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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

American Military Commanders Must Review Your Oaths of Office

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If true, it warrants the following . . .

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American fighting men and women around the globe,

Today, you are involved in an epic struggle. You are being asked to choose between the rule of law and tyranny.

Your commanders have let you down. They have waged unlawful war overseas, and they wage war on the American Constitution at home.

You will soon have to make a decision. It will be a difficult One. In the coming weeks, you will have to decide whether you will support your oath of office, or continue violating the laws of war.

It is difficult. These are difficult times for America.

At home, your fellow citizens are being asked to leave public areas simply for the clothes they wear.

We have only one goal: To preserve our Constitution. Your oath is the same. But your commanders have lied to you. They ask you to lay down your lives for war crimes.

You must ask whether you will honor your oath.

It is inappropriate for the American military commanders to lecture Americans how we are or are not to live. We are free people. If we choose to comment on something that is our right. Your job is to preserve that right.

However, it appears some may have a problem. This remains to be understood. Perhaps the facts are otherwise, but it appears your commanders in the Joint Staff have lectured the media about what is or isn’t appropriate to discuss and comment on.

Our job is simple. We exercise our rights. Your job is simple. You wave lawful war. Our job is to make sure your orders are lawful; and your job is to follow lawful orders.

You may have many weapons. But there is one small problem. If you wage war on the states and strike them down, or silence them, they can and are prepared to issue proclamations demanding assistance.

It is not the job of the military to comment on political matters. Today, it is clear the American military is crossing a dangerous line.

Congress has the lawful and inherent power to raise and support armies. If you choose to enter politics, Congress can and will enter your work areas. The Congress can and may soon being an NSA-like monitoring program of your work areas. If you have nothing to hide, there should be no reason to check what you are doing.

The Congress has the inherent power to cut off funding. The Congress may also raise and support other armies. If your commanders do not wish to assent to civilian rule, then Congress has the power to raise other armies and lawfully remind your Joint Staff who they work for: The public and the Constitution.

At no time should you doubt the resolve of the states to act. They remain poised to issue proclamations to demand investigation and fact finding. You have the lawful orders to ensure the rules of war are adhered to; and timely report those to your commanders. If you are unable to make reports of war crimes, then you have the lawful obligation to go to Congress and present your information.

You must choose. Will you continue with the unlawful war, or will you assert your oath of office and preserve the Constitution. Only you can make that choice. But know we outnumber you. And the States have the lawful authority to stop contracting with any government – including the United States – when it continues to engage in a rebellion against the supreme authority – our constitution.

In the coming weeks and months, you must choose –whether you are fro the rule of law and Constitution; or whether you are willing to assent to unlawful orders and interfere with the lives of Private Americans. The Joint Staff has been discredited. They issue unlawful orders. They lie to Congress. And they continue to violate the Constitution.

Your job is to choose whether you believe in your oath, or whether you wish to join the Joint Staff. Know that the same NSA program that monitors Americans is also monitoring you and your phone calls. Inside the DoD and NSA are forces that are poised to protect the Constitution. They are awaiting lawful orders to put down the spreading rebellion. Your job is to choose.

There is one right answer: The Constitution and rule of law.

If you choose otherwise, you shall lose.

You have wished for this.

You are outnumbered. Honor your oath. America is doing what it can to quickly resolve this matter peacefully.

There is one right answer: The Constitution.

Choose wisely.