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Sunday, March 26, 2006

America's Government Has Lost Legitimacy

It is time to craft a new Constitution. Read the DoJ's non-sense responses to the House Judiciary Committee. [ Click ]

Surely, they cannot be serious.

[ Archive for a New Constitution here: Click ]

* * *

The American government is out of control, refuses to assent to the rule of law, and is not interested in honoring the Constitution. We need not honor their abused power, nor recognize the delegated powers they abuse:

whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, Ref

We don’t have to wait until an election. We can already build on what has already started: Self-evident abuse of power, and the need to lawfully revoke the abused powers and re-delegate powers in a manner than is far more difficult to abuse.

The way forward is to write a New Constitution outside Article V. DoJ in their absurd responses to the House Judiciary Committee cites law professors to ignore the law; surely we can cite law professors to strengthen the law: [ Click ]

* * Contrary to Will of People * *

The American government is at odds with the rule of law. It has no legal foundation. It merely asserts laws and notions of the law which are devoid of enforcement or serious respect.

This is a failure of the Federal Government to assert the rule of law, check power, and ensure our rights are free from abuse. The Congress shows it is not serious about its oaths.

* * Unlawful warfare * *

This Federal Government violates the law; and uses military power and technology illegally against its own citizens. This is a war crime. It is not permissible for a military to be used against its civilian population.

* * Reciprocal violations permitted * *

Under the laws of war, when one party ignores a law, the others are not bound to assent to that law. This Federal Government wages war using unlawful military power against the civilians; and it has no respect for the Constitution.

* * Unlawful revocation of Constitution * *

The Federal Government when it violates the constitution, shows that the People need not assent to that Constitution, nor are they bound by the Constitution which is ignored and not preserved.

* * Federal Government Rebellion *

This Government – by its actions and statements – shows it is in rebellion against the law of the land. The United States Government has effectively cancelled and revoked the Constitution – something it does not have the power to do. We can lawfully respond by lawfully revoking all the delegated powers.

* * Lawfully revoke all delegated power * *

We need not respect our delegation of power under that Constitution. We may lawfully revoke the delegated powers that are abused; and under the laws of war we need not feel bound to laws or Constitution which this Government violates.

Rather, we can create a New Constitution that lawfully asserts power and compels the Federal Government to assent to the rule of law.