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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Constitution: Simple remedies to self-evident abuses

It's fun! One interesting activity to do with your friends is compare two things: [1] The long list of abuses since 2000; and [2] the US Constitution.

It's simple: Below is a sample New Constitution. All you have to do is: Nothing.

But if you feel like it, and want to impress your lurker-friends, your play-time is to know: Hay, this can be done. Someone else already took the time to write language that will assert your rights, and prevent the abuse of power.

You’re home free!

What's this all about? It's simple: It's about one thing: There's a way to solve this mess.

Think it can't happen? Well, surprise. It's already started. The solution is below; all you have to do is say, "You know, maybe there's really a solution to this mess." But don't take my words for it -- look at what the mess we have, and ask, "Hay, could things be better?"

Kind of a dilemma. If not, why do you bother getting up in the morning? Come on, you know things could get better, otherwise you'd give up. That's right: You're smiling. Come on.

Repeat this: "I must resist thinking about hope." Don't think about that. Exit it from your mind.

As you read this, know that Alabama is in the process of writing a new Constitution; so can the United states.

Congress isn't being nice to you. They've got a deadline. Congress has until 1 April 2006 to lawfully remove the President from officer; or We the People will discuss a new Constitution.

Think this isn't possible? Here's what reminds us what we can do at anytime: Write a New Constitution outside Article V ; Here's how: [ Click ]

* * *

There is an archive of material related to the New Constitution: [ Click ]

We are allowed to make a New Constitution to tell Congress what they should do: Their jobs, and they're in big trouble if they don't.

Think it can't happen? It's already started and here for you to laugh at. Go ahead, mock it: Say it won't work. I dare you. And the better reasons you give for "why this won't work" the more time I'll spend thinking about your comments and fixing this mess.

Or do you just want to lurk? It's up to you.

* * *

Here is a sample of what Our New Constitution might look like:

We the People of the United States in order to assert our right and protect us from abusive power do ordain this New Constitution to guide future generations in protecting them from dictatorship, tyranny, unlawful rebellion against the Constitution, treason by member of Congress who appropriate funds to support illegal war, and prevent the illegal transfer of non-delegated powers to tyrants.

This New Constitution goes beyond the Magna Charta and Constitution of 1787: It has one goal to guide you to keep the enemies of the Constitution and allies of tyranny at bay and recognize and affirm your right to write a New constitution to improve your lives and build on what has failed you. We have done our best, but didn’t think if everything.

Our only goal with this new Constitution is to protect what we have and compel the Federal Government lawfully assert power, investigate, gather facts, and refuse to assent to illegal use of force, power, and appropriations for programs and activities at odds with our laws. This new Constitution strips members of Congress absolute immunity and compels them to serve only the constitution, not other loyalties.

Members of Congress are not above the law. Assenting to illegal use of non-delegated powers; appropriation money for illegal wars and programs; and refusing to investigate to gather facts of wrongdoing is a felony applicable to Members of Congress and evidence of Congressional rebellion against their oath, the Untied States, the Constitution, and the People of the United States.

Members of Congress have the obligation to refuse to cooperate with threats to the Constitution – especially when those threats are from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or any location where power is unlawfully asserted, applied, or illegal used outside explicitly delegated powers.

Treason shall include Members of Congress assenting to dictatorship, unlawful conduct and violation of rights. Members of Congress shall be stripped of absolute immunity when they vote to appropriate funds for rebellions, unlawful war, dictatorship, illegal war, or activities and programs which violate the Constitution or assent to unlawful use of non-delegated power.

This Constitution explicitly – not non-inclusively – states what constitutes abuse of power: Dictatorship, Wars against the constitution, Federal government rebellion against the Constitution; Action and programs at odds with the laws and constitution; and Assent to dictatorship and unlawful assumption of power.

* * *

The way forward is to recognize where we are and what we have: A dictatorship; wars against the people and their rights – a state of war exists between the Federal Government and the People of the United States. This war is one the Federal Government has thrust upon us, and it is not one we neither choose nor have assented to.

This Federal Government ignores and does not assert the power it has to assert, protect, defend, and preserve this Constitution. This Federal Government assents to this rebellion and dictatorship.

Under this Dictatorship we have seen: Concentration of power; assent to abuse; cover-up, denial, and non-action on the abuses; silence and no evidence on violation of rights; and support to give up rights and protections.

The way forward is to create a new Constitution that will prevent a dictatorship – a document that will outline what will erect greater barriers to abuse of power; and strengthen protections against the violation of rights.

As we finalize the Constitution, there are many questions related to what has failed; and what is the best way forward. We can simply look at the Existing Constitution, compare what we have, and ask what is to be done when Congress refuses to assert its right and power to enforce the Constitution, protect the document, and defend it and our rights against tyranny and domestic rebellion.

We must signal to future generation warnings of problems of impending abusive power: What they should look for, the signs, their options, workable alternatives, foreseeable violations of their right to bring suit to prevent the abuses of dictatorships, and remind them of their power to assert their rights.

* * *

We need only look at the post 2000 events, and compare then what is in our existing Constitution. The issues are glaring the way forward is clear: We must devise a document and system that makes fascism impossible and defeats dictatorships.

Any Person can do this: Consider the long string of abuses; review the Constitution; and ask what remedies are needed to assert the Spirit of the Constitution – protect rights and prevent the abuse of power; what questions and issues need to be addressed.

