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Sunday, February 05, 2006

2006 Election: They Way Forward

25 Apr 2006: Illinois State Proclamation for Impeachment using House Rule 603 of the Jefferson's Manual [ Click ]

Pass this link!

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The time for Congressional fact finding must end. The time for decisions and leadership is at hand.

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[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

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Gonzalez tomorrow will point to “the program” as if it were some benign entity. This is absurd. [ Meeting Announcement; Analysis ]

FISA regulates one thing: Human behavior.

The President has admitted he violates the law, and engages in surveillance without warrants.

It doesn’t matter what “the program” is. FISA sets the standards.

This President defies the law.

There is no reason to find out “technical details about the problem.” That is later. After this man has been removed from the political stage.

[. . . And it gets better! These comments continue . . . after a couple of important announcements . . . ]

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[ . . . if you need a break during the NSA hearings . . . Of course!]

Lurkers! Live Blogging or falling asleep over the "cannot discuss that"-excuses. . . For your entertainment:

NSA intercepts of the White House: The stuff they hoped you would never see. It's all here. And more. [ Click ]

Name the Scandal: Do you dare? [ Click ]

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[ . . .and to update you on the Blog Swarm on the State level proclamations . . . here's who's talking about it . . . and what's going on . . . ]

Update: State Level Proclamations

  • The project

    This project mobilizes the local voters to contact their elected officials at the state level. The goal is to debate state proclamations on impeachment. This will force Congress to vote on the proclamation. The proclamation cannot be buried in committee.

    There are many benefits of forcing Congress to act -- either up or down -- well before November 2006: Voters have 9 months to digest what is going on, and find real, honorable leaders. Action can start now. [ Details on why the RNC is in a no-win situation on this issue. ]

  • Successes: 603 Project

    State Proclamations In Committee

    Visit state legislature links to see progress:

    A. WI: Resolution Ref Ref

    B. HI: Concurrent Resolution Ref Ref

    C. MO: Bill Ref

    D. TX: Ref

    E. IL: No change since April Status

    F. CA: 15 May 06: Amended, sent back to CLS [ Bill Status ] Assembly Rules Committee

    G. VT: Reintroduced 2008 Session Bill Tracking [ Discussion ] [ History: JRH075: 2006 ]

    H. MN. Bill Status Ref

    I. NM. Blocked, not debated. Read: Current Info Bill Status Ref Joint Resolution PDF Video

    J. WA. Proclamation Ref You Tube

    603 Proclamation News

    NM: VIdeo: RNC runs from the debate; don't want to be associated with Bush defense. Would like to wee President out of office before 2008 election.

    NM: Read: Current Info: Approved by 2nd Committee Ref Discussion, Videos (Bottom right): SJR 5

    VT, NM, WA: Update

    NM: Ref Ref Committee action

    VT: Ref Discussions

    WA: Ref: Washington State Senator Eric Oemig reasons for introducing 603 proclamation to WA State legislature. Update

    MN, NM. Ref

    NJ Ref

    OR Ref

    Memorial Method: [Click Read more about this method here.]

    Grand Jury Method: [ Click ]

    DC: September: Camp Democracy

    VT: 30 Jun: Sheehan to VT.

    VT: Pathetic, defeatist UCLA's Daily Bruin misses the point of State Level Impeachment: It forces Congress to do something, even do nothing. If Congress refuses to act, all the better for the Voters to make an informed decision this November 2006: "We need a new crew to assert the rule of law and protect this Constitutution." Ref

    WA: Letter sent

    DC: Both DNC and RNC leadership waffling on investigations and impeachment [ Vote them out if they refuse to keep all options on the table Click ]

    VT: Dewalt on Why VT Should Support Impeachment [ Click ]

    Grassroots: Note, profanity alert: [ Warned: Click ]

    MA: Nothampton's Stan Pollack, resolution [ Click ] in addition to MA resolutions listed here MA Calendar via

    CA: Arcata supports CA AJR-39: [ Scroll over for 3 May 06 recommendation: Click

    NC: Petition requesting agenda item Chapel Hill votes 8-0 to support impeachment.

