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Thursday, March 23, 2006

1971: FBI files revealed government operations; 2006: Public information inconsistent with White House NSA defense

In 1971 files showed up. The FBI offices contained files showing unlawful conduct. This sparked the Church Hearings and FISA requirements, eventually brining down the Presidency of Richard Nixon.

We've found similar evidence. This time, its in public, and can be traced to the White House, showing the White House is lying over the NSA defenses.

There may be some useful information along these lines. Taking the broad view -- let's suppose there are some nasty things going on.

Put that aside for a moment, and consider what we know: Gonzalez appeared before the Judiciary Committee and said they were really busy, and couldn't process FISA warrants. If that were true, should there not be evidence that the FBI-DoJ are "really busy" -- in fact "so busy" that they had no time to work on anything else?

Let's presume that premise is true: Where could we look for open information showing Gonzalez is lying; and that -- in fact -- DoJ is not busy; and the claims of "workload" are fiction, false, and perjury.

Where would one look?

* * *

Put that aside for the moment. We're also asked to believe that the Administration has no official view on DNC or the 9-11 film: They refuse to comment on Michael Moore, calling him a flake.

If we are to believe that the White House "has no concern" with someone who is "really crazy," what evidence could we have that would show their public statements are false?

* * *

Put that aside. We're also asked to believe that the DoD is "really concern" about abuse, and "aggressively investigates" the allegation of torture. Again, where could we go to disprove the concern in DoD; and show that their criminal investigators are not actually doing what DoD is publicly saying: In fact, not investigating?

* * *

OK, now that you’ve considered the above - FBI, DoD, and President -- keep in mind what we had in 1971: Someone had information. Today, we have the same thing -- NYT gets info, but everyone silent.

What will change this?

Here are your answers: We can prove Gonzalez is lying -- that DoJ as not busy as he states; we can prove that DoD was no aggressively reviewing the matters of the abuse; and we can prove that the President is annoyed by Michael Moore.

How can prove this? Here are your answers -- they are the wiki-updates made by Navy's NCIS, the President's OPM; and the Department of Justice at the time when we are asked to believe "other things" were happening. The next step is to get the IT-logs of these IPs, then trace who they are, what they were doing, and what relationship Gonzalez/President/Joint Staff said they were doing -- and show what we are asked to believe is at odds with the statutes.

* * *

Here's the data showing the White House is lying about what it is focused on, doing, and getting personnel to do:

NAVY NCIS [ Click ]

DoJ [ Click ]

OPM [ Click ]

It's across the board in all departments -- these guys aren't doing their jobs; and they provide updates to things totally unrelated to official government business. What's curious is that despite pubic denials about specific limitations in what the government can or cannot do -- it's possible to trace specific wiki updates on subjects which the White House said "We had no knowledge about" namely the UAE port deal. Supposedly this wasn't started until many days before NSA; but the actual UAE discussions appear to have started long ago.

Here's the 9 November intercept of the Andrews AFB updates on the UAE files: Click; this would have been picked up by NSA before the UAE broke, but the President wants us to believe he had no clue about UAE.

Question: What prompted attention on the UAE well before POTUS and DHS supposedly reviewed this matter in the coast guard, late November?

Conclusion: The entire UAE port deal was fabricated to distract attention from the NSA: [ CLick ]