* * *

Despite laws against war crimes and illegal wars, what is to be done when the system condones violations and refuse to investigate and not assert the rule of law. How do we impose meaningful, significant, and personal consequences on members of congress to strip them of any incentive to do anything but what is required.

This system should impose meaningful, immediate sanctions on members of congress when they: Pass statutes that violate the constitution; permit action that violate rights; assents to violation of rights; and suppresses or refuses to review evidence of abuse of power.

The way forward is to decide how We the People will stop this; what system will be devised; how to make it easer to go after abuse and bungling; how to make it easier to protect rights, assert rights, and check power.

* * *

The way forward is to decide what is to be done to prevent a majority of Members of Congress choosing to do nothing about Executive Abuse of power; how they can be compelled to investigate, fact find, force the Executive to account, deter dictatorship, outlaw ratification of illegal acts which violate our rights and abuse power.

The American legal community has a credibility problem. And it is more than leadership that is in question. It is the doubt that they are serious about their oaths to the Constitution. This New Constitution needs to develop a legal community that competes, so that no single legal group can claim control of the agenda; nor be immune to outside review from credible legal oversight.

The public is well aware of the legal non-sense at the heart of this current tyranny; the way forward is to ensure there are other protected views on a case; and ensure there are consequences when secret trials, detentions, and inhumane conduct occur.

We might have thought the writ of habeas corpus addressed this issue; the way forward is to compel Members of Congress to assert the rule of law, and find them in rebellion when they choose to assent to what is contrary to our laws. They shall forever be stripped of their absolute immunity. They wished for this.

* * *

The way forward is to create incentives for the media to report the truth, facts, roadblocks to reporting, and evidence of a dictatorship; and forever ban as unlawful and a felony against the United States any conduct, scheme, or organized effort to intimidate anyone in the media to report the facts as they find them; to share evidence of abuse of power; to discuss the non-sense of a government; and report as best they can violations of the Constitution, abuse of power, and violation of rights.

* * *

It remains to be explained why despite the Article 1 Section 9 requirements – that no money shall be drawn” – that this Congress continued to appropriate funds, and does nothing when those funds were used for the unlawful wars and programs. It shall be a felony for Members of congress to assent to or appropriate money for unlawful purposes.

It shall be a felony to suspend the writ when there is on evidence of rebellion, invasion, or in the interests of public safety; and Members of Congress shall be found to be in rebellion and have committed treason when they block investigations, refuse to review evidence, and continue appropriating funds for that unlawful purpose.

The Constitution needs to be strengthened to ensure the funds are only for lawful purposes; and that Members of Congress and their staff are under lawful threat of imprisonment if they appropriate funds for any action that violates the law.

Members of Congress and their Staff have failed. They need a wake up call. Congress shall be found to be in unlawful rebellion when they assent to a dictatorship. It does not matter whether they do or do not have time to read the legislation. The Members of Congress do not have the lawful power to appropriate funds nor pass bills which strip away our rights, and permit there to be a dictatorship.

It shall be a felon for Members of Congress to suspend the writ – or assent to any bill or any unlawful assertion of power – which pretends the writ has been revoked, unless there is a finding by congress that there is a rebellion; an invasion, or public safety compels it. However, it shall be unlawful for Members of Congress to use any money to suppress those who assert their right to revoke the Power of Congress to support a dictatorship, or violation of the Constitution.

Article 1 Section 9 is clear: No money shall be drawn for unlawful purposes. When there is illegal activity, it shall be a felony for Members of Congress to ratify the illegal activity; or assert non-delegated judicial power to conclude that there has been no crime committed. All funds appropriate for these unlawful programs are evidence of Congressional rebellion by Members of Congress and their unlawful support of a dictatorship and support of illegal acts.

* * *

Treason shall include rebellion against the US laws. Members of Congress shall be found to have committed treason when they refuse to investigate war crimes; suppress evidence of war crimes; spends money to permit anyone to violate US laws; or suppress reports of investigations related to violations of the laws.

Article II Section 3 includes phrases of levying war against the United States. This include appropriating money and permitting US power, forces, and personnel anywhere in the world or its agents to be used against the United States, violate the US laws, or suppress US citizens lawful right to assert their rights and enjoy their freedom.

Treason and War against the Untied States are satisfied when Members of Congress appropriate funds to support unlawful use of military force against civilians.

War Against the United States shall include conduct which is at odds with the US laws, and includes appropriating funds to intimidate witnesses and using funds to support illegal activity contrary to our laws and Constitution.

Enemies of the Constitution shall be treated humanely; and their trials shall be public. It shall be a second offense to claim and a felony for Members of Congress to assent to any claim that the trial must be secret, or the evidence cannot be shared. Where there is no evidence, the cannot be a claim that the Constitution is being protected; rather, it remains to be understood who destroyed that evidence, why the destruction was not reported, and these illegal acts shall be added to the list of charges against the Members of Congress for their failure to investigate and produce a public report of wrongdoing.

* * *

This Federal Government is in rebellion. It wages unlawful war against the Constitution and the People in the united States. This Federal Government – by its actions – has chosen to assert a state of war, not something the people of the Untied states have chosen nor desire.

At times like these – where the Constitution is at risk – it is the right of the states to ask for help outside their borders. The laws of war apply.

Those who refuse to assert their oaths, and remove themselves from this unlawful rebellion may be detained by the states for lawful questioning. No person may claim they have immunity when they use that immunity to assent to unlawful wars and violations of our rights. The Members of Congress remain a clear and present danger to our rights; they refuse to assent to the rule of law; and they unlawfully support this dictatorship.

