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Friday, February 17, 2006

NSA Hearing: Many excuses to not review the matter; RNC membership making progress in finding new 2006 leaders

The RNC has no credible explanation why the membership should trust them. All they do is appeal to ignorance.

Yet, if there was "no big deal" and "nothing going on" why the reluctance to face facts? The answer is the RNC does as it always does: Asserts without any credible basis to justify confidence in their assertions.

The voters know: There is no reason why the RNC violates what the Founders wrote in the Federalist papers, namely Federalist 47 and 51: Importance of separating powers. Congress assent to these violations shows they have failed to honor both 47 and 51: [ Click ]

For an example of the RNC-created confusion read here: [ Click ]

It's interesting to hear the many reasons from the RNC to do nothing. Let's consider the value of discussing a State Proclamation calling for impeachment.

The issue isn't just to find facts, but to find out whether the reasons for inaction -- failure to find facts -- have merit. It's clear the reasons given for "doing nothing," have more to do with a desire to do just that: Do nothing.

That's fine. But this gives us important information about whether the country does or does not want to find out what is going on. If there is "nothing to hide" and "nothing going on," why the reluctance to face what is going on?

No answer from the RNC. But let's consider their many reasons not to look at the issue, or examine the NSA illegal activity. First, keep in mind there is a way to force the Congress to face this issue -- vote up or down -- using a State proclamation; second, keep in mind the value of discussing this option: It's not simply about the facts, but whether the country is open to finding facts.

At this point, it's clear many are more interested in not finding the facts, and looking for reasons that "the method to find facts" does or does not have merit. Again, that is important information: Is the country interested in finding facts, or is it more interested in "moving on" and "moving this issue to the side". That tells us something about the nation’s ability to face facts -- as it did not with the Iraq WMD issue.

Fact finding is at the heart of prudence and the rule of law. [ Click ] We owe it to the most loyal in the RNC -- the military -- to let them know: Can they trust their leadership in the Joint Staff; or are they being lied to in order to commit more war crimes?

The nation needs to know. The miltiary deserves to know.

* * *

The above comments are well intended, although I'll explain the larger effort. Overall, to assert this is a "lefty" plan -- there's a small problem. This effort started inside the RNC and this is from a Republican.

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It's interesting to contrast what the RNC says, vs. what they're actually talking about:

A. The structured approach

This is for those who can see the RNC leadership has failed. This shows how State proclamations will force the Congress to face the NSA issue, and matters of impeachment. Keep in mind the following: There is a State Proclamation Archive; Click here to read other content in the State Proclamation Archive.]

B. The RNC Excuses to ignore reality. For a sample of the RNC-like excuses to do nothing, take a look at the following: [ Click ]

Feel free to compare the two approaches using these criteria:
A. Organization;

B. Clarity;

C. Credibility of the arguments;

D. Commitment to the rule of law; and

E. Adherence to the Constitution.
You decide: Do you want leaders in the RNC who find facts, and assent to the rule of law; or do you want excuses to avoid reality?

* * *

Let's consider the RNC leadership's problem. Overall, they have a credibility issue. They talk about the rule of law in Iraq, but when Hamas votes for a result, the RNC claims that Democracy is a bad thing. OK, that's to be expected. So what's this PNAC plan about "Democracy in the Middle East" anyway?

Also, consider the RNC leadership's unwillingness to face facts. Rather, they come up with non-sense. Let's consider a sample of excuses to do nothing: Check this out [ Click ]

Keep that in mind. Consider one thing: This nation has a Constitution, it has laws, and Congress has to make sure that the laws are followed. If the Congress doesn't check the President’s violations, then there is a problem. This RNC leadership refuses to pass rules to ensure Congress does its job. [Sample standards of conduct to apply to Members of Congress: Click ]

The RNC leadership talks about "demanding solutions," but what happens when their own membership comes up with a solution to find facts? Of course, the RNC leadership does something else and buries the facts.

On this NSA issue, there is a solution. Let's consider the RNC excuses to do nothing: Keep these excuses in mind -- [ Click ]

The contrasts teach us some simple things about the problems with the RNC leadership, why they are out of touch, and not to be trusted.

The point is simple. The RNC has no solutions, just excuses for inaction. A State proclamation will force the House to vote -- up or down -- but the RNC doesn't want this to happen. There are many excuses to distract your attention from why a State Proclamation is a real threat to the RNC. This is who they are avoiding the subject of impeachment, the NSA, and state proclamations that will force fact finding and accoutnability:

1. The RNC leadership likes to argue the wrong point It's factually incorrect to say that the Senate never looked at Judge Swayne; there was a trial, but he was not removed. Judge Swayne was impeached based on a Florida Proclamation.