    NC: How does the RNC know there is corruption without investigations? RNC strategy is to say impeachment is to distract attention from local problems and corruption. RNC denies problems with torture, assert President met standards, but blocks fact finding into evidence to the contrary. Click: Text in scrollover

    CA: Reluctance of DNC to support Resolution, HR 635 [ Doris Matsui Click ] [Rules COmmittee: None of DNC have supported Conyers' motion Click: Names

    National Petition: Calling for all State Legislators to pass proclamations [ Click ]

    CA: Senator submits language to DNC [ Click Language ]

    NH: Hanover, NH calls for impeachment [ Click via Jusiper Previous ]

    Novel idas: How to get the RNC to demand impeachment [ Click ]

    MN: Site: Lower half for "rebuttals to those arguing against impeachment". [ Evidence ]

    CA: DNC should call RNC bluff: [ Click ]

    Info: Interesting format for state by state status [ What's needed -- connect the status to clear action plans/lessons learned for local citizens: Click ]

    CA: Prosecutor makes electrifying case for fraud [ Click ]

    IL: Petition -- Leave a comment for others to learn from.

    IN: Forget the Constitution, they have X-mas decorations to worry about. [ Click ]

    CO: Excuses to do nothing Click

    Yahoo discussion: [Click ]

    Guide -- How to do this: Click

    NC: Click [ Click ]

    VT: RNC uses the unresponve RNC as the excuse to blame others for inaction. [ Click ]

    DC: VT's Dewelt encourages Americans to act on 603 [ Click ]

    RI: Resolution supporting the Sheeler proclamation.

    DC: VT Petitions to Hastert, 1 May 2006; 9AM [ Click ]

    House Rules [ See: "The provisions of law that constituted the Rules of the House" RULE XXVIII: General Provisions]; House Procedures [ See: "House procedures are not based solely on the chamber’s rules" Click ] [ More details: Ref ]

    Not mentioning Swayne in 1903, there is also recent precedent for Jefferson's Manual: RNC leadership in 105th and 109th Congress affirmed Jefferson's Manual; Gingrich has used it to impose discpiline. [Click: See this on Jefferson's Manual, and comments by David Dreier; this is the wrong manual ]

    Is your state still in session? State schedules [ CLick ]

    ME: Kennebec County, Maine [ Click ]

    CA: 1 May 2006 Rally: Constitution Summer Project, Flyer COnstitution Summer Site

    CA: Media, Pacifica Radio IndyBay Media

    WI, NM, NV, NC: Jefferson's Revenge

    DC: 1 May 2006 9AM, VT plans to provide VT 603 resolution to Speaker of House Rep. Hastert [ Click Details on who will be there, address Click] we'll have to watch how this unfolds; what excuses they offer; and then adjust the efforts in IL and CA. Take notes and learn the lessons of VT -- get your backup teams ready for PR to discredit the RNC spin/FUD of Tony Snow, new White House spokesman who will be fully engaged. Remember, if there's a problem/error, it's not over -- you can always adjust as VT has done, and continue -- you've got 49 other states who are working in concert: Share what you learn, adjust, and then continue. Be relentless!

