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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

California: Litmus Test for American Leadership

California offers a litmus test of the DNC’s seriousness in standing up to the RNC. It is time to call the RNC on their bluff in California.

The RNC argues that unless the DNC backs down from the state proclamation calling for Congress to investigate the President, the RNC will not cooperate on tax reform. [Ref ]

The RNC’s argument is highly flawed. The RNC assumes that by getting in the way they’ll get popular support. This strategy is absurd, and could very well trigger increased citizen backlash, mobilize additional non-voters, and bring about the worst for the RNC: Loss of any ability to influence policy or provide options.

Central to the RNC’s position is that they do not support a proclamation calling for fact finding, yet arguing they’ll support tax reform. Which set of "facts" does the RNC plan to ignore on tax reform?

The RNC cannot explain why they have two standards on fact finding; or whether their “non-desire for fact finding” applies to other legislation.

Let’s take the RNC’s position – that fact finding is not required – as true. The RNC cannot explain why the have no legislation ready to address tax reform. Using the RNC's "logic", fact finding isn't needed to bring an indictment; the RNC cannot complain should the country simply impeach and/or deliver citizens to The Hague for war crimes trials without any investigation.

RNC has yet to explain what they specifically fear about fact finding. Indeed, if Bush is innocent, it is in the interests of the RNC to compel fact finding, thereby discrediting the DNC. We can only speculate what might happen if the RNC supported fact finding: Prudent policy, lawful war, and no fear of being rendered to The Hague.

If we take the RNC position as true –- that they are not interested in facts –- they cannot credibly argue to anyone that they are fit to govern.

The RNC has not explained their concern with fact finding. If the RNC is unwilling to gather facts over the White House war crimes, there is no reason to believe they are serious with other issues they refuse to support like tax reform. The RNC has no solution to resolve what the facts are, what is to be done, or what basis the voters should have to trust the national or state leadership.

Indeed, the RNC’s position in California is flawed. Given their minority status and lack of interest in fact finding, they have fewer opinions to consider and no excuse for not putting together proposals – devoid of facts – together immediately. Yet, despite their asserted position that they do not need facts, they have done nothing in California.

They cannot argue there is "no time" to gather facts -- the RNC has no interested in facts. The RNC has no time to lead. Rather, they gather facts to delay, not make decisions. The RNC is unclear what they stand for, what they want, or how they will make credible decisions.

The RNC fears facts. Their reckless support of stonewalling, inaction, and delay in California simply energizes other Americans to see the RNC as it is: Not serious leaders, but a threat to the Constitution.

If the RNC bluff in California was serious – that they will only cooperate if others refuse to find facts – they would not share that plan. Rather, they would simply do it. They would wait until after the DNC passed the resolution calling for impeachment, then withdrawal support for the needed tax reform.

But the RNC knows that if they refuse to do what is right, they will be seen as wrong.

The RNC has not credibly threatened anyone. They refuse to let the DNC suffer without warning. Rather, the RNC warning undermines the RNC position, and they know there are 49 other states which may move to debate impeachment proclamations.

* * *

The RNC has shown its true colors. It knows that impeachment is inevitable. The longer the RNC delays, the less secure the RNC becomes. Even in solid RNC districts, the rank and file of the RNC is defecting.

The RNC feigns hurt; yet look at their crocodile tears. They make threats to stifle others from asserting the rule of laws. The RNC is about lawlessness.

The RNC appeals to meaningless fears, rather than working with others based on reality.

There is no reason the voters in California would take the RNC seriously. It doesn’t matter what a criminal thinks. They remain a threat to civilized society.

The RNC is not a friend of California, the rule of law, or solutions. They remain disloyal to the Constitution. They have no interest in solutions, but threats.

Their threats are dishonest. Their promises are worthless. They provide no guarantee of anything.

The RNC is unwilling to sacrifice their corrupt contempt for the Constitution. They are obstructionist to a civilized society based on the rule of law.

* * *

The RNC has a problem: They have no credible options or solutions. Rather, their only option is to get in the way. There is no reason for the DNC to solve the problems of the RNC through inaction.

The common values all Americans share is the Constitution. But the RNC is not willing to assert these principles.

The RNC threat shows us they are not people who do the right thing. They look foolish.

The nation sees what is going on in California. The RNC reminds us there is no reason for anyone to cooperate with criminals anywhere in America.

The Americans in the other 49 states see that the RNC has no respect for their oath of office, or their oath to the Constitution. Rather, they defy 5 USC 3331. They are criminals, in rebellion, and not to be taken seriously.

