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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Assume Americans are War Criminals

It's becoming increasingly difficult to get reliable information from America. Even bloggers are not willing to discuss the "really nasty things."

NYT is reporting that there's a clamp down on the media.

Not that that really matters much, as the media has already been discredited.

The way forward is to simply make adverse judgments, and continue to press for more proclamations calling for impeachment; and also continue the planning for a New Constitution.

* * *

We don't have to have "evidence" to justify making improvement. Rather, the evidence is all around us: Suppression, abuse of power, delusional leaders, and people unwilling to assert the rule of law.

America is quickly spiraling into a land of zombies.

Don't expose your capital to America; their leaders aren't able to stand by the rule of law.

* * *

Ineffectual media

Don't count on the media to stand up to the war criminals. The media actively support illegal activity.

Why bother reading material from those in bed with the evil ones? Save your time, assume the Americans are violating the law, and put your money in a place that is safer.

Criminals are running the prison called, “America”

You know the criminals are running things when it is illegal to report criminal activity. This White House's idea of "enemies" are those who are willing to assert the rule of law, ask touch questions, and ensure the Constitution is protected.

The White House and DoJ aren't interested in protecting good order. Rather, their goal is to insulate themselves from accountability.

American government has no legitimacy

America isn't protecting classified information. It is acting to prevent the world realizing the scope of the war crimes.

It really doesn't matter how the NSA violates the law; all you have to know is that they violate the law, and unlawfully use military forces against Americans. This is a war crime.

It's absurd to believe this White House is "serous" about protecting secrets. The White House staff openly leaks classified information about their own undercover agents.

There's no reason to believe Gonzalez' assertion that all the violations will be looked at. This DoJ worked hand in glove with the NSA and CIA to abuse Americans, violate the law, and suppress information about illegal American activity around the globe. They are war criminals.

It's absurd to believe the White House is serious about "protecting the Espionage law" -- this White House openly ignores the law, and leaks information related to human sources. What's disturbing is the documents are well stamped with HUMING and ORCON, but this White House staff refuses to comply with the law.

American war criminals and illegal wars of aggression

It is damaging to the US Constitution to wage illegal war, and suppress information about unlawful government conduct. It's illegal to classify something to keep criminal activity beyond public understanding. The government has to show that the information should not be classified.

I would hope that illegal combat operations end. To support them would make American civilians complicit in war crimes. How many Germans could have been saved had the SS not been able to send people to the gas chambers for discussing the illegal activity?

Illegal activity, if it is not stopped, will continue to spread. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Al Gore reminded the nation that there is nothing stopping this White House from doing the same as the Nazis did in WWII: Committing Genocide. Will the UN take action to contain the war criminals in the US?

* * *

There is a simple way to find out what is going on in America. Read the law, and then assume they're violating it.

If you have a problem in America, you're on your own.

Save your time, don't bother stopping.