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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Language of Our Constitutional Convention

These are some thoughts on what the modernized Constitution would look like, and how we would get there.

Congress must know they must soon impeach the Executive for unlawful conduct; or they shall soon have their power lawfully revoked with the following Constitutional Convention language.

The Constitutional Convention will compel Congress to impeach the President well before the 2006 election. This remains a serious threat of a Constitutional Convention.

Congress must choose whether to assert its power to impeach or have that power lawfully revoked.

* * *

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The way forward is to know there is a solution. Rights can be protected. Power cannot be abused.

Congress must choose: Whether they wish to assert their power, or lawfully have their power revoked. Our Protected Rights shall be protected; and power shall not be abused.

Unless Congress asserts power and impeaches the President, We the People shall complete a Constitutional Convention to lawfully mandate Congress assent to the rule of law and remove itself from this President’s unlawful rebellion.

This President shall be impeached and lawfully removed from office.

This isn’t about the country. Asserting rights and taming power is what it means to be an American.

* * *

A constitutional convention is the credible threat to compel Congress to impeach the President before the 2006 election.

We need not consider the excuses to wait. Rather, there is no excuse not to begin.

The way forward is forward, not waiting.

We have been down this path several times before. The Magna Charta and the Constitution are only two examples.

Each time our message was simple: Things can be improved to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

* * *

The Congress has a simple job: To check power.

Our power is divided into three branches.

It doesn’t matter why things are where they are. We find them as they are.

The way forward is to compel congress to assert its power; or lawfully revoke the power they do not wish to assert.

Congress has no choice.

But if they choose to be distracted by more non-sense, then we can distract them with more lawful wake up calls.

There is nothing Congress can do to stop this.

The question is whether they will impeach the President before we present them with a clear choice: Impeach or be lawfully revoked of power.

* * *

Some are rightfully concerned. They may lose something they have squandered.

Others are also fear being left out. They have made their choice.

It is simple to fix what is broken.

It is impossible to break what has not been fixed.

Anything we agree to – however marginal – is an improvement. Simply changing a period to a comma sends the needed signal – we can agree to put down our differences and simply change a minor thing.

What is small is large.

What is simple is complex.

For when we show that we can choose to agree – and assert our lawful power – there is nothing they can do to stop us – nothing, but the law.

* * *

Can free people do what leaders do. Indeed, it is free people who lead; it is a salve who cowers – even when there is no threat.

The threat of a threat is all they have. That is all.

Their threats are meaningless.

* * *

Some are worried and fearful. Rightfully so – you are allowed to exercise your freedom.

The greatest gift is to simply let you be abusive, then you will see that you have the power to stand up for yourself.

Congratulations, you have passed that test well – staring down the mightiest threats, and making even the smallest creature scamper away in fear.

Where the law permits it – you have ably shown you can assert the rule of law and protect yourselves.

You have done well.

* * *

All people have a simple hope: To be free of abuse.

To that end, some may rally to abuse others.

This is where our current system fails us.

The system does not compel the leaders to assert the rule of law.

They way forward is to make that obligation and requirement not a convenience.

* * *

For many years our nation has lived in fear.

People have hidden their fear with anger and violence.

But there were other forces suppressing that anger.

Those forces are breaking away.

It is normal to feel emboldened to assert your power, and remind others of your freedom.

You have well deserved the needed breath of fresh air.

Know it is understandable – as it is perplexing – to lash out at those we might admire: For their intellect, courage, passion, and desire to bring fairness.

That is humanity.

* * *

There are solutions. You are not stuck. There is hope.

There is no reason to be frustrated or angry – rather, you have the right to be frustrated and angry.

Within you is the answer. You will hear it. It is calling you.

And you have the power to put your voice into action.

* * *

The way forward is to know that things can improve, not simply by faith but it is inevitable.

Making that happen is not all work. Rather, there are other things.

You will soon realize how quickly things can happen.

This is not work. It is the miracle of timing.

The pieces have already been created. They are coming together.

In surprising ways.

* * *

Our wisdom is our power to know we do not know.

Our strength is our ability to see that things can change.

Our energy and time are not a tradeoff. They work together.

Our compassion is our ability to listen and understand.

* * *

Not surprisingly, we can achieve wondrous things in different ways.

We are leaders, and we can trust ourselves to lead.

We can contribute, and trust ourselves to support.

We are organizers, and can trusting ourselves to make it happen.

We can see, and trust ourselves to imagine what is possible.

We can follow, trusting ourselves to follow the right path.

* * *

We need a constitutional Convention because we need to remind our leaders we know the path, and expect them to stay on the course to justice.

We require a constitutional convention because we must remind our leaders we know what must be done, and expect them to achieve that outcome.

Your problems are our problems.

Your hopes are our dreams.

Your leaders must be humble.

* * *

To lead is to not know, but find out.

To follow is to not lead, but make it happen.

To create a new Constitution, we must find out what will make it happen.

* * *

The Constitution remains. Congress may ignore it, but it does not go away.

The Constitution is ours. The Executive may destroy its effect, but it has no dents.

The Constitution can be improved. Many may oppose, but they stand in the way.

You are not left out.

Rather, you must choose to leave.

Your voice is audible – from the smallest noise, to the faintest wisp of air.

* * *

There is no reason to fear what you do not understand.

Rather, there is reason to understand what you fear.

It is simple. Simply listen. It is that simple.

The challenge is to hear.

We need not listen to debate, rather to listen to understand.

We need not listen to embrace them, rather to simply understand their view.

We may understand without accepting; and accepting may not mean we understand.

* * *

The nation has chosen to take action that is not consistent with the laws of war. This Congress has accepted the decision without understanding the reason.

This Congress voted for war without reviewing the evidence.

This Congress funded a war without finding the evidence.

We need to make sure they do not do that; and there are consequences for doing what should not be done.

We need not rely on the calendar for justice.

Rather, justice can move the calendar and court docket.

There is no higher priority than the Constitution.

It is not a question of can the country afford to.

Rather, it is a question of can we afford not to.

* * *

Congress must decide whether it will freely do what must be done; or they are revoked the power to do what we must do.

Congress must either assert power, or we will revoke their power.

Congress must lawfully act, or we will lawfully act.

There is no reason to wait.

Waiting is not action.

* * *

Many are not used to being listened to – they have not been given the chance to speak. They were not given the chance.

Many are not used to listening – they have not had to understand. They were not given the choice.

We cannot speak for others; we can speak four our desire.

Your desire must be taken seriously.

* * *

You have a common objective: To protect your rights and prevent the abuse of power.

You have a common reason: To protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

There is every reason to cooperate.

This Congress does not cooperate with the Constitution.

They believe