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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

RNC threatens to do stupid things if rule of law asserted

Beware those who already do what they threaten.

They are not statesmen. Call their bluff. Accelerate the timeline. Force them to face what they have already done.

Ref The RNC is laughingly making empty threats. They would have the world believe that the RNC will keep doing stupid things if the world attempts to assert the rule of law.

Let them. The RNC is already doing what it "promises" it won't do.

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  • Beware internalizing the RNC non-sense: [ Click ] Don't make "wanting to have tax reform" outweigh your desire to assert the rule of law. The RNC doesn't care about your goals, only in avoiding liability for war crimes.

    The RNC is already not cooperating on real tax reform at the national level. The RNC "threat" to do something -- that they're already doing -- is meaningless, and not a credible exchange, bargain, negotiation, or discussion. Regardless what the DNC does, the RNC isn't going to cooperate on real tax reform. So might as well pass the proclamation in California and accelerate what we already have: RNC failure.

    The RNC says it won't cooperate on tax reform. That doesn't matter. CA has record tax receipts making the RNC threat irrelevant. Call their bluff, and support the proclamation calling for Congress to investigate and impeach Bush. Ref

  • Keep in mind these lessons from Vermont [ Click ]

  • Beware: Don't take the RNC bait in CA -- here's how they lay other traps [ Click ]

    This blogspot includes many talking points you can share with your friends on this issue: Why the RNC is not serious in CA.

    Headline -- CA: DNC holds the leverage on the RNC over impeachment proclamation

    Sometimes, when you have a losing hand, if you bluff the right way, you can get your opponent to not do the right thing. The CA RNC is threatening to do "more stupid things" if the DNC tries do smart things.

    Some would have the DNC believe, "If you do smart things, we'll do bad things -- and this will backfire against the DNC." This is foolish thinking. No, if the RNC does stupid things, as they are threatening, then this will backfire on the RNC>

    Call their bluff: Pass the impeachment proclamation, and then force the RNC to do stupid things that will guarantee the CA voters throw them out of office.

    Don't take the RNC threats in CA seriously.

    * * *

    RNC threats have been overcome by events

    Version A

    The RNC threat is meaningless: CA already has tax "reform". Look at this tax windfall: [ Click ]

    If you have enough money, there's no reason to fix anything. The RNC's bluff means nothing. Tax reform can wait. The Constitution cannot wait.

    Call the RNC's bluff. Or does the RNC want to get in the way of free enterprise?

    The only way the RNC can get in the way at this point is if they trash the economy. Oh, wait they already did that with the Iraq budget deficits.

    Version B:

    There's no reason for the RNC threat to be taken seriously. The "tax reform" has already arrived, no thanks to the RNC. Look at the windfall for CA Click

    Now that the RNC's excuses and ruses have been revealed, call the RNC on their bluff. Let the RNC explain why the are fit for power, despite their obstruction despite solutions to tax issues.

    * * *

    There's no reason to negotiate with criminals. Rather, force the RNC to carry out their threat. This will be a backlash against the RNC.

    Don't give up the leverage like you did with Alito. The RNC is making absurd threats because they have no other option. Who needs the support of war criminals? The voters will know: The RNC is not fit to lead, and the RNC in CA may lose more seats.

    * * *

    Remember who you are dealing with in the RNC: War criminals. They have already committed violations of international law.

    At this point, any "threat" not to "cooperate" is merely a red herring. Rather, if they were serious about "not doing something," they'd simply do it.

    Rather, if they truly "didn't do what was right for the State of California," they'll likely lose more seats.

    * * *

    What the RNC is really saying – by their refusal to support an impeachment proclamation – if you do the right thing, we’ll do more of the wrong things. This is something the CA voters need to understand: The RNC is threatening to do more stupid things in order to avoid accountability for their recklessness. The RNC is not fit for office.

    There's another way to look at the "potential DNC withdrawal of support." Given there are potentially 49 other states doing this – debating whether to impeach or not with a state proclamation -- the DNC needs to "get something" from the RNC. Namely, if the DNC is going to "not support" this resolution -- in order to get the RNC support -- then the RNC needs to show that they are serious about giving up something else they value.

    If the RNC isn't willing to commit to what they promise, then there's no reason the DNC should "back off" from doing this.

    Again, the issue is whether the rule of law is going to prevail. If the RNC is going to "convince" others "not to assert the rule of law because of something the RNC may or may not do," it's up to the RNC to justify to the world why we should believe they are serious.

    At this point, there's no reason to believe the RNC is going to actually support anything; rather this is merely a ploy to get the DNC to not assert the rule of law.

    The burden is on the RNC to prove they are serious. Their track record shows they are willing to violate the law, lie, and betray even their own to protect this President.