2. The RNC leadership likes to demand "legal authorities" -- but they ignore legal precedents when it comes to the Executive. As to the matter of "authority" the House rules are the precedent. The matter of using a state proclamation is to go around the argument of, "We can't do anything because the RNC-controls Congress."

3. The RNC leadership likes to assert that accountability is nutty. As to the issue of whether state proclamations calling for impeachment and fact finding is a nutty idea -- that's irrelevant: There's already traction at the local level in Vermont, and local proclamations are brewing around the country. The voters want to know. The RNC does not.

4. The RNC leadership wants to make America believe it is helpless. This is untrue. As to the valid argument that this might not work: You're exactly right, and that's the point--The voters have nine months to see: Despite the States seeing there is a problem -- warranting a proclamation calling for impeachment -- the Congress refuses to act. The voters will have nine months to digest what is going on. This month Congress says they want to "legalize" what was going on -- meaning what is going on is currently illegal. Whether the voters do or do not want to do anything is a separate matter.

5. The RNC leadership wants others to give up, rather than prove to the Congress and public it follows the law. As to whether anyone will or will not do this -- that is the point: The debate is whether, despite Congressional inaction, the states are or are not going to use a lawful method to force this issue. If, in the end, despite "having this method" nothing is done--that will tell you something about America: It talks about Democracy, but when it comes to matters of investigation, nobody actually wants to find facts -- even if the States could force the issue, they refuse to do so. That's important for the public to know: Is there any leadership. If not, that's good to know: We need new leaders.

6. The RNC leadership demands others find legal arguments, while the RNC ignores the law. There is precedent to force a vote on investigation, impeachment, and the like. Whether Congress wants to or not is irrelevant. This proclamation would show up -- from any of the 50 states -- and force a vote. Perhaps it will get voted down. But again, the issue is: Force the House to commit up or down: They with the rule of law; or are they going to assent to lawlessness. At this point, despite assertions that there's "nothing wrong, no big deal," there's no effort to find facts. Wow, more of the same Iraq WMD non-sense. That's wonderful. You liking that Democracy? The RNC's idea of democracy is to distract attention.

7. The RNC leadership wants you to believe that the RNC is immune to accountability and fact finding. They are wrong. As to the issue of "bypassing the Judiciary Committee" -- that's the point of the Swayne Precedent: Despite the Committee not being involved, the full House took a vote on the issue of the investigation. The point isn't that this does or doesn't land in committee -- it doesn't -- but that despite the RNC-controlled House, the proclamation would force a vote: Up or down; with or against the rule of law. That's something the voters need to know before the election. It is a separate matter whether the voters do or do not use this information.

8. The RNC leadership wants others to find precedent for accountability. It is clear -- it is called the law. As to whether this precedent is with a judge or not is irrelevant. The precedent is set: A state may issue a proclamation calling for impeachment. Whether the Congress wants to come up with an excuse to say "The Precedent doesn't apply"-- that again is useful information: Is the Congress rewriting rules, ignoring precedents; or are they willing to honor what is in the House Rules dating back to the Founding? Either way, it's important to know before the election: Who is with or against the rule of law.

9. The RNC leadership -- when faced with a spreading RNC member revolt -- will accuse others of imagining things. The RNC is in denial. You're free to accuse people of making up things. The point is that despite clear FISA rules, this Congress is making up the fact whether it does or does not want the President to comply with the law. The way to get around this RNC-controlled Congress -- that assent to this lawlessness, and coming from someone inside the RNC -- the way to force this issue, and get a clear picture of where they stand is: Force a vote on impeachment. If they don't want to look at things -- as they did with Iraq WMD, 9-11, [blah blah] -- fine. We'll know: With plenty of time to find new leaders in the RNC who take their oaths seriously.

10. The RNC leadership will make things appear confusing, when they are simple. The point is that the state proclamation doesn't have to go through the Judiciary before there is a House vote ordering an investigation. Again, if there is no House vote ordering that -- despite the State proclamations -- that is fine: The point is that the House, given the chance to find facts, refused to assert the rule of law. There is no excuse, other than assenting to non-sense. We'll see. At this point, all we've heard are excuses to do nothing, rather than actually get the House to commit: “Yes, we do not want to find out; or no, we aren't sure, so let's find out.”

