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Thursday, February 09, 2006

It Only Takes One



Thank you for asserting your right to free speech. I have thought about your T-shirt slogans, and would be happy if you were to attend any neighborhood in America. Your right to wear a T-shirt is just as important as anyone's right to wave the flag. This President as you well know is in rebellion against the Constitution and the rights of all Americans to enjoy their lives.

I wanted to make sure that you know that it is people like you who are behind what motivates me and others to do what must be done: Have the President lawfully removed from office.

To do this, we are organizing a state-level effort to discuss the President's crimes, why he should be removed from office, and then have state proclamations. This will tell the House that they have to vote on impeachment. The RNC cannot hide this in committee, or stop the world from finding out how they view the rule of law.

How they vote – as how they treat you – will tell the world where they stand on the rule of law and their duty to do what must be done. Your single act will tell the world: Does America believe in the right to speak about matters of public interest and current news; or does the leadership in academia cower, refusing to face reality and this President’s rebellion against the Constitution. We will soon learn whether our leadership is for the Constitution or for the President’s rebellion.

This explains this process, and what your bold act will remind others: It only takes one -- one person, one state, one blog, and one t-shirt to tip the balance and make a difference: [ Click ] My reason for writing to you is to let you know about the state impeachment effort, and offer you an idea for your T-shirt. The idea for your T-shirt slogan, is simple: "It only takes on state.” OR, perhaps this: “It Only Takes One.” Perhaps your T-shirt will spark others to ask you about it, and you can tell them about the proclamation efforts.

Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. Today, it is important that you know there are people working behind the scenes to end this non-sense, and make sure that people like you and Cindy can wear the clothes you want to wear -- especially when we are told we have to listen to them; but they refuse to listen to their oath of office: Their duty, as is your principals, to ensure the laws of the nation are preserved, protected, and defended -- so that people like you can enjoy the freedoms we are supposedly fighting for in Iraq.

Be proud of you desire to exercise your rights. Yes, those in charge may look down on you, but know that your desire to assert your rights -- your single voice -- inspires others to continue with their work on behalf of you and the nation.

No matter what happens, know there are people like me and others who are inspired by your choice and desire to send a clear message: You have the right to say what must be said when the leadership has failed to say what is self-evident: This President is in rebellion against the Constitution. For that, he should be expelled from his office and replaced with someone else who lets you and Cindy live your lives -- and say what is obvious -- as you deem appropriate. [Here is more: Click ]

Chance, they have wished for this. I hope you can share what happens with the world, and we might learn more from you and what might be done to assert the rule of law over this President who defies the law.

Best wishes!

- Constant -