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Monday, February 13, 2006

FBI and America's domestic rendition program

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The information you're looking for is related to "domestic rendition" -- there is a full archive of the allegations and what is going on here.

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Grand Jury Investigations Into Rendition, and Member of Congress Complicity With Geneva Violations

Added 6 July 2006: Consider Hamdan which found the Guantanamo procedures violated the laws of war; rendition would amount to similar violations.

Members of Congress, because they were in a position to stop, investigate, and prevent these war crimes violations, are complicit in the domestic and international rendition efforts; this forms a reasonable basis to bring Grand Jury indictments against individual Members of Congress for their complicity in the US government's violations of Geneva.

Precedent: Nuremburg/Tokyo war crimes trials imposed legal liability on civilian policy makers who were in a position to stop the illegal activity, as Congress is -- they could have investigated, found facts, and shut off funding for the illegal rendition activity which violates the Geneva Conventions. By refusing to review the details of the war crimes, Congress as a policy making body demonstrates malfeasance, and unlawful assent to Geneva violations. They are not passive observers, but now targets of international war crimes inquiry. [Details: War Crimes Indictments Against Individual Members of Congress]

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I strongly encourage you to review that archive -- to get a bigger picture of what appears to be going on with the domestic rendition program. Here is the link: [ Click ]

The information below is a news report related to an FBI interrogation. An American after being detained without a warrant and moved across the coutnry was questioned for several days.

Also, this link goes to the aircraft landing analysis and the outsourced rendition program.

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Update: 9 Mar 2006: Added DHS domestic warrantless interrogation program [ Click ]

Welcome Cryptome Guests: More links added for you after the Domestic Rendition information; Cryptome archive on Domestic Rendition: [ Click ]

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Domestic Rendition: Original Info, unchanged

Sounds like JTTF and NSA are treating Americans as if they were in Afghanistan.

The news:
Faris has claimed that the FBI agents who took him into custody in March 2003 told him he didn't need a lawyer because he had "joined the U.S. team." After questioning him for several days at a Columbus-area hotel, Faris says, the FBI took him to its training academy at Quantico, Va., where he was held in a locked dormitory room and interrogated for eight hours a day. According to Faris's account, this treatment continued for a couple of weeks, during which he was never formally arrested or given a "Miranda" warning.

Did FBI get tired of hiring actors; or did they start using actors after> the FBI got caught unlawfully training agents to commit interrogations on Americans? [ Click ]

Why you should be quiet, and ask for a lawyer: [ Click ]

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