11. The RNC leadership will always point to "other options" without any expectation that those options be exercised to hold them accountable. It may be true that a grand jury indictment could force an impeachment -- but that's outside this discussion. The issue is whether the country is going to roll over and say, "Oh, there's nothing we can do" or whether the citizens in the states are going to talk to the local officials, get proclamations, and then work their way up to he state legislatures. At this point, what citizens can do is talk to their friends about this and decide: Is there something we can or cannot do; if there is, are we going to do anything. The point isn't that this method is successful: But that the public has something tangible they can look at: Is this leadership willing to respond, or are we getting excuses to do nothing? The voters can figure it out.

12. The RNC leadership will say that anything is possible -- and other options are more prudent. They don't deliver. We see no results, just excuses. You're right anyone in the Congress can file charges. And at this point, whatever the reason, nobody has done that. That's fine -- the point is that there's a way that citizens can actively force this issue, and not wait until someone decides to do something. If people do not wish to explore the idea, which is fine: That's other useful information. There are 300,000,000 million people in this country; if a handful do not want to do anything, that's fine. There are others who are already on the ground in Vermont and other states working this. We have nine months before the November election. If some or many want to give up, and say "nothing can be done" or "there's nothing that can be done to assert the rule of law," fine: Others are going to do it anyway.

13. The RNC leadership asserts they have a mandate; but they have no legal foundation, credibility or facts. They are in denial. If you’re interesting in finding facts, you’ll do what it takes to find out. If you do not want to know, you’ll spend a lot of time coming up with reasons why “nothing can be done.” Fine, others are still doing it whether you like it, agree with it, or understand. If you want to make progress, you’ll use what you have to advance the issue; if you are not interested in finding facts, you’ll appeal to ignorance, confusion, and all sorts of things to help others believe “nothing can be done.”

14. The RNC leadership will make up non-sense to make others believe that nothing can be done. It is without merit that the House Judiciary has the final say. Precedent from Swayne clearly shows that the committee -- when it cannot agree -- can still be forced to issue a report; and the House vote on the results. It doesn't matter that the RNC controls the House or the Judiciary; the terms of the proclamation can force the House to vote --as they did with Swayne -- on the issue regardless whether the Judiciary committee does or does not agree with the investigation, the facts of that investigation. Again, the issue isn't that the Judiciary Committee is or is not in agreement; rather, the issue is that despite non-agreement, and a failure to conclude anything -- the House did vote to impeach Swayne. This state proclamation process effectively makes the RNC-control of the Judiciary moot. Whether you agree or disagree with that is irrelevant. The rules, precedent, and existing case law related to the House fully supports this approach; again, whether you agree with that is another matter.

Big Picture

Some assert the NSA issue is over. Small problem: You have been outflanked, and this continues, whether you agree with it, recognize it, or understand it.

Again, this isn't some "lefty” movement: This started inside the RNC by a Republican-Right Wing Conservative Hawk. The RNC membership continues to defect. They know their President is in rebellion aginst the Constitution.

The issue is: Who does the RNC want as its leader? This RNC leadership wants a leader that vioaltes the law, and encourages Congress to assent to those violations. This is unconstitutional.

The RNC has no credible answers. The RNC refuses to face what is going on; or what is happening: This President -- and the leaders in the RNC -- are in rebellion against the Constitution; and they have convinced the Congress and public that "nothing can be done."

Small problem: The State proclamation is outside their control, and will force them to face this issue. I can't help you if you don't want to face facts -- the very reason why an inquiry is needed: To find out what type of leaders the RNC needs in 2006.

Don't lose hope: There is a way to force the Congress and RNC to face reality: They have leaders who violates the law, cannot be trusted, and can only rely on non-sense to justify inaction.

You have the power to force the Congress to act. If you do not want to exercise that option, which is fine: The world will notice whether you have given up, or whether you really want to use your rights.

To be free you have to use your rights. You can't just talk about them. Freedom means the freedom to find out the truth, even if nobody will agree with you, and they refuse to cooperate. The truth is what we do not know: Is this Congress serious about assenting to the rule of law, or rebellion?

At this point, it is clear this Congress is committed to affirming the President’s right to rebel against the Constitution and rule of law. You have been warned.

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

* * *

Going forward

Here's what's needed: The voters to see that the RNC Controlled congress is not serious about investigations, or the Constitution, and that they remain in rebellion. The voters need to find new leaders in the RNC who are willing to raise the standards, and commit to ensuring Congress asserts the rule of law over the Executive. Here's how: [ Click for standards that Congress needs to embrace to show they are serious about the Constitution and checks and balances. ]

* * *

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    [ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]