    CA: News release on 603 Amendment. California amends bill, adding 603. Press release

    VT: Seeing CA and IL are serious, tries again with a second 603 effort [ Click Odum, at Green Mountain Daily ] VT Action via kangabru


    Carl Nyberg mentions learning of the method through Kos

    Soapbox SoapBox Kos: Illinois steps up with Bill [ E-mail ][Via Green Mountain Daily ] [Much later: Good overview of Jefferson's Manual, Illinois Action OpEd Hastert's aid comments; triggering mechanism No mention of problems in VT Discussion: Nation -- Comments, [ Blogs Sample distractions, matching RNC in VT: "We can't find the reference, it must have changed. . ." [ Expect/plan for: RNC Court battle over the approach ]RedState] [Traffic: Late April Spike ]

    Michael Moore is looking at the topic [ Click ]

    Planning gassistance -- Lessons on the 603 effort: Rebuttals to excuses by government in both parties [ Click ]

    Vermont attorney "driving" Bush Impeachment effort allegedly commits fraud [ Click ]
    Is Vt Atty Jeffry Taylor "leading" the way on House Rule 603? [ his resolution ], with language very similar to what is in the Nixon articles of impeachment [ Click ] and other languge in 2003 against Bush [ Click ] and the 1991 language against Bush [ Click ]

    I dont' believe the Vermont legal research claim: How wold he know that it hadn't been doen else where unless others were discussing what was or wasn't going on? [ Click ]

    Ranking House Judiciary Member asked about State efforts to do Congress' job: See comments 19 and 20 [Click ]

    News terms on subject: ''by charges transmitted from the legislature of a state'' [Click ]

    Action Alert: Here's a new concept on what the States can do -- how to build off this 603 effort at the state level to find out about the NSA and force Congress to act: Share it with your friends in the 603 effort, and get your state organizations mobilzed to consider this option -- it only takes 1, and there are 50 states! [ Click ]

    Vermont is in the final phases: They've got the petition going around to have the legislature hear it. Tell your friends about the Petition Other links: Petition ; Katharine: Cut to the Chase; Green Mountain Daily Morgan W. Brown Odom Blog coverage

    New Resolution: Brattleboro some language, thanks to Ellie [ Details ] [ Green Mountain Daily on Brattleboro]

    New Article: Half the counties in Vermont have passed the 603 proclamation: [CLick ]

    New Discussion: Yahoo, [CLick ] Thanks to Margaret at Atrios [ Source ]

    New PDF: 603 Resolution in Adobe Format, from 34th District West Seattle Democrats. [22 April Presentation ]

    New info: Guam is looking at doing this! [ Liane Allen 603 Kit ]


  • National sponsorship [Meet with others involved in this: Click and Click and meet your state coordinators Click ]

  • Precedent House Rule 603, Charges by a State legislature. Section 2469. [ Florida, 1903 ]; House rules and procedure related to impeachment to know, be ready to explain to stupid, lazy Members of Congress [ Click ]

  • State Subpoenas showing up at Federal Offices

    States to do job of lazy Congress and Subpoena Federal Officials in re Bush Crimes -- to support state's fact finding for a state proclamation for impeachment, protects States' guaranteed right under Article IV to have a Constitutional Government: Congress fails to [a] conduct fact finding for impeachment and trial in senate; or [b] preserve the guarantee to teh states as they took an oath to do [ Click ]

  • Sample letter to MA Legislature: Nickolas Casey [ Click ]; Carl Sheeler's letter in RI [ Click ]

  • Local Guide: A House Rule 603 Guide for impeachment [ Click ]

    * * *

    House Rule 603 is used in Your State Proclamations

  • Images: See they're actually doing this: [ Newfane Meeting AP Photo: Jason R. Henske Click] [Dan DeWalt, VT: Click ]

  • Google News for House rule 603 in Impeachment.

  • It's spreading: Google links using the Rutland Couty, VT template.

