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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

CIA: What they doesn't want you to know

Now that the CIA "leadership" is getting more obnoxious, I thought it would be a good time to let you know how they really work.


First thing to notice with the press release is that they claim they're clamping down on CIA contacts with the media.

Small problem. The CIA not only plants media stories, but it relies heavily on open sources like trade journals, conferences, and other things you can easily get your hands on. So when the CIA talks about "clamping down" on people, this is a code word for: "We don't want you to think."

Time to explain how the CIA and NSA works. First of all, they have their analysts who sit down with their coffee every day, and they start reading the newspaper, OK, internet. That's all they do. Surf, surf, type, type. Think think. Chat, chat.

There, now you know the big secret.

* * *

The real issue is what does the White House rally want the public to not know: What the White House doesn't want the public to realize is that the White House staff ignored the open source information that told us what we were telling them in 2002 and 2003: There's nothing there in Iraq.

The White House doesn't like reality, because that means war crimes trials for civilians.

They hate Scott Ritter. Why? Because Scott told them the truth.

* * *

Here's what the CIA doesn't want the retirees to discuss:

  • CIA agents/analysts are under pressure to pull their punches -- read, "lie to Congress" in the National Intelligence Estimate -- for political reasons and that's been going on for decades;

  • Agents were threatened by Cheney and supervisors to modify what they found;

  • The Senate Oversight Committee by Roberts is a joke; and

  • The CIA managers have a problem -- the CIA and NSA IG's were told to not look into things -- on the phony basis of "national security" -- which the public should know about: Illegal activity

    * * *

    The issue with "talking to reporters" is kind of a joke. The real issue with the media is that most of them are shills for law enforcement. Any time you talk to the media you have to bet your money that the information is going right into the JTTF files.


    What are the "national security issues" that the White House doesn't want leaked?

  • Pre Sept 2001 planning and exercises related to 9-11;

  • The copies of the July and August 2001 NSA intercepts of the teams installing the explosives in the three towers and the basements;

  • Information given to the FBI to not make them alarmed about what was going to happen: "The buildings are not going to fall down, don't worry; it's just an exercise"

    * * *

    When you're talking a "consulting contract" basically what you do is tell the client -- whoever that is -- a bunch of things. Your job as a consultant is to simply provide context to what decisions they may or may not be making.

    It dispends on what the client is trying to do. If they're contemplating a new line of business, or expanding operations, CIA can provide insight into security issues, ease of getting access to local support, and a variety of other issues related to the ease of operations: Where to buy things, where you can get good deals, and where the strip clubs are.

    CIA can also analyze bits of information and help you understand what may be going on. They can make mistakes, but they're also very good at noticing inconsistencies. This leads us back to the real issue with the White House-CIA standoff: The retired CIA agents are now using their skills -- they learned to defend American from outside -- to defend American against these war criminals inside the White House.

    The White House isn't happy. They do not like intelligence agents inside the CIA and retired agents comparing notes on the White House abuse of power.

    Too late. The problem the NSC and White House have is that they can't figure out which NSA equipment is being used.

    Remember all those CIA officers who travel all over the world? Well, they run into some very strange equipment. Stuff the NSA can't -- yet -- decipher or crack.

    Guess who uses that to communicate inside America, and beyond the White House reach? Take a guess. They're called retired CIA.

    * * *

    The main thing to remember is there are alot of smart people in the CIA. The problem for the White House is that there are alot of smart people in the CIA.

    * * *

    One thing to think about when reviewing the CIA, remember that they work for the President. Their job is to execute plans, and solve problems.

    But there are also the laws. Here's the rub: CIA agents lie all the time and violate the law overseas. The problem America has is when this lying is done at home, and violates US laws, and CIA agents overseas get caught committing war crimes.

    * * *

    What’s going on with these Eastern European prisoner-abuse center? Well, the White House is annoyed that their little plan -- which isn't so little -- got exposed.

    CIA agents are also very good at figuring things out using very unusual methods. Some of these relate to -- wait for it -- using your brain. Something the President has a very hard time with. That's why he doesn't like the CIA. They are smarter than he is.

