobody would talk.

Pitty. Do you remember you who double crossed, or has it been so long ago, and so many times to so many that you can't remember when this happened?

Think really hard, and maybe you'll remember.

Here's a hint. Goldfish. Ask around. And when you ask, remember: GHCQ has got you monitored and will track you in the tank.

Gurgle, gurgle. . .

How you liking them apples, Theodore and Libby?

Questions for the public

Once the information from the DoJ is turned over to Libby's counsel, what will stop Libby from using that to retaliate against those inside GHCQ who are able to penetrate the White House?

Will/coud Libby or others inside the RNC -- possibly in the DoJ public front office -- use this information from the special prosecutor to find out who has tracked the money from the Middle East into the lobbyist hands?

How does this turn of events -- Libby's apparent concern with the Downing Street Memo and GHCQ's contacts inside the RNC -- play into the impeachment and conviction phase?

Do the voeter know about the morale problems inside the DoD, DoJ and RNC -- to the enxtent that RNC members have made secret deals with GCHQ to forward information, NSA keying system, and other cipher equipement in advance of a Q2 raid into suspect areas?

How could all this happen so quickly?