    The DNC should not throw away this leverage. Rather, the objective at this point should be to compel the RNC to concede additional things; if they fail, then the DNC should rub this state proclamation in the RNC’s face.

    Force them to do more stupid things. Call them on their bluff. The DNC leadership should pass the resolution, forcing the RNC to do more stupid things.

    * * *

    Summary: Sample bullet statements to share with your friends

  • The RNC is not serious. They would have you believe they'll do stupid things if you assert the rule of law.

  • Call their bluff. Force the RNC to do stupid things, and the CA voters will vote them out of office.

  • There is no reason for the DNC leadership to believe the RNC. Rather, pass the resolution, and force the RNC to do stupid things.

  • This is going to backfire on the RNC. There's no way "asserting the rule of law" can credibly backfire on those who stand up for civilized society.

  • Call the RNC bluff. CA voters will vote the RNC out of office.

  • The RNC is threatening to do bad things if the DNC does the right thing.

  • The RNC is not fit for leadership. The CA voters will see this.

  • Rub this in their face. The voters will throw the RNC out of office, and the DNC can try again next time.

  • The RNC is not serious. If they want to do stupid things -- if the DNC asserts the rule of law -- let them. The DNC can always try again next year after the RNC loses more seats.

  • No reason to believe the RNC. They are threatening to block "smart things" -- tax reform -- in order to block other smart things -- asserting the rule of law.

  • The CA voters are smart enough: The RNC is not fit to govern.

  • The DNC should call the RNC's bluff: make the RNC do more stupid things that will ensure the RNC loses more seats.

  • Who wants to lead those who refuse to assert the rule of law?

  • Look at it this way: If the RNC threatens to "do stupid things" if the DNC pushes this, the CA voters are likely to vote them out of office. There's always next year. Call the RNC's bluff. They're not serious -- if they were, they're saying, "We will do stupid things if you attempt to assert the rule of law." Don't take the bait. Nobody needs to work with those who are trying to get others to do things "other than what is the rule of law." The DNC always has next time: They can work with another crew that is more willing to assert the rule of law. This RNC shows they have not changed: They will threaten to do stupid things -- block what needs to be done -- in order to support criminals in the White House. The CA voters are smart enough. If the RNC gets in the way, the CA voters will likely make the RNC lose more seats. Call the RNC on their bluff. The DNC has the power to force the RNC to assent to the rule of law.

    * * *

    News Flash RNC threatens more stupidity if rule of law asserted.

    The RNC has failed. They are not serious. The DNC in CA should call their bluff.

    There's always next year: When the RNC loses more seats and the DNC can work with those who are serious about the Constitution.

    * * *

    There's not much sense worrying about the RNC when the leadership isn't willing to assert the rule of law.

    This is part of the RNC's Orwellian non-sense: "You are strong if you are weak."

    Let the CA voters see: The RNC is willing to obstruct in order to avoid accountability.

    The fact that the RNC is threatening to obstruct reforms is something the voters will see and take out on the RNC.

    The DNC leadership needs to say to the voters: "If you want to have people in office who obstruct the rule of law and the interests of CA, then vote RNC. IF you want people who are going to assert the rule of law, and hold people accountable vote RNC. We're here to solve problems. The RNC is threatening to get in the way if we assert the rule of law. That is absurd."

    * * *

    Call the RNC bluff. They are not serious. The CA voters will realize the RNC is against reforms, the rule of law. The RNC is at risk of losing more seats, making the DNC's job that much easier.

    If the RNC does not cooperate on the reforms now, then it will simply get easier later. The RNC refuses to be part of the solution. Rather, they are clearly saying they do not wish to be in office; they would rather let the DNC take credit for solutions at the State and Federal level.

    * * *

    The RNC has offered nothing to believe they are serious. What happens if the RNC backs out of their promise and refuses to cooperate on the reforms?

    It's time to hold this over the RNC: Unless you support this, there's nothing that will tell us you will support the reforms.

    Force the RNC to commit now on this proclamation -- and see if they are serious about taking a vote.

    They are fearful. They do not wish to vote down what needs to be voted for.

    Force the RNC to vote on this proclamation; then make them commit in writing that they are serious about supporting the rule of law and the interests of California.

    This kind of threat shows us the RNC is not serious about the rule of law, and that they will threaten to be stupid. The RNC cannot be trusted.

    There is no reason to believe that the RNC is going to support the reforms even if they get their way on this proclamation.

    There is no reason to give the RNC anything. Rather, the RNC should show the CA voters why they should be believed. Nothing we've seen justifies confidence the RNC is serious, or will actually do what they promise. They've already lied and violated the law; why should we believe they're serious about "doing something later" if they get their way now?

    The RNC is a threat to the American constitution. They are not to be trusted. They are not serious. They have no real power. They can only rely on non-sense. Let them get in the way; and the CA voters will move them out of the way.