The RNC has nothing to show for their threats but more excuses for inaction.

The RNC is taking advantage of the DNC sense of fair play, yet there is no reason to trust the RNC. The RNC threats show us something very simple about the RNC: They are not willing to accept full responsibility for their active, ongoing, and direct support of war criminals in the White House. Rather than accept responsibility, they are still blaming.

The RNC is not being rational. They know impeachment is on the horizon, yet they offer nothing but excuses to avoid fact finding. They go to great lengths to justify absurdity, another reminder they are taking their current seats in the California legislature for granted. The voters see what the RNC is doing.

The RNC is not consistent. They would have the world believe that they are fit to lead, but then they do this -- threaten to be stupid if others assert the rule of law.

The RNC shows Americans they are not flexible. Rather, they rigidly oppose finding facts, and then threaten to do what they’re already doing: Not asserting their oaths, or solving problems.

The other 49 states see what is going on. They will heed the lessons. The RNC in California will simply energize others across the nation and around the globe to work that much harder to assert the rule of law and defeat the RNC. There are many non-voters who may very well see that now is the time to participate, and that they must register to vote. They are energized. They see what the RNC is all about. Americans understand the threat the RNC poses to our way of life.

* * *

There is no reason to believe the RNC. Their reckless threats in California show the RNC is not serious about leadership, prudence, or fact finding.

It is time for the American people to explore where does the RNC need the help of others. The way forward is to deny the RNC the help they need. One option is a filibuster. Force the RNC to take away the very tool they will soon need to stop the DNC from outlawing the RNC. Compel the RNC to strike down the last option they have to protect themselves when the DNC takes over.

The RNC is not a credible force to organize or mobilize solutions. Rather, they remain reckless. It is not consistent for the RNC to be “concerned” about tax reform, while at the same time they clearly show they are not interested in reforms based on facts.

The RNC hopes to threaten others into a no-win situation. But it is the RNC that cannot win. Rather, they should be ignored at the ballot box and on the political stage. Pull the plug. Silence them. Then show them first hand the mistake they made in getting rid of a filibuster.

The nation has options. We can lawfully outlaw the RNC. There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this. Remember, by the time the national leadership changes, the RNC will have already eliminated the filibuster. Know that when they oppose the filibuster, they are really telling America that in 2008 they support their own party being outlawed.

That is very easy. America sees what the RNC is all about. There is no reason for the RNC to be allowed to exist.

The RNC approaches will guarantee more abuse and more non-sense.

* * *

The RNC remains vulnerable. When Americans digest what is going on in California, they will understand that the President remains politically vulnerable in 2009, even to the last weeks of his Presidency.

There is a three week window when the DNC controlled Senate in 2009 can lawfully remove the President. There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this; rather, their continued recklessness all but assures this final political showdown.

The RNC in California shows us they are not concerned with fact finding. The refuse to support investigations. So there should be no reason they complain should the DNC controlled Senate in 2009 ignore the facts, and simply vote to remove the President from office.

If the RNC is serious about facts, and wants a DNC controlled Senate to use facts, then the RNC needs to support fact finding. Until the RNC supports fact finding, there is no reason anyone should believe the RNC is serious about fact finding or leadership.

Until the RNC supports finding out the truth, then the RNC remains at odds with the truth. They are not fit to lead.

The RNC actions show they are not loyal to voters. They have no conscience. They are not committed to solutions. Rather, they are merely grasping at what little power they have. They show Americans that they are not only a threat to the rule of law, but cannot be trusted with power. All the more reason in 2009 – after the President is lawfully removed by a DNC controlled Senate – to outlaw the RNC.

There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this. They oppose filibuster. There is nothing the RNC can do to prevent their party from being wiped from the political stage as the Nazis were in Germany following WWII.

* * *

The RNC’s argument is flawed. They want others to believe that the public will be in a worse position if the rule of law and fact finding is not asserted. Yet, this is at odds with our notion of a civilized society.

Before money is allocated or solutions implemented, we find facts and make reasoned judgments. Yet, the courts know the RNC does get it wrong. The courts have the power to strike down what the RNC does, even declaring the acts unconstitutional.

At best, the RNC in California will simply mobilize the nation. At worst, it will mobilize Congress to force the needed fact finding, and vote to investigate this President's high crimes.

Even if we believe the RNC bluff –- that they will not cooperate with tax reform if the DNC votes to find facts –- there is nothing binding the RNC to deliver or do what’s best. Rather, the RNC has already promised they will do what is worst: Refuse to find facts, get in the way. We already have what the mess the RNC says should not be reviewed.

