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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rendition: GCHQ Monitoring CIA Drug Trafficking

If Americans aren't fighting wars, they're preparing to lose others.

What doesn't the President want you to know? Where he's getting the money to pay for the classified illegal programs.

International intelligence agencies know full well the Americans are doing more with the rendition activities than simply moving people.

Watergate doesn't begin to describe Bush's problems: CIA Rendition flights have been financed with illegal drug shipments and money laundering.

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The Iran-Contra crew likes to move drugs to pay for arms.

But what happens if you need extra cash, and Congress is already tapped out? You call your friends in the CIA: They can move drugs, and the money.

No questions. In and out of the offshore accounts, drop the cash, and who's going to know? It's a classified program. Nobody can talk about it.

A bumper crop in Afghanistan means Congress has that much longer to not ask questions. "Hay we never knew. Nobody asked us."

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Back to reality

Congress, we asked you to do your job: Assert the rule of law. You volunteered. It was your choice. You're soon going to lose your power to vote on this matter.

We the People have figured out what is going on: You're war criminals, drug runners, and money launderers. You also placed the explosives inside the WTC.

You want to admit what you're doing: Waging war on America, or are you saying that it's "OK" for Americans to reciprocate, and lawfully ignore the same laws of war which you violate?

You may choose to respond in one hour. After that time, we may presume you intend to violate more laws of war; and we may lawfully reciprocate. Is this what you want?

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