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Friday, February 17, 2006

Guantanamo: UN Report raises valid legal questions about US illegal detentions

The UN issued a report on the Guantanamo detention centers.

Not surprisingly, the US failed to apologize or comply with the law.

What's most absurd is the US's flip flop. Originally, the US claimed the combatants were not able to have ICRC inspectors. Now, the US Administration is claiming "nothing is wrong," and the ICRC should have inspected.

The US likes to have it both ways. First arguing the detainees didn't face any mistreatment; but then claiming the lawyers reporting that mistreatment are not to be relied upon. Who is the US relying on to discredit American attorneys? Attorneys.

The US claims that the reports "should not be relied upon" because they are hearsay and from the Attorneys. Strange, the US has yet to prove in court that the attorneys are incompetent or lying.

What's also to be expected are the double standards. On one hand the US claims the UN inspectors "could have" talked to the Guards; well, that's useless.

But more absurdly, if the US argues "the UN could have talked to the guards" [who are second-hand parties], why is it not OK to talk to other second hand parties like attorneys? The US has no answer on that.

A reasonable person would conclude the US is violating the law, has no bonafide reason for holding the people in Guantanamo, has no evidence to warrant conviction, and is simply doing what it's always done: Continue doing with originally flawed plans because to shift gears would admit a violation of the law.

Nothing like continuing with an illegal program when shifting gears would admit the original conduct was illegal.