  • States listed: [ Click ]: Norwell, MA

    WA PDF

    Wales, town meeting June 7 2006 ARticle, via [] Culture Kitchen

    Minnesota [ Click ] [ Click ]

    Texas [ Click Katarine: Cut to the Chase]


    Vermont's County Courier: [ Ethan Dezotelle Franklin County Resolution ]

    [ Brattleboro ] Brookfield, Dummerston, Marlboro and Putney [ Click Click ]]

    Franklin Cty, VT
    VT: Rutland Cty
    Kos: Rutland, VT

    GreenMountainDaily: Various blogentries: Click; Click; Click; CLick

    Arbortender on the NewFane effort [05 March 2006 Kos Diary]
    Mar 1 2006 proclamation.
    OpEd Media Campaign: Letters to Gov. Dean: Click Messages sent Click OpEd

    Newfane: Article 29 On Town Hall Agenda Click
    State Call for impeachment Click Click Click

    Rhode Island

  • Sheeler Letter to Rhode Island General Assembly [ Click ; Presas Release ]
  • Blogs discussing Sheeler's efforts on RI Proclamation [ Click ]
  • Kos Kos
  • Sheeler Campaign Blog; Click
    [ Click Rusty: Comment 8; Free Republic ]

    Oregon: Party Action Click[ Click ] [ Click ]

    California: San Francisco: Click Blogs Recommends impeachment

    * * *

    Impeachment resolutions: Not necessarily 603, but a good place

    Taraka Das

    Chris Carter

    Municipal Proclomations
    Very good summary of other local proclmations: Track of resolutions

    Another index on local proclamations feeding into state efforts.

  • Draft Proclamations Asking Congress to Impeach
    A. Draft State Proclamation of Articles of Impeachment: Click;

    B. Sample Resolution for a State or Territory to Ask the House of Representatives to Impeach Click

    C. Draft Articles of Impeachment: Arbortender Click

    D. Candidate Sheeler's Articles of Impeachment [ Click; Doc.file ]

  • Voter Guide: Unlawful NSA Spying, State Proclamations and 2006 Election

    The NSA hearings will spark a discussion. Here are some sample discussion questions and issues you may wish to share with your friends and legislators. [Click -- Share your results in your blog. Others can learn from your progress.]

  • Detailed discussion

    Here is what you need to look at. Visit these websites frequently for updates and discussion.

    [ Click here -- it is worth your time A Great overview TPM Thread;
    Arbortender: The One Who Got this Going -- Great job! America cannot thank you enough! You've saved us: Lengthy Discussion]

  • Discussions with Congress ongoing

    Also, this important person is discussing the issues with the Senate Judiciary committee. He is doing what is right and honorable:
    [ Click here -- he is doing the right thing. Drop a note of support.

  • State Contact Effort Underway

    Vermont effort gaining support. Your inputs and votes have been seen in Congress!

    Wow: Bulldog has e-mails for all state legislators. Great job Bulldog, and the rest of you working hard to spread the word about this. It's getting out, and things are happening.

    Have at it: Bulldog has a list of all the e-mails to support this e-mail project. Get at it! Tell your friends. Here's a letter -- you can use the blogger e-mail-send feature to forward the e-mail. Perhaps you have some pdf-version you would like to have showcased here. If so, create the file, or whatever you want, and we'll get the link posted here so others can see your progress.

  • Important People: These are the people making this happen -- go visit them and let them know you want to help

    Outstanding Support Making Waves Nationwide

    Visit these blogs to find out what they're doing, and ideas you have: They want to hear from you. Just stop by their blogs to see who else is visiting, or drop a note to them and wish them well. They deserve America's appreciation for making this happen. They are working for all of America.


    TPM Cafe Discussion: Kagro X -- High traffic!
    Kos: Vermont Odium
    Kos: Arbortender
    Kos: Kagro X
    Kos: Rhode Island aaraujo
    The Next Hurrah
    Rhode Island Future

    Those making it happen

    Acquarian Conspirators
    Ad Freak BLog
    AJ Cordi

    Alabama Ass Whuppin: JPW
    Liane Allen [Do it yourself guide]

    Big Time Patriot
    Bring the Beef

    Buck Mulligan

    Carl Nyberg: Illinois [ Kos Forum GOogle ]