It shall be lawful for the States to question, inquire, detain, gather evidence, and otherwise bring evidence to the media related to allegations of Members of Congress involvement in this rebellion; and their common scheme to undermine the American Constitution. It remains to be understood how much money they have secretly approved be spent for unlawful programs; and what goal they have; or what they plan to do to continue remaining insulated from the rule of law.

* * *

Article II section 2 of the US Constitution defines what mode US forces are called into actual service of the United states. The actual use of force is contingent upon their legal use; lawful objective; no relationship to violate the laws of war; no fraud; no false evidence.

Members of Congress shall be stripped of immunity and have committed a felony for assenting to appropriating funds for unlawful purposes, and the use of US forces for an unlawful objective based on false information, or used in a manner which violates domestic law against their use. Members of Congress shall have committed a felony when the refuse to investigate; block investigations; suppress evidence; and/or continue to appropriate funds for forces and units which violate our laws and rights.

* * *

It is a felony for Members of Congress to assent to rebellion or the illegal use of government resources, facilities and people for purposes of violating our rights, the constitution, or assert the unlawful use power.

Article IV of the US Constitution outlines rules related to funding property. Members of Congress shall be stripped of absolute immunity when they continue to appropriate funds so support unlawful actions; and they ignore rules of appropriations; or have refuse or failed to investigate violation of the rules barring use of funds for that purpose.

Members of Congress shall be found to be in rebellion and have committed treason when the rules of the House are not enforced; when the Constitution protecting rights is not respected; and the laws barring use of funds for illegal purposes is not honored.

We the People have the right to timely assert ourselves when Members of Congress draft legislation making their illegal conduct immune to sanction; the People shall be timely notified through the Open Media By Members of Congress that they are in rebellion and notify the People that they have the lawful right to assert themselves. Failure of Congress to report to the People that they are in rebellion shall constitute Treason and a reasonable basis to strip Members of Congress of their absolute immunity.

* * *

We the People have the power to assert a New Constitution. This is Consistent with Amendment IX.

It is clear there exists a state of war between the Congress and the American People – this Congress assents to rebellion by the Executive. The list of abuse and evidence is long:

  • People are not secure in their homes, places of worship against unreason searches as evidenced by the NSA unlawful activity and the national security letters;

  • Members of Congress have appropriated funds to invade homes without warrants and assent to violations of the laws prohibiting that conduct;

  • Members of Congress have ignored the right of the people to have trials, present evidence in open court;

  • Members of Congress have assented to denial of rights without any legal foundation

  • Members of Congress have assented to interference with discussions and knowledge of the scope of US government war against the American Constitution.

    * * *

    It shall be a felony for a member of Congress to appropriate funds for unlawful purposes; or pass laws ratifying programs which violation the constitution; or take action to ratify unconstitutional activity.

    Members of Congress shall face meaningful sanction for not ensuring article 1 section 6 is enforced with appropriate legislation.

    * * *

    It shall be a felony for a Member of Congress to violate Article 1 Section 9 and appropriate funds, approve transfer of accounts, or pass laws for actives which violate the constitution; or permit funds be expended, appropriated, or transferred without determine the legality or facts; or for Congress to ratify and unlawful activity which violates the Constitution.

    * * *

    Members of congress shall be stripped of their absolute immunity when they impose taxes for unlawful activities, programs, or wars. It shall be unlawful for members of Congress to raise the debt ceiling to fund illegal activities; illegal war and the debt burden is at odds with the general welfare of the People of the Untied States and is unconstitutional.

    It shall be unlawful and a felony for Members of Congress to assent to other branches unlawful assertion of non-delegated powers. Members of Congress shall have their absolute immunity stripped; they shall have the ability to receive substantial monetary benefits to ensure they freely share information and evidence to fact finders related to those who do not assert their power when the Executive assumes power of the other branches.

    * * *

    Members of Congress shall have their absolute immunity stripped, and it shall be a felony for Members of Congress for getting money appropriate for an unlawful purpose; or getting funds appropriated or a bill passed to assert program which violate the law; or take action to prevent Congress from enforcing laws; or ratifying unlawful conduct which violates the clearly promulgated states and is at odds with the well known and clearly established rights in the Bill of Rights.

    It shall be unlawful for Members of Congress to appropriate funds for unlawful purposes. There shall be a persona liability and consequences for Members of Congress appropriating money for unlawful purposes. There shall attach to Members of Congress liability when they appropriate or permit to be transferred funds when the objective of that appropriation, outcome, and result of that appropriation is for an unlawful purpose.

    * * *

    Torture amounts to an involuntary statement against oneself and it is not lawful. All fruits of that torture shall be forever barred from any trial. Anyone tortured is immune to any claim against them; and no matter how heinous the alleged crime, no one who is tortured may be held for any charge. The burden falls on those who assert that this is the proper person to torture; and for the accuser to provide under penalty of perjury the evidence that is the basis to conclude the facts. Those who advocate torture are in rebellion against the American People, US Constitution, and shall have committed a felony.

    It shall be a felony for Members of Congress to appropriate funds for unlawful purposes to include: Torture; illegal war; facilities which support illegal activity; purposes which assent to illegal transfer of power to the executive; transportation of persons for purposes of committing illegal acts through them or on them in violation of human rights; or appropriating funds for programs not given sufficient information about, denied access to or unable to determine facts.

