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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Iran: Bush rejects peace, defying the UN Charter

On the heels of last weeks confirmation that Bush is insane, he's done it again.

The Iranian President took the time to write a very nice letter to the President. It made a good case for why the President of the United States is reckless, an idiot, and should be impeached.

Granted, the Iranian President was far more diplomatic. Yet, before reading it, the American poodles commented and the media lapdogs working closely with the RNC quickly parroted.

* * *

PDF The letter is an appropriate effort at peace, under the UN Charter article 33 and 34.

By rejecting the letter, the Americans have shown they are not serious about democracy, the rule of law, or principles.

Rather, they are shown for what they are: In love with any excuse for war.

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* * *

You'll notice the core message of the letter is the rule of law, principles, and leadership. Without demanding anything or a set agenda, the Iranian President has made a strong, clear case for a peaceful dialog.

What is curious is that he does not impose any solution or answer. Rather, he merely asks very though provoking questions.

The way forward is not to set a timeline, but to agree to discuss the general questions. With time, the world will see that the Americans can be reasoned with.

If the American leadership refuses to discuss issues, the world nations should treat the Americans as they choose to be treated: Advocates of non-peaceful solutions, in violations of the UN Charter.

The Americans did not have the time to review the questions. Perhaps they may wish to reconsider their initial response.

There is time.

* * *

The US failed. It provided a response before the letter was translated.

You'll notice that the letter asks many questions. There is no effort to answer anything; rather, this is an open invitation to discuss these questions and solve the issue.

America, if it refuses this peaceful overture, will have no legal foundation if it chooses war. Rather, the world -- after reading this letter and hearing the US still plans war -- will know the US is a bully.

The world will with time come to realize that they too may be targeted.

America is seen as was Japan and Germany during WWII: Willing to use force, not work with others to solve problem.

* * *

American citizens are not being well led. Rather, they are being asked to believe lies.

The time for talk is at hand. There is everything to gain through a peaceful solution.

Yet, if American chooses war, the world may lawfully organize to defend themselves.

If America refuses peace, then they are choosing war.

The world can see.

America may wish to choose another path.

The Iranians are correct: It is time to discuss and consider new questions.

To choose anything else sends a clear message: The US is not serious about peace, nor about solutions -- rather, it wants war.

We've seen the mess in Iraq. Iraq is already going into a civil war.

The issue is whether America chooses to remain peaceful, or endure a similar civil war at home.

* * *

Bolton is a mid-term appointment. There are Senate rules which permit other things to happen. Look at the Senate rules.

Bolton is a threat to world peace. He wants war. He wants his PNAC agenda. He is not willing to accept what has happened in Iraq. Rather, he wants the world to embrace more non-sense.

It is time for Bolton to be lawfully removed from office. He cannot have his Ambassadorship renewed.

* * *

It is time to treat the American people as different than their government. Americans want peace. The American government wants war.

Who will save Americans from the war criminals?

The States as they pass more impeachment proclamations.

Indeed, there could be a final trial in the first three weeks of 2009.

There is nothing the RNC has done or said to warrant confidence in what they are saying. They are war criminals.

It is time to prepare for the days when the Bush regime is lawfully removed from the political stage, and the world can discuss solutions, not find excuses for war.