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Friday, February 17, 2006

Iran: France Joins the Coalition of the Absurd

France, once out of favor because it asked questions, is now in favor because of its appeal to absurdity.

Iran, it claims, is engaging in "something scary," because "nothing else" will explain what is going on.

That's called an appeal to ignorance, the very concern France raised about Iraq.

France was right about Iraq, and wrong about Iran.

Consider the long list of deception about Iraq; the same is going on with Iran.

France claims the only wait to explain what Iran is doing is if it’s up to no good. Strange, last week it was the opposite: We don't know, so let's find out.

There are good reasons for Iran doing what it is doing:

  • A. It's not doing anything wrong

  • B. It's developing peaceful nuclear energy to not make the same mistake as the UK -- using its energy supplies in the North Sea

  • C. Why not assert yourself if you're doing nothing wrong

    * * *

    If Iran "really was doing something wrong," why doesn't the laptop checkout? [That discredited laptop that had fabricated documents related to a fabricated nuclear weapons program.]