    It shall be a felony for Members of Congress to remain silent – or compel Members of Congress to remain silent – about programs that violate the law. It shall be the lawful requirement of the Executive to report to Members of Congress all unlawful activities; failure to report that illegal activity is a high crime which Members of Congress shall investigate. If Members of Congress have evidence of high crimes, but refuse to share it, or suppress efforts to find facts, they shall be in rebellion and have committed treason against the United States.

    * * *

    Waging war against the United States includes appropriating money for illegal activity; using power to violate rights; or spending money to support illegal programs.

    Members of Congress shall be stripped of absolute immune when they refuse to define conduct which wages of war against the United States.

    It shall be a felony for anyone to appropriate or expend funds for unlawful activities and programs; provide false evidence used to justify force; use power or violate rights without evidence, actual wrongdoing, and an order or warrant from a court; or assert power and violate rights where there was no violation or any conduct or wrongdoing.

    A dictatorship exists when the leadership wages war against the United states; appropriates funds without connection to lawful objectives; suppresses rights to check that unlawful use of power; and using power not delegated to suppress fact finding and accountability before tribunals.

    It shall be a felony for any Member of Congress or any Person to ignore the law, but compel others to enforce it on others; wage illegal war, but claim they are immune for volitions of that illegal activity; appropriate or expend funds for an illegal activity, but claim the conduct was to protect others; abuse power, but assert the non-delegated power was used lawful;; or ignore the abuse of power or use of non-delegated power, then claim that they were preventing abuse.

    Members of Congress shall be stripped of their absolute immunity when they or anyone self-delegates unlawful abusive power; uses power not delegated; riles on words not written; enforce laws that do not exist; sanction conduct that has not occurred; produce evidence which is not real; ignore crimes; or ratify illegal conduct which violates rights or abuses power.

    There need not be a victim for the Member of Congress to have committed a crime. Rather, the crime is against the State. Members of Congress shall lose absolute immunity when they falsely state that there is no evidence, or no victim exists when the victim need not be identified. The issue is whether the Conduct does or does not violate the law; not whether or not the unknowing victim or target of that abuse or violation is or is not aware of the misconduct.

    Members of Congress shall be found to be in rebellion against the People of the United States, the US Constitution and have conspired in a joint insurrection when they do not enforce the law; or fail to sanction violation of the law; or have agreed to remain silent about the use of funds for unlawful purposes. Members of Congress have committed a felony when they join with others to remain silent about abuses of power, violations of the oath, or failures to protect the constitution.

    * * *

    The way forward is to compel the leadership in the Chambers of the Two Houses to always have leadership that is from a different faction that the other two. The Constitution shall recognize three different factions. If the President is from one faction, the leadership in the House shall differ from the leadership in the Executive and Senate. At no time may a single faction control more than one House of Congress or the Executive.

    It shall be a felony to threatened or intimidate Members of Congress to assent to false evidence to get appropriations for any activity or program.

    * * *

    Our forefathers recognized the danger of too much power in Congress. This is why the Congress was divided into two houses. However, there shall be times when the Congress shall combined into a single House and lawfully subdue an unlawful Executive Rebellion against the Constitution. At that juncture, the leadership of the Congress shall revert to a single faction most capable of rallying the nation to assert the rule of law and lawfully subdue the unlawful rebellion by the Executive.

    When the crisis is over – upon initiation by the Executive – and the two Houses of Congress concur, the Congress shall separate.

    The issue is what is to be done when the Congress and the Executive are in joint rebellion and refuse to agree that the crisis is over, and agree to violate their oaths. At that juncture, the People shall have the power to draft a new Constitution, and find all members of Congress and the Executive branch are in rebellion and are revoked of all lawful power.

    * * *

    There shall be a time for the nation to prepare for lawful tribunals when Congress refuses to tame a dictatorship. The way forward is to decide whether Presidential Pardons are absolute; or whether that power should be stripped when it comes to issue of war crimes and violation of the constitution.

    No government employee, Member of Congress, or Executive Branch employee can have any hope that they shall be immune to accountability for war crimes or can get a pardon for crimes against humanity. It shall be unlawful for anyone to presume they shall be pardoned for engaging in war crimes, taking the lives of innocent civilians, or engaging in genocide simply because Congress has ratified the illegal conduct. Rather, it shall be a felony for Members of Congress to agree to ratify violations of human rights, torture, genocide, or the taking of life.

    * * *

    It shall be a felony and there shall be meaningful sanction on the Executive Branch employees when they assent to singing statements which provide direction and guidance contrary to the intent of congress, law, treaty, or United States Constitution.

    There shall be meaningful bounties and incentives paid to public employees who report information, dissuade illegal action, or provide memoranda and meeting minutes which is evidence of conspiracies to violate the law, undermine the laws of the People, or violate the oath of office to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution.

    * * *

    A dictatorship is the same as a state of war against the United States. The United States is currently at war with American citizens and the US Constitution. The American people should have little trouble seeing the similarities between the British Monarchy and the US government is heir use of force.

    Article VI mentions being “bound by oath” – but that oath, and failure to assert that oath must mean something. At this juncture, Members of Congress have no real sanctions; nor are there clear rules on what they are really promising; or what is to be done to compel action to check the abuse of power.

    Bluntly, inaction – as we currently see it—is an assent to dictatorship, and evidence of a failure to assert ones oath.

    It shall be a felony for Members of Congress to take no action on unlawful activity; and support the use of force and violation of rights to go uninvestigated. Waging war against the Constitution – through willful neglect, support of unlawful appropriations, and refusal to check unlawful use of power -- is treason.

