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Monday, March 20, 2006

New Constitution Archive

This is the Archive of Material related to the New Constitution.

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Constitutional Convention Agenda

When a nation refuses to assent to the rule of law, and fails to compel the government and leadership to assert its oath, We the People can craft and formally present a New Constitution outside Article V, in a manner consistent with Federalist 78. There is nothing the government can do to stop this. Ref

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Principles: Demonstration of What's Possible

Ref Bill certified by Consulars as Constitutional before Senate or House debate the bill.

Ref Firmly establishing citizen and state rights and powers to lawfully check abusive government conduct; establishing a tri-camerial system; and a tri-executive system.

Ref Application: Using New Constution to Screen an Illegal Bill.

Ref Application: 2008 Presidential Candidates unprepared to discuss instiutioanl reforms after failing to review what failed.

Ref Consulars, Invstigative Branch: Compelling Enforcement of Law When Legislative and Executive Branches Refuse To Assert Power, or Enforce law.

Legal foundation

Drafting a new constitution outside Article V. [Click ]


Ref Tricameralism.

Transforming the Senate

Lawfuilly revoking powers the Senate refuses to assert [ Click ]


Simple remedies to simple problems: [Click ]


Congress shall make no law validating illegal activity. [ Click ]


Pre-emptive oversight [ Click ]

Loss of Legitimacy [ Click ]

Specific Proposals

Interesting list -- Could have intervals between each time in office, prohibit campaigning or fundraising during office; and strip legislative immunie when it comes to funding/appropriating for unlawful war.


Do they know there's a third Constitution in works? [ Click ]