    Cut to the Chase: Katharine

    Dakota Today
    Eagle Flight 675

    Extra Startch Please
    Flying Lumberyard
    Green Mountain Daily: Odum

    Dr Z
    Funny Farm Online
    Hammer of Truth

    Impeach Bush Coalition
    Impeach Bush TV
    Kagro X -- [Has also posted extensively on Kos, The Next Hurrah, Talking Points Memo ]

    KM Witing

    Sahuma Minagahet Michael Lujan Bevacqua [Guam]

    Pissed Off Progressives: MJ

    Political Switchboard
    RedNeckMother: KCJ
    RightHandThief: Oyster

    Sensibly Eclectic
    SpaceTimeCurve: Kelly B.

    Washington Roxx

    Vodka Pundit

    They deserve your serious consideration. Yes, I expect you to recognize that they are doing the right thing, and guiding the nation to assert the rule of law and oaths of office.

    They are honorable. They deserve your support.

    Visit their websites and review what is going on. Your job is to be ready with your ideas.

  • * * *

    [ . . . continuing with the 2006 Election plans and the state proclamations calling for impeachment . . . ]

    We will not negotiate with those who defy the law. We are not required to give them power in exchange for their cooperation.

    Self evidently, what they have given us is a mess. This shall soon end.

    They are required to cooperate, or they will lose their power.

    We do not need to know the “technical details” nor be mesmerized by claims of “a classified program.” That is a ruse, a red herring, and irrelevant.

    The law does not regulate a “program.” It defines and regulates people. It is irrelevant that a program is or is not understood, classified, or secret. The program must be crafted and used consistent with the law. There is no other option.

    The President’s conduct violates the law. This is known, provable, and beyond any reasonable doubt.

    We need not waste time examining the technical details of this unlawful activity. That is later, when we have new leaders.

    This President openly brags that he is above the law, saying it does not apply or that he need not assent to what he says.

    That is illegal. He has violated the law. This is an open and shut case.

    Any other comment is frivolous. It is time for silence from the Executive.

    The states, taking center stage shall clear the air.

    * * *

    The only option this President has is to delay, stonewall, and create false arguments. His plan is to distract the Senate from his violations of the law – which are well documented – and point to something else.

    He doesn’t care what that “something else” is. It may be overseas, or it may be something that is hidden, or non-existent.

    FISA is clear. The standards are clear. This leadership ignores those standards. They have no choice. They swore an oath to uphold those standards. They swore an oath to God.

    This leadership knows the senate well – and easily confuses them with trivial matters.

    This must end. Any Senator who wastes time arguing over whether or not the White House does or does not cooperate in providing “technical details” has missed the point. This President is in rebellion, and has no intention of cooperating.

    The issue is not whether this man has or has not committed crimes. He has.

    The issue is whether the Senate will vote to remove him from office. To do that, they must decide whether he is fit to remain in office.

    One cannot stay in office when they do not honor their oath.

    More fact finding of that self-evident problem is dilatory.

    The voters have options. Unless Congress acts, the voters will know this nation’s leadership is not serious about the rule of law or oaths.

    They do not have a choice. Other leaders can be found.

    As they shall.

    * * *

    We do not need to gather more facts. We need decisions. That is leadership.

    When the courts compel compliance, but a party does not cooperate, the court makes adverse inferences.

    This leadership does not cooperate. It is prudent to make adverse inferences: They have no intention of cooperating because they have violated the law and they are not fit to govern.

    This is self-evident. Fact finding is over.

    * * *

    Congress has a problem. The evidence is well documented. All that is needed is a simple vote.

    The time for discussion and fact finding is over. It is self-evident this man is unfit to be President -- he holds the law and constitution at arms length.

    His only option is to craft reality as he sees it. This Congress assents to that absurdity.

    Congress has one option: To formulate a timely plan.

    This Congress needs to impeach the President no later than 01 March 2006. If Congress fails to do so, then this Congress shows it is more interested in delaying than in asserting its oath of office.