    No Member of Congress is forever bound by their oath. They may resign at any time; and they shall deliver upon resignation a full accounting of the evidence they have showing what crimes have been committed. Failure to disclose this information to lawful State authorities is a felony.

    * * *

    It shall be a felony for Members of Congress to pass a bill that is unconstitutional. Members of Congress do not have the power to violate the law through unlawful appropriations. That Members of Congress are not interested in the law is of little consequences: They freely took an oath to uphold the law, not use their self-evident ignorance and laziness to ask for absolution.

    It is a felony for Members of Congress to appropriate funds that violate protected rights; delegates itself or individually or other branches power which is not delegated in the constitution; or takes any action which affirms or supports a rebellion against the Constitution.

    * * *

    Members of Congress and Congress are prohibited from exercising judicial power. It shall be a felony for congress to ratify unlawful conduct; or refuse to provide evidence of illegal conduct to investigators.

    It is a felony for Members of Congress to support any bill or conduct or action which states that the law was or was not violated. This is a finding that belongs to the courts, and is not a lawfully assertion of Congressional power or fact finding.

    Congress may only exercise a finding of guilt or innocence when it comes to matters of impeachment. All other judicial findings are up to the Judicial branch. The case for war must be presented to the court to adjudicate whether there is or is not sufficient evidence to lawfully support a finding that war is lawful. War is illegal when it is waged based on falsified evidence; or on the basis of illusory violations of the law.

    The Executive does not have the absolute power to decide when war is or is not to be waged. Rather, the New constitution shall introduce a new method – whereby the courts will also have a vote – on whether the proposed war is or is not legal.

    Congress shall create a system that recognizes that Congress and the Executive cannot be trusted alone to make decisions on war; and that the war making power must be divided into the third branch. The issue going forward is what basis will there be to conclude that the nation is at risk; war is needed; or there is a rebellion within the government precluding lawful and timely response. We remain unclear how this will be decided. This is a matter for future generations to wrestle with. Yes, it’s not neat and tidy; but your former leaders have really made a mess of things; have abused our trust; and waged unlawful wars based on mountains of fabricated evidence. The way forward is to make their job harder so that you are not left with mountains of debt, and the scorn of the world for having waged illegal war.

    * * *

    Article III section 1 confers all judicial power to the Judicial Branch. Congress and Members of Congress shall lose absolute immunity when they assert that violations of the law are or are not ratified. This is a power only delegated to the courts. The way forward is to present the case to the court; the work around is not to self-delegate judicial power to keep the case out of court. Moreover, it shall be a felony for any Member of Congress to work with anyone to keep a judicial matter out of the courts; or assert that a violation did not occur in order to prevent the facts from being disclosed in open court.

    Members of Congress commit a felony when they assert judicial power; or conclude that conduct does or does not violate the law. This power and right does not belong to any Member of Congress or the Congress; rather, it must be brought before the Courts. It shall be unlawful for members of Congress to appropriate funds for programs and findings that assert judicial findings. Rather, Congress may assert its power as a fact finder on matters of policy, not the facts and evidence subsequent to that law being lawfully enacted, and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts. Once Congress and the Executive Pass a law, they cannot assert any judicial power and revoke a law or say the law does or does not apply; this power of pardon belongs only the President. Congress may not as a body nor may Members of Congress individually support any findings that does or does not amount to a Pardon of any official.

    * * *

    The appropriations process is always disruptive. That a member of Congress may face liability for unlawful appropriations is not a credible basis to say the appropriations are late. Rather, the way forward is to use Congressional results as the basis to win elections; those Members of Congress that cannot compete on results – and have to raise money – should recognize that there are other powerful forces that assert they can do a better job.

    It shall be illegal for any member of Congress to raise or expend any money for re-election. Once they are out of office, they may provide evidence of what is to be done, and show that they are worthy of be re-elected. The public should ask – why, despite their power to speak at any time in the Well of either House chamber, they have to spend money to speak again. Their job is to legislate, not raise money. This is at the heart of the defect in the Articles of Confederation: The way forward is to compel Congress to legislate; and make it illegal to do anything else while in office.

    Members of Congress cannot credibly claim they have “other things to do other than legislate”. Rather, their job is to legislate; and the results of that work should speak for itself. The People are not served when you spend time pandering to those who ask you to wage unlawful war.

    * * *

    It shall be a felony for Members of Congress to create a bill that transfers Article 1 Section 8 powers to the President over any issue such as tribunals, or the power to define and punish piracies. Any Member of Congress who remains silent or continues to appropriate money for programs which assert Executive power to assert Congressional power shall be in rebellion and be stripped of absolute immunity.

    When the Executive has funds appropriated based on fraud, those funds shall be reversed to the US treasury, and may not be expended for any purpose other than paying down the debt. No other funds may be used to backfill what is denied funding; nor may other programs be raided to pay for what is not lawful or has outlawed or denied.

    The aim is simple. The threat of loss of funding streams will induce US contractors to ensure their activities are lawful; they cannot expect to have continued appropriations streams for programs that were awarded on the basis of fraud, serve an unlawful purpose, or are on the basis of powers not lawfully delegated.

    Bluntly, the US contractors shall have the burden to ensure that the programs they are supporting are lawful; and they shall have the lawful contractual responsibility to timely report in the open media when they are involve in illegal activity. Failure to provide this information to the Congress within 30 days of discovering this violation shall result in the contractor, program manager, contracting officer, and corporate board and executive officers personally liable for supporting illegal activity and possibly treason against the United States Constitution, People, and Other States in the Union.

