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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Viagara Reinforcement Arrives

Some need more than one when visiting the Watergate.

Well, rather than giving them 1 hour, we decided to cut them off.

30 minutes is long enough.

* * *

The US Government is now -- from this day forth --officially declared as waging unlawful war against American civilians.

International assistance has already landed in America.

Let the games begin.

You wished this.

* * *

Here's what's happened. 5th Signal Command has already been penetrated.

US ground commanders have fully coordinated on their current combat status: They are not prepared to wage war against Americans.

NSA continues its illegal activities; so all Americans now may lawfully retaliate against the NSA.

Foreign assistance and support continues to build and organize.

Which side are you going to choose: The ones with the idiots that are going to lose; or the ones that outnumber the US Government?

This is happening real time. It's only going to get worse.

You have no options: You need to surrender. The Hague is waiting.

* * *

All Americans -- civilians and government personnel -- need to decide: Which side are you on.

You have two options:

  • Option 1: The side that is going to win -- law and order; or

  • Option 2: The side that is going to lose -- the American government.

    If you continue to support the illegal war crimes, you may lawfully be taken to the Hague.

    You no longer may hide behind any shield, position, or contract. You may be lawfully removed if there is sufficient evidence to charge you with war crimes.

    You have exhausted the world's patience. This is not simply a "local American problem." Rather, this is now an international issue.

    US airspace and sovereignty can no longer be guaranteed as secure. Citizens from other nations may lawfully enter US airspace, land, and capture any American that appears to be in unlawful support of illegal activities.

    Americans who choose to support the lawful assertion of law and order may be given Amnesty. Those who choose to continue your unlawful resistance against law and order -- or choose to defy international obligations and treaties -- may be treated as war criminals. The only guarantee is that you will be treated humanely in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

    Americans, you are outnumbered. You will be given safe passage if you support law and order. You will be treated as a war criminal if you resist.

    If you are in a combat unit you need to remain calm. If you choose to continue to support the illegal rebellion, then you need to openly show that you are defying treaties and the laws of war. What you do is your choice.

    If you are peaceful and cooperate, you will be treated humanely. If you decide to fight and resist the rule of law, then you may face consequences. What happens to do you depends on whether you resist or whether you cooperate. You no longer can be sure what is going to happen.

    You have to decide how long you want this to last. Your leadership is not trustworthy. You have followed lawful orders. You deserve to support your peers.

    It is decision time. Are you with the rule of law, or are you going to join the rebellion against the rule of law? If you continue your rebellion you are going to lose.

    Your fate lies in your decision.

    You wished this.