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Sunday, February 12, 2006

RNC uses military in unlawful domestic capacity violating UCMJ, DoD directives

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[ Compare the comments/excuses/reactions in [a] above; to [b] the JCS violations of UCMJ/DoD directives: AmericaBlog; Crooks & Liars]

Curious DoD whines about bloggers who ask poitned questions about DoD Joint Staff war crimes and unlawful support of Presidential rebellions.

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

If the Military is willing to let itself be "used" for unlawful partisan purposes, then the military subjects itself to lawful public rebuke. Namely:

- Force them to publicly discuss why they commit war crimes in Iraq;

- Why they fail to report war crimes as is required by their orders

- What it feels like to be in uniform knowing your Joint Staff commanders are committing war crimes, issuing unlawful orders?

- What does it feel like to be in the military that is open rebellion against the constitution?

- What does it feel like to be in rebellion against the Constitution, and pretend it is something else?

Have the military personnel who speak review and comment on the following plan: What will the States do to lawfully subdue this unlawful rebellion against the Constitution? [ Click ]

Have the military comment on the Amendment 14 implications in re rebellion: Are they prepared to sufferer the consequences of losing the military rank and right to hold any public office for this rebellion against the Constitution? [ Click ]

Ask them why they are violating the UCMJ, specifically Article 894 which prohibits this kind of conduct: [ Click ]

Ask the military to comment on these specific Joint Staff UCMJ violations when the commanders violated the laws of war, issued unlawful orders, and made public statements in writing in a manner that contradicted specific DoD directives barring that conduct: [ Click ]


If the military wants to violate DoD directives, the military should fully expect the public to do what congress refuses to do -- make it know that the conduct is unlawful, is not tolerable, and shows there is a leadership and command problem within the Joint Staff that refuses to ensure the UCMJ and DoD directives are followed.

This Joint Staff assents to this unlawful Presidential rebellion against the Constitution. It is time the military face an informed public that asks them specific questions about the UCMJ, war crimes, and their support of the attacks on the Constitution with the unlawful NSA activity.