    * * *

    Information is the lifeblood of government oversight. There shall be meaningful incentives and sanctions for doing what is or is not permitted.

    There shall be meaningful incentives and person liability for false information to Congress to support war or programs which effectively revoke rights and powers;

    There shall be full reporting including other views on what is or is not a credible explanation for what did or did not happen in an accident, disaster, failure of government, or an event that constitutes and attack or insurgent operation on the United States.

    There shall be meaningful sanctions for inaction on issues related to war cries, unlawful wars, and illegal appropriations

    There shall be incentives for the voters and the People to make adverse inferences about conduct which Congress and Members of Congress refuse to public discuss, issue reports, and hold the Executive to account.

    * * *

    Congress shall give visibility to Executive Misconduct. Members of Congress who suppress information about Executive Misconduct shall have committed a felony.

    Congress shall from time to time issue special reports on the abuse of power and violation or rights; they shall discuss in a timely manner remedies to strengthen the constitution and prevent the abuse of power. Members of Congress who refuse to discuss these issues are not fit for office and shall be expelled by the State Oversight Committee, which has stripped the Article 1 Section 5 power from Congress to make and enforce rules.

    There shall be incentives for Government employees to report information to the public – to give We the People a means to make informed decisions about whether the government is or is not protecting our rights or preventing the abuse of power. These reports shall include discussion on violations of the oath; and failure to protect, defend, and preserve, the constitution.

    Article 1 Section 3 power to “faithfully execute” shall be publicly discussed periodically, and there be a fully accounting my Members of Congress to their State Legislators what action they have taken to ensure this information is available to the People of their respective districts and states. We the People shall be informed within 90 days of the facts surrounding the failure of the Executive to faithfully execute; failure by any member of Congress to present what is known – however devoid of foundation or specificity – shall be a felony.

    * * *

    The Executive shall have a mandatory reporting requirement when they take action at odds with the Constitution. The Executive shall within 30 days timely inform Congress of action that:

  • A. Asserts powers not granted or delegated;

  • B. Assumes powers of other branches; or

  • C. Misleads, lies, or does not provide truthful information to Congress on presidential conduct.

    The Executive shall have committed a high crime and misdemeanor and felony when they assume powers not delegated; assert powers not specifically delegated; or have fraudulently induced the Congress and Judicial branch to assent to an illegal war.

    Congress within 60 days of receiving the violation, shall issue a finding of facts to the Senate and States for Consideration. The Senate shall have the exclusive power to outline a plan of what is to be done within 30 days. The time between initial violation and the final Senate Report shall not exceed 90 days.

    Congress is denied the power to ratify any illegal activity or any conduct at odds with the 14th Amendment. The Congress shall be stripped of absolute immunity when they support illegal activity through appropriations.

    There shall be no exception to the reporting requirement, no matter what national crisis the country faces; which plagues or diseases are present; or which supposed foreign threat or national emergency exists. We the People have the power to decide what to do based on what is known – however scant that information may be within the 90 day time window. We the People need reliable information to make informed decisions whether this leadership is or is not in rebellion; and what is to be done when the Congress defies this Constitution and asserts non-delegated powers to remain above the law.

    * * *

    All treaties and laws of the United States are the Supreme Law of the Land. The unlawful NSA programs, domestic surveillance activities, warrant less searches are unconstitutional.

    Article 1 Section 9 shall be interpreted to apply to Members of Congress and Members of Congress shall have committed a felony when they continue to appropriate funds for programs they know nothing about; have not checked; and result in violations of the law. If you do not have enough time to do your job – and make sure your conduct and appropriations are legal – then you do not need to enter the Halls of Congress. We have over 300 million people who can do what you have failed to do: Read your oath, and assert the rule of law.

    It shall be a violation of the Constitution to spend money or appropriate funds for illegal things.

    Article IV shows us that the laws of the land are supreme and to be respected; they are not to be explained away. Rather, those who refuse to investigate violations of the law are in rebellion and have committed treason.

    Article 1 section 9 is clear: No money shall be drawn form the Treasury, but in appropriations made by law.” That is simple. It means if you spend money for illegal things – programs which undermine the Bill of Rights – that is not a lawful appropriation or expenditure. It doesn’t matter what non-sense the Executive has given. Rather, those Members of Congress who assent to this non-sense need to have their head examined: Have you bothered to read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? If you have, you cannot explain how the illegal Presidential activities are having funds expended; while at the same time asserting to your voters that you are protecting rights and preventing abuse of power. Bluntly, you are in defiance of your oath; and remain in rebellion against the People of the Untied States.

    All funding going to the NSA which evades the FISA court is contrary to the law. There is difference between ministerial acts – fully covered by FISA – and power. In this case, the Members of Congress shall be stripped of their absolute immunity and forced to explain to their state legislators why they refuse to investigate and suppress fact related to violations of our rights and the abuse of power. You have until 1 April 2006 to provide a report to your State Citizens. After that date, We the People may lawfully find you in rebellion and lawfully assert a new Constitution which compels Members of Congress to assent to their oaths.

    The role of Congress is to provide a full report on the status of the investigation into unlawful NSA programs. If you fail to respond, you shall give We the People a reasonable basis to make adverse inferences: that you are in rebellion; you defy your oath; and there is a reasonable basis to conclude you are not serious about protecting the Constitution. It shall remain a matter of evidence and law for the courts to adjudicate which members of Congress shall be stripped of their legislative immunity for supporting an unlawful war against the US Constitution, We the People, and the United States.