    Maybe when the President takes a polygraph about what really happened on 9-11, we might find reason to celebrate.

    Alot of the information the CIA gets is worthless. That's being polite. Quite a large chunk of it is from people overseas who have some ax to grind. Our goal is to sift through this crap, and try to make sense of it.

    The big problem we have is when the Israelis feed us worthless information -- all with the hopes of manipulating American -- and then they start to whine about the Holocaust. "Oh, ok . . you're allowed to lie to us about Iraq -- because of Hitler. That's understandable."

    * * *

    Let's consider the toads on Capital Hill. Let's face it, they're stupid. They know it.

    See the issue? The White House and Congress have a common enemy: Smart people.

    It's time the American public change the rules: Make Congressmen lose their pensions if they are stupid, or fail to enforce the laws, or block investigations.

    All of them will be in trouble.

    Do you think idiot boy Senator Roberts would wake up? Why start now.

    Confidentiality my rear-end. The way of the world is to defend the American Constitution from these heathens in the White House. They can't shut Americans down.

    If you really want to know what is going on in the minds of the CIA, just read the newspaper. Then read between the lines. Then think evil. Then think worse. Now you're getting the idea.

    The CIA is about one thing: Justifying violations of the law to justify more violations. And their goal is not to get caught; then at the same time their goal is to fool the Congress, and hide the conclusions of their PhD's from the inspectors.

    Inspectors! They cause problems. More reports, more going through files, more asking questions. All they need to know is in the newspaper. And if there's a law, the CIA's job is to figure out how to ignore it, not get caught, and then keep it all hidden. Checklists, checklists, checklists!

    * * *

    The White House deserves to be criticized. They are criminals. They illegally invaded: Iraq and the White House.

    We told them there was nothing there. Cheney was down our necks. He's a jerk.

    If you want to write about the CIA, just dream about the laws, logic, and evil things. Then look at Hitler's picture: There you go, now you've figured out the whole NSA-CIA sham going on.

    * * *

    Here’s the summary on intelligence: Bush ain't got it, he's a war criminal, reckless, and a threat to America's constitution. He's also a jerk.

    CIA: They know alot, but they don't know how to walk out the door.

    Classified material: Hay, if you can imagine it, it's worse. Bush is doing it, and he's a liar and criminal. He should be lawfully removed from office. He's just playing around, refusing to be under oath about the 9-11 stuff. He can't explain what happened to the NSA intercepts of the pre 9-11 planning.

    * * *

    It's a crock for the CIA to talk about "legally binding" anything. Let's face it -- these guys are criminals. There's no reasonable basis to they can claim anyone is bound to be silent about war crimes and illegal activity against Americans.

    rePublican's Review Board can kiss my rear-end. The CIA is an embarrassment to America: They have failed to protect the Constitution from this animal in the White House. He's a snake.

    If you aren't criticizing America, then you're not awake. This White House is an embarrassment to the rule of law.

    Here it is April 2006, and the White House is worried about more revelations of the rest of the illegal programs. Gonzalez didn't even touch the surface. Talk to them about the NSA information going into the local police; and how the DHS is picking people up; then ask him about the warrantless interrogations being done on Americans. It can be pretty scary, especially when you find out that goon across the table likes to wear ninja-black, and twitches.

    * * *

    If you're not criticizing Bush, you aren't awake. He's reckless. He's a war criminal. He's criminally negligent.

    Who cares about future work with the CIA. They're goons. Always using "this or that" to whine about. "Hay, you better be quiet."

    What, and the American public might "not figure out" that this White House wants a dictatorship; or that 9-11 was actively planned and organized?" Get real. They know.

    If you think this is bad, you haven't seen anything yet. They're looking at old McCarthy tapes, getting ideas, dreaming of more evil things.

    Note: Publications Review Board – perbs! -- is full of weenies.

    * * *

    Yes, I know the title is "CIA: What they doesn't want you to know" and it should read, "CIA: What they don't want you to know".

    Isn't that annoying to you? There! See, I control you: I made you annoyed.

    That's how the CIA works. They know how to make you react.