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Friday, February 03, 2006

Iran: American Joint Staff reveals Connections to German Media

Iran launched a missile. How convenient. Just on the eve of an important hearing. Did you take the bait? Ref

Out of the middle of nowhere, three weeks after the incident, German Media discusses something the NSA should have known about. Small problem: The entire story misses the point -- you can't use a "small range" missile to do "measurements" for a non-existent missile.

This is another White House diversion.

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

It's one thing to have the Congress of the United States, and distract attention with non-sense. But quite another to create a fabrication.

German Media appear to have taken the bait, beating the Iran-drum again. Nowhere in the article does the German Newspaper mention this information -- if it is true -- would have been well known from months. Yet, we heard nothing until now. Far too convenient.

* * *

Reporting "the measurements needed for long-range missiles" -- is meaningless.

If the US -- or anyone, for that matter -- discusses the test, then it's not secret. Moreover, in order to do a test like this, the military in Iran has to run through very long test procedures, all generating electronic signals which the NSA picks up through Signals Intelligence.

The American military regularly flies aircraft along target countries to capture signals intelligence.

Today, we are asked to believe that this "Iranian test" is somehow out of the blue. Rather, it's related today to distract attention from the White House's problems.

The Americans have known this for months.

* * *

Next Monday Feb 6, 2006 the Senate Judiciary committee will review the NSA hearing. You need to watch. Find out if the country is serious about finding facts. The same crew from Nixon's Watergate days is in place, playing the same games. This time, the States are prepared to act.

Your job is to keep your mind clear, know that the US government is engaged in a massive disinformation campaign to distract your attention.

Don't take the bait. The issue is the President's unlawful rebellion against the Constitution. Congress has the power to raise a militia -- under Article 1 Section 8 -- to suppress this President's rebellion against the Constitution.

If Congress does not act by 01 March 2006, the states are prepared to move. There is nothing the ghosts from the Nixon Administration can do to stop this. Even if they have friends in the German media releasing information related to irrelevant, benign activity from Iran.

Mentioning Iran is designed to do one thing: Make you concerned, and less capable of focusing. Relax. All the non-sense about Iran is just that: Non-sense. If Iran was “really up to something”, the NSA would have provided that information to the IAEA. They have no information. There is no Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The story about the missile is just a short range missile. The NSA has known about this for months when they started the build-up for the test, and were doing their pre-launch tests. If this was a “real problem,” the US would have stated so. Rather, it worked with the Germans to have the information released overseas, many months after the Iranians were first planning the missile test.

You’re being manipulated. Take a deep breath. Get ready for Monday. You’ll see a lot of non-sense.

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    Added: 04 Feb 2006 Crossposted: Ref

    . . . sounds like another Iraq in the making . . .

    Iran: The distraction from reality.

    . . . part of the White House "distract attention from the NSA hearings" - campaign . . .

    Here are summary comments provided to Senate in re Impeachment, NSA unlawful activity, Joint Staff rebellion, and war crimes not limited to Iran. wayward.html

    If the US launches this war in Iran, what will defend US troops from a counter attack in Iraq? Nothing -- US troops have enough trouble with small road bombs, no to mention SAMs from Teheran.

    There is no credible basis for war against Iran, nor are there any bonafide nuclear programs targets. We judge the NSA knows this, otherwise they would have provided the target-data to the IEAA. This has not happened. Proposed military action in Iraq is not against any imminent threat; we judge the Joint Staff and UK have been well advised of this illegality, as was done with the Downing Street Memo over Iraq.

    Basis for illegal action in Iran reveals.html

    If US troops are required to defend US positions in Iraq, how many troops will get pulled out of Afghanistan -- arguably, there aren't enough troops in Afghanistan to help in Iraq; and what is the expected impact on Afghanistan's internal and boarder stability? Unfavorable.

    We judge the US military posturing over Iran is merely a smokescreen to protect the President. However, if the US takes military action and Iran counter attacks in Iraq -- as expected -- we judge the chances of a US military draft within seven [7] months of Iran's counter attack in Iraq at US forces to be 80%. There is a difference between "needing a draft" and "realizing we need to have one, and actually having one." There are insufficient ground combat-ready forces in Iraq or CONUS to sustain any credible defense against an Iranian counter offensive or stabilize Iraq. Iran, the American intelligence Community, and the Joint Staff know this. Military action in Iran would be reckless -- well within this White House's plan.