    The list of abuses is long. They are self-evidently grounds to find another leader.

    Congress needs to choose: Do you wish to support this rebellion; or assert your oath and remove what is already a threat to our way of life.

    That is not a question. It is your choice.

    * * *

    Some say the President’s actions were honorable. Curious, honor implies an adherence to a legal or social norm.

    Honor means meeting a level of performance. The standards are clear.

    This President defies those standards. He is not honorable.

    Every opportunity he has had to peacefully resolve this issue has been rebuffed. All he offers is non-sense. The time for discussions is over.

    The time for debate in the States has arrived: Who will be the new leaders, at the state and federal level.

    * * *

    This Congress is not fit to be followed. They are in rebellion. They openly refuse to assert their oaths. Even when there are lawful remedies to this problem, this Congress engages in more fact finding adventures.

    9-11 told us one thing: Despite the NSA monitoring, this leadership failed to protect the country. NSA was created after Pearl Harbor. If the country isn’t going to use the NSA to provide protection, there’s no reason to have it.

    * * *

    It is time for citizens to choose new leadership in your states. Ones that will put their oaths first – and compel the leadership to honor their oaths. Voters need to find new candidates that will assert the rule of law and lawfully remove this man from office.

    There is a large pool of disaffected voters. This is not a zero-sum game. Just because the RNC gains or loses, doesn’t mean that the DNC does the opposite.

    There are new voters to reach. And there are leaders in Congress who can be held to account for failing to assert their oath of office. They do not have a choice. It is their job. They have failed. They need to resign, or we will find new leaders.

    Congress has one choice: To assert your oath, and remove this leader. He is unresponsive to the law, courts, Congress. There is no need to find more facts, nor argue over whether or not it is the right thing to do. The right thing is to protect this Constitution from someone who has no interest in protecting it.

    Choose: Continue with your rebellion against the Constitution; or assert the rule of law and preserve this Constitution from this domestic enemy.

    The voters have nine months to digest whether you do your job or more of the same. The excuse and unconstitutional conduct are self-evident. The question is not whether the President will be removed from office, but whether Congress will as well.

    Either way, the President is not fit to be trusted with any power. He does not lawfully use his power. He agreed, promising to God to protect this document. In exchange for that promise we have assented to his power. He defies his oath. Self-evidently, we need not honor our promise to recognize this power.

    * * *

    Citizens need to review the Declaration of Intendance. The abuses today are no different. This leader defines all situations as being “outside the law.” Yet, time and time again, the situation is covered by Article 1 Section 8. This leader ignores the powers of Congress and the Judicial Branch, claiming them as his own.

    That is not constitutional. What’s worse is Congress ignores its oath and assent to that unlawful exercise of power.

    Each elected official takes an oath to the Constitution. Article IV Section 4 specifically guarantees a system of checks and balances. We shall be protected from rebellion and invasions. We have self-evidently neither checks, nor balances, nor protection from this President’s rebellion.

    We have already been invaded by those who defy our Constitution.

    * * *

    The states need to discuss what they plan to do. The states must ask whether they choose to support this rebellion, or cancel all unlawful contracts which support this President’s attack on our Constitution.

    Congress has failed. The States must act. This President must lawfully be removed from office. New leadership is required in the state and federal legislatures and assemblies.

    The rule of law and oaths are not popularity contests. Whether the voters agree or disagree with unconstitutional conduct is irrelevant. The answer is to compel the elected officials to assert their oath, or remove them lawfully from office.

    There is no other lawful option. One does not negotiate with those who have no intention to be bound by agreements. The time for negotiating and fact finding is over.

    Congress has until 01 March 2006 to resolve this matter. If no action is taken, the States will act.

    You have one option: The Constitution. Otherwise, you are in rebellion and may lawfully be subdued using lawful force when Congress raises a militia to suppress this spreading rebellion.

    Choose wisely.