    * * *

    It shall be easier for public interveners to act to assert the Constitution when Members of Congress collectively fail. These shall be privileges and the highest priority.

    It shall be easy to find bills are or are not constitutional

    It shall be unconstitutional when Congress passes laws which violate treaties; or takes action which execute and makes rules which explain away or unlawfully delegate to the other branches powers in Article 1 Section 8.

    Congress shall have the power to make all laws in Article 1 section 8. This means that when laws are crated to have the opposite effect – recognizing a power in the Executive branch that is only conferred on the legislature – that that law is unconstitutional on its face, not enforceable, and any Member of Congress that supports such a law is in rebellion against their oath, We the People, and the US Constitution and has committed acts which amount to unlawfully supporting illegal conduct, violation of rights, and abuse of power. This is called an insurrection. Members of Congress shall not be given any immunity when it comes to illegal bills; nor may Members of Congress hide in any building to avoid sanctions for unlawful support of Executive-led Rebellions against the Constitution.

    We the People are 300 million and we can lawfully outlast you; you may not credibly launch food at us, or send signals that you have an infinite supply of anything. You shall remove yourself from the rebellion; you shall not seek to outlast us; nor may you hide in a remove location thinking that the law is on your side. You are in rebellion and you shall never have the support of any lawful entity; any person, agent, or employees that provide transportation to support your escape from lawful oversight shall be deemed to have supported an unlawful rebellion.

    Rather, the only guarantee we offer you is that you will be physically protected; and that you will be treated humanely. Other than that, the results depend on the evidence, your conduct, and your willingness to assent to the rule of law and remove yourself from this Rebellion. Make no mistake; the forces inside the NSA and GCHQ are fully prepared to continue gathering evidence of your unlawful activity.

    * * *

    It shall be unconstitutional for members of Congress to support any action, appropriation, bill, or report that undermines the law or Constitution; or makes the Constitution null and void. Rather, all actions related to rebellion and unlawfully supporting this dictatorship shall be called what it is: Unlawful, subject to judicial review before a court of law.

    There shall be meaningful sanctions on members of Congress when they block the efforts of interveners to assert the Constitution; or Members of Congress pass laws which thwart lawful investigation of rebellion and unlawful support of Executive insurrections against the Constitution.

    * * *

    We the People have the recognized power to at any time make a New Constitution which Compels enforcement: Protect us from any dictatorship, and the current actions which abuse power and violate our rights.

    It is clear this Congress – despite clear consequences in the 14th Amendment that they may be stripped of all positions for supporting a rebellion – continue to unlawfully support illegal self-delegation of power not so delegated.

    It shall be a finding of We the People that this Congress unlawfully supports a dictatorship continues to wage illegal war against the Untied States; and remains in rebellion against the United States.

    The 14th Amendment is clear. Funds may not be spent to support rebellion against the Untied States. This Congress has failed to assert its oath and protect this country from this rebellion. Self-evidently, this Congress has chosen to side with the rebellion; and it remains a matter of law for the courts to adjudicate whether this pattern of conduct – and admissible evidence – remains grounds to find individual Members of Congress have engaged in unlawful rebellion and/or treason against the United States.

    No funds may be spent by anyone in the United States, a contractor, a state entity, or a foreign nation – to raise a debt ceiling to support and appropriate funds for an insurrection against the United States or support an unlawful Congressional rebellion against the rule of law.

    All entities at the state, local, and foreign level which rely on promises to be paid for supporting illegal activity are not enforceable; conversely, any action taken to advance these illegal contracts may be assumed by a court of law to be an unlawful agreement to engage in rebellion, support unlawful war, or commit treason and wage unlawful war against the We the People and the United States. No contractor has any expectation that that any contract for an unlawful purpose will be enforced, that they will get paid, or that they can expect to be immune over issues of war crimes, torture, abuse, or rebellion against the US Constitution.

    * * *

    Each state shall be guaranteed to be free from Rebellion by Members of Congress and the Executive Branch. When there are delays in reporting what is or is not going on, the States may lawfully make adverse inferences that they are imminently going to have their Constitution ignored.

    The Congress together with the President shall without delay proceed to execute this Constitution.

    * * *

    When these requirements are ignored or thrown out the window, there shall be timely mechanism to resolve and present the bills ensuring the Constitution remains in full force; and any bills to the Contrary are devoid of enforceability.

    There shall be a standing State level committee to ensure that the Constitution is not through out the window, or put in the trash can.

    The Writ of Habeas Corpus shall remain in full force; the country shall be protected form assenting to non-sense excuses to ignore speedy trials, jury trials, or assent to secret trials without evidence.

    All Amendments and Articles within the constitution remain in full force. All People – regardless their location – when they are detained by anyone in service of the United States shall enjoy a speedy public trial; the right to have indictments presented; a right to have witnesses and access to counsel; and entitled to full access to procedures and subject to rules of evidence and access to favorable witnesses. Violation of these rights will require the government to immediately release the prisoner, detainee, accused, or person otherwise held, detained, or stopped from enjoying liberty and freedom.

    Any bill or statement by anyone in the Federal Government to the contrary shall be construed to be evidence of support of rebellion against the Constitution and We the People; a reasonable fact finder shall within 30 days of evidence that the above rights are denied or explain away shall have the power to adjudicate who or what entity has violated which law, and order the offending part – even the Executive and/or Member of Congress to cease and desist from asserting any power to the contrary, or any fact contrary to what is protected in the Constitution.

