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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day of Silence: 26 Apr 2006

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In silence, think about Illinois and California and their effort to stand up to the lazy Congress: Read the RNC-like excuses to do nothing, and learn the lessons of what failed in Vermont. [Click ]

  • Learn the lessons of Vermont, apply then in Illinois and California.

  • Know the RNC wants to suppress this.

  • Prepare for another round of State proclamations. They will come in a multiple waves, and more information will surface.

  • The White House, as you can see is in turmoil. The RNC has a problem: Their membership knows if they refuse to impeach they could lose the election -- this is why they want to delay the states from acting. They have no control over this.

    * * *

    Remember, all the excuses to avoid impeachment, or not pay attention to the state proclamations are simply excuses to join the President’s unlawful rebellion against the rule of law.

    Congress needs to realize that the President has waged illegal war; and the issue that needs to be raised: Why is this Congress continuing to appropriate funds for illegal war in Iran, not just Iraq?

    Congress is part of the problem, as it was with the NSA -- in providing funds, and not asserting oversight of the illegal activity.

    The States are reminding the national leadership: If you don't do your jobs, we'll make you; and if you refuse, you won't have a job.

    And then we can change the rules with a New Constitution forcing them to face the issues: We do not have to waste our time with a constitutional convention; rather, we can lawfully make the changes outside Article V.

    * * *

    If you want to prattle, "We really want to know to know more," then you need to explain this: [ Click]. Any request for information is not credible. You show disdain for those who respond. You have no credibility. Answer your own questions.

    You will no longer be able to ask questions. You have already been given the answers. Go dig through what you’ve already been given.

    This is going to be difficult because your peers choose to lie, pretend they are serious; yet, we find out they have disdain for those who take their requests seriously.

    Your peers have made this difficult on you. Go talk to them about it. Ask them who they refuse to deal with. Then you will find your problem.

    If they say “we have no problem with anyone” or “we gladly interact with all who share our goal” – they are lying. They betray your trust. They are contemptible creatures.

    You will have to choose: Between

  • A. Your loyalty to their lies; and

  • B. Those who [choose to/are willing to] speak as they see it, and have been asked to end encouraged to do so.


    Then you will have to be specific with what you want; then explain what you will do when you get what you want; then justify why your desire for this is to be believed.

    The burden is now on you. The solution depends on how badly you want it.

    The harder you try, the harder it will be to find what you want.

    You wished this.

    * * *

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