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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tired of the non-sense from DC?

Lurkers! We can solve this mess.

[There is an archive for material related to the New Constitution: [ Click ]

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Via Rusty at Conyersblog: Click:
georgia10:"True Americans--coast to coast, young and old--now bow their heads silently in collective shame for a nation that has lost its way."

OK, if this is where we are, what do we do about it?

It may be shameful, but would you be open to a solution; and what would that solution have to look like?

If the nation has lost its way, would the nation recognize a solution?

There's a simple solution to this mess. Are you open to hearing it, or do you want to talk about everything but the solution?

Time to choose: Do you want to talk about the problem and what isn't working; or do you want to talk about what a solution is?

There’s a solution. But I'm not convinced you really want to talk about it, or solve this problem. Not convinced one bit. I think you rather enjoy "not talking about a solution" because then your work will be done: You'll no longer have anything to talk about: Everyone else will be focused on the solution.

Is that really what you are saying, or are you trying to say something else?

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Did you know that Alabama is drafting a New Constitution? [ Google News: Alabama is solving problems.]

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The US is about the rule of law. What's the big "scary reluctance" to do what is prudent? People are talking about the Magna Charta. [ Click ]

Would you like to live in a place that respect your rights and prevented the abuse of power?

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Congress keeps dancing around on the NSA activity. What are they afraid of: Call it what it is -- illegal. But are you tired of the inaction? It would be nice of there was a law that compelled Congress to do something.

There is a way to address this mess: We are allowed to draft a new Constitution which can strip Members of Congress of their immunity, and force them to assert power, or lose that power. Here's how we can write a New Constitution outside Article V, details [Click ].

But that's just the beginning; the next step is to actually draft the New Constitution. But, you're in for a surprise: Guess what's been written for you to consider as a solution to this Mess: That's right a New Constitution: [ Draft New Constitution for your debate Click ]

Congress has until 1 April 2006 to lawfully remove the President for his self-evident abuse of power; or we the People will begin debating a New Constitution. Voting will start this summer.

Tell your friends:

  • 1. We can write a new Constitution outside Article V; and

    2. There are drafts of the New Constitution floating around -- what changes do you want; and what solutions do you want?

    Nobody can stop you from blogging. There is a solution to this mess; the issue is whether you want to be treated the same, or compel the Government to do its job: Protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

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    Want more sound bites? Check the Bushboard top 10 sound bites: [ Click ]

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    It looks like people are giving up. Why?

    If it is "self-evident" that experts are part of the problem, why is there reluctance to give up on what doesn't work and listen to other views? As to "what is to be done" -- I hear nothing about a real solution: We are allowed to redraft a Constitution outside article 5: The Yale Law Professor used to Clerk for the Supreme Court -- you telling me you're not going to consider it? [Here ]

    If things are "really as bad" as people say -- over issues of violations of the law, why the reluctance to do what can be done: Change the rules and force Congress to do its job: Oversee, investigate, find facts, and end this abuse of power? Yes, I could send you to a link that may provide a solution, but do you want a solution, or are you more interested in whining about "what cannot be done" or the "impossible situation."

    It's only impossible if you give up. Have you drafted a new Constitution yet? If not, then think about doing so.

    Here's a Draft New Constitution [ Click ]; it only takes one person to say, "Yes, let's simply fix this." That's all. is it you? You don't have to do anything. The New Constitution is already written; all you have to do is say, "You know, we really ought to do something." Is the weather not favorable; do you want to have more rights abused; or do you want to have more evidence that you live under a dictatorship?

    Who's for solving this mess in DC, and getting the Federal Government to do what it took an oath to do: Preserve our rights, and prevent abuse of power.

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    For fun, look at the news: Other nations and Alabama are creating New Constitutions: GOogle News.

    I don't see the world falling part; so what's the "big fear" about writing a new Constitution for the United States outside Article V, do you?

    What channel are you watching?

    Hello? Is the sound off?

    Yes--you -- the ones who are lurking: Time to do your annual "oh, I really don't want to blog about this"-blog -- yes, this is the only time you have to do this: Just blog about this: "Yes, I think we ought to solve this."

    What more do you want?

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    OK, and this from Kos:
    Until you go back and actually read what was being said at the time, you don't really appreciate just how intense and deceitful was the propaganda and falsehoods spewing forth from every corner. People like Victor Davis Hanson and the Powerline buddies were not just wrong in what they were saying, although they were that. And it's not just that their judgment was severely flawed, although it was.

    Far worse than that is the fact that they really were living in a world that did not exist -- a fantasy world so plainly free of facts and reality that it is truly disturbing to recall that so much of the country was propagandized into believing it. Going back and reading it really creates the sensation of people who were living in a world that combines the worst elements of Disney World and Pravda. Our experts and pundits were literally describing a world that did not exist and making claims that could not have been any further removed from reality. Put simply, anyone who read them, listened to them or believed them at the time was completely misguided and misinformed about reality. -- Glenn Greenwald

    Brilliant Glenn Greenwald -- focusing on the past. Great -- now that we know the self-evident, what's your solution?

    You got one? I'd really like to hear it. All this talk about "big nasty things" and "boo hoo, NSA is really bad" -- what's a solution to this impasse over Congress?

    If you were given a solution to this -- would you believe it; or do you want to stay focused on the past, and what people are talking about?

    It's up to you. You decide how you want to spend your time. You like focusing on what happened three years ago; or do you like focusing on solutions? It looks to me like you're giving up talking about solutions, and you're not in a position to provide one.

    You self-evidently, have no solution. Why should we take you seriously; what's going to end this stalemate; and how are we going to get Congress to seriously wake up? You want to wait until November; what if there was something that people all around the country could do right now -- would you believe it; would you be open to it; or would you reject it because it "wasn't your idea"?

    Solutions, Glenn! Let's start talking about some real solutions. Quit your non-sense whining over what did or didn't happen three years ago: Get over it; there's a mess on our hands. Are you part of the solution or part of the "woe is me, we can't do anything" crowd?

    If you've got a better solution, then speak up; otherwise, the team continues to make progress on what you don't want to discuss: A solution.

    Choose: You want a solution, or do you want to talk about "other things"?

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    Are you ready for a solution? If you are click this link: [ Click ] If you do not want to click the link then blog on the following topics:

    A. I do not want to focus on solutions

    B. How I like to whine about things, but not focus on solutions

    C. How I like to complain, but not seriously consider "new ideas"

    D. How I like to be stuck in a dilemma, and like to feel stuck

    E. How I like to rally others to do things, but do not really believe it will solve the problem

    F. How I like to spend my time whining about the world, but am unwilling to do what can easily be done by simply choosing to say, "Yes, I'm open to a solution that will solve this problem."

    G. How I like to complain about things that are wrong, but am too tired to think about a solution -- so I'll just whine more, since that is far easier and feel like a victim -- just like the time when I lost my first case. Wow is me.

    * * *

    Time to choose: Do you want to talk about solutions; or do you want to waste people’s time talking about “other things”?