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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Constitutional Convention Risk Mitigations

A Constitutional Convention is a straight forward process.

There are potential problems. Each one of the risks can be planned for and mitigated.

Format [Risk: Mitigation]

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Management / Procedural

Unclear rules: Clarity

Distracted by other issues: Focus, simplicity

No agreement: Build before start

No advocate: Desire

Lack of interest: Measured

Desire to be stuck: Notice

Unwilling to do what is needed: Notice

Refusal to stop what is not working: Alternatives are viable


Each of these risk areas is related to a choice: Focus, desire, solutions, clarity and what is possible.


Undermined by federal government, propaganda: Education

Excuses, distractions: Focus

Lack support: Build

Disruptions: Listen

Threats: Recognize


Illusory support: Observe progress


There are solutions to each risk

Risk areas depend on circular reasoning: Hopeless say there is no hope

It is possible

Failure implies loss of hope/faith things can improve

All problems are opportunities: Learn, find better solutions, and get feedback

All potential problems and risks can be solved and mitigated