    Those Members of Congress who assent to violations of the Constitution shall have supported an insurrection; and have the evidence presented to their state governor for consideration on whether they should or should not be immediately revoked their seat within the Chamber of the Congress. Those governors who refuse to remove those Members of Congress who have been found to be in rebellion shall subsequently be found to have aided an unlawful rebellion against the Untied States.

    * * *

    Members of Congress who negate or throw out the rules of evidence, or pass any bill that undermines protected rights or asserts unlawful power are in rebellion against the Constitution. The bill and rules to changes the rules of evidence must be consistent with the intent of the Constitution: Protect rights, and prevent the abuse of power. Any bill asserted to do the same, but deprives the people of any right is contrary to law, not enforceable, and Members of Congress shall be stripped of their absolute immunity. They know better than to pretend something is an improvement when it does the opposite.

    * * *

    Article 1 Section 10 defines issues of imminence. If an Executive uses force – or a Member of Congress appropriates funds to support forces – which are used to threaten and dissuade a State from lawfully defending themselves against a dictatorship, the Member of Congress hall have their absolute immunity stripped; and they shall be found to be in rebellion against the State so concluding they may lawfully take action to defend themselves.

    When the states and We the People make the adverse inference that the US and Members of Congress have supported a dictatorship and the States are in imminent danger, the State may lawfully ask for assistance from abroad to protect them from a dictatorship. This means the states shall have the power to raise an army using foreign nationals; and may lawfully engage in commerce with foreign powers who opposite the Dictatorship. All State action made in good faith to protect their State from a Federal Government dictatorship shall be adjudicated once hostilities are over on the basis of reasonableness.

    * * *

    It shall be easy for states to protect citizens against dictatorship, and government assent to that dictatorship. It shall be up to the Sates to distinguish between friendly powers and those who are in rebellion against the Constitution.

    The states shall have the power to decide when they need to apply for help from abroad; and what is to be done when the Executive and Congress refuse to retreat from their unlawful rebellion.

    Article IV Section 4 affirms the right of the states to be protected from dictatorships. It is up to the States to decide what action they may take to protect themselves when Members of Congress, the Congress, Executive, and Federal Government refuse to assert their oaths. The states shall be given the lawful authority to assert the rule of law, wage lawful captures on land, and legally detain all those who are in rebellion against the Constitution and continue to support an unlawful rebellion and dictatorship in the Federal Government.

    The State legislatures have the absolute discretion to decide when they are or are not in imminent danger of being unlawfully deprived of rights or protection they have been guaranteed; Members of Congress who appropriate money to suppress any lawful state action to defend themselves from a Federal Government dictatorship shall have committed a Felony. Any Congressional Appropriations and funds expended by the Executive to thwart any state from protecting itself from a Federal Government dictatorship is illegal, and shall subject all who expend money to support any illegal suppression of State action shall be evidence of an unlawful support of an illegal rebellion against the United States Constitution. Members of Congress may not deny any State the power and right to protect itself from power and appropriations used to support illegal activity or Federal Government action which violates rights and abuses power.

    * * *

    Unlawful war against We the People shall include the use of and threatened of use of power that violates our rights; forces us to assent to illegally acquired power; or assert powers not expressly delegated.

    There shall be simple mechanisms to ensure there are easy ways to trigger lawful behavior and action when We the People are unlawfully abused, or have our rights deprived.

    Under the 14th Amendment, State officials may not support illegal acts of Congress which violate our rights. No State may be held liable when they refuse to support illegal Congressional rebellions against the constitution.

    It shall be illegal for Members of Congress to appropriate funds for activities which violate our rights, compel others to assent to violations of our rights, engage in secret agreements to violate our rights, or secretly move people to violate their rights. No state shall be required to support any Federal Government rebellion when that rebellion includes moving people, deporting them illegally, or depriving We the People of our rights or ignores the Constitution.

    Illegal programs are no enforceable when the action is unlawfully enforcing privileges and immunities of citizens; or fails to follow due process to deny citizens of the right to have their facts presented before a competent court.

    The 14th Amendment shall apply to the Federal Government: It shall be illegal for the Federal Government to enforce laws that deprive people of rights or violate the constitution.

    * * *

    Article IV includes many violations and protections for the States. The States shall have the sole power to decide which Federal Government abuses constitute a meaningful attack on the state.

    We the People have the recognized right to intrude upon the privacy of government employees, agents, and firms that violate the Constitution, especially in cases where Members of Congress ratify the unlawful conduct already outlawed.

    * * *

    Article II Section 2 is the means by which States can have their grievances before the Supreme Court.

    There is no basis for We the People to trust any officer in the US military. They have waged illegal war; and have refused to remove themselves from the illegal warfare; they have failed to refuse to follow illegal orders Their oath is meaningless. They shall within 30 days of ratification of this constitution be recertified in their oath to this New Constitution.

    Article V is the recognized mechanism for the states to assert power. In cases when the Federal Government can no longer guarantee it supports the Constitution the states have the recognized power to protect themselves, and lawfully acquire all combat forces within their states to protect themselves. The loyalty of the US forces within the State will lawfully revert to the Governor of that state to suppress the Federal Government rebellion against the constitution.

    Any military officer, agent, or employee, or contractor who supports an unlawful rebellion, or refuses to follow a State Governor orders to protect the US Constitution or that state from a US Dictatorship shall have committed a felony and be tried before a court of law once the rebellion has ended.