Getting more of what doesn't work isn't a threat. It's the RNC's legacy.

* * *

Let's consider what the RNC is really saying. They would have Americans believe that if they try to do the right thing -- end abuse of power -- that the RNC will do the wrong thing -- continue to get in the way and not provide assistance. This is like a Southern Plantation arguing during the civil war, “If the slaves don’t support slavery, then we’re not going to help the slaves get jobs.”

Nobody would want to work with people like that. Not then, not now. Never.

The rest of the country can highlight the RNC abuses in California.

The way forward is to find the RNC controlled states, and give a green light to the DNC to do the same: Refuse to cooperate on issues the RNC wants to recklessly ram down the throat of other Americans.

There are many other options. The work on a New Constitution continues. The RNC is not invited to participate. Because the RNC opposes filibuster, there is nothing the Senate will be able to do to prevent this legislation passing under the DNC controlled government. The New Constitution will compel the RNC to assent to the rule of law, honor their oath, and then ban them from the political stage. There is nothing they can do to stop this – the RNC will have already removed the filibuster.

The window for removing the President from office goes into 2009, three weeks before the President’s term ends. The RNC’s actions in California may very well mobilize Americans to stand up for the rule of law, support fact finding, and get them to vote for the first time. This is unprecedented. Stunning. And Democratic.

The DNC should thank the RNC for mobilizing the voters. The DNC’s job is to plan to control all branches of government – and make it clear that they plan to use this responsibility in a far more prudent manner than we have seen since the RNC recklessly violated the rule of law, treaties, and laws of our land.

The nation builds on the initial gains in Vermont, Illinois, and California. Other territories are discussing the proclamation: Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Where California may fail in asserting the rule of law, Guam is there to defend America.

Americans have new information about the RNC. Communities may take a second look at their resistance to action. Despite initial excuses that local communities have other priorities, it may be put back on the agenda: "We need to seriously review what is going on in California, and vote to support banning the RNC, impeaching the President, and getting rid of the filibuster. This will prevent the RNC from obstructing any effort to have them lawfully wiped off the map."


* * *

Article V of the US Constitution outlines methods to change the Constitution. But this Amendment only applies to government. There is no requirement that citizens – on their own – submit a New Constitution. Rather, they can simply put the New Constitution up for a vote.

Just as the Iraqis and Hamas have freely voted and asserted their newly found rights, so too many Americans learn from the lessons of abroad, and freely vote for a New Constitution. One that will outlaw the RNC; one that will ban filibusters; and one that will deny the RNC membership from any seat at any discussion table when we discuss their legal fate.

The RNC will be denied any right to attend caucuses, meet in public. The American people do not need to work with those who refuse to find facts.

Rather, we can make informed decisions based on adverse judgment.

The laws of war are clear. This RNC has defied the laws. They have supported rendition. Because the filibuster will no longer exist, there is nothing the RNC can do to stop the DNC controlled government from permitting other nations render the RNC membership to the Hague.

The RNC no longer is relevant. They fully support denying themselves the right, power, and option to prevent their destruction. They want to remove the Filibuster. Let them have their way.

Should they suddenly decide otherwise, they will not have that option.

It is time to call the RNC on their bluff in California. Let the world know that Americans – a free people – have figured out the RNC is not serious, not fit to lead, and unwilling to find facts. Rather, the world can easily see that the RNC is afraid of fact finding because the RNC knows the facts tell us a simple story: The RNC is a threat to the Constitution, unwilling to make decisions based on factors, and unfit to be protected.

The RNC remains a threat to the American Constitution.

Let them do more foolish things. Let the RNC obstruct. This will only mobilize the Americans to finally vote for the first time.

The RNC will no longer have any say on their future. No input to the language of the New Constitution. No say on how impeachment occurs. Nor any voice in the terms of the RNC destruction.

The RNC is making threats to do stupid things –- things the RNC is already doing -– because the RNC is powerless, they have no other options.

It is time for the world to make the RNC face what they threaten: If the RNC is serious about getting in the way if the rule of law is imposed, then the RNC shows they have violated their oath, remain a threat to the American Constitution, and they should be wiped from the political stage.

Go ahead RNC. If you are serious about obstruction and not finding facts, then you have a larger problem: Not only do American voters realize they have options, but the world will know that the RNC is a threat to civilized society. The world standards ready to lawfully enter US airspace, land, and lawfully render members of the RNC to the Hague.

The RNC is not longer relevant to a civilized society. They really want to be politically destroyed. American voters are well positioned to do that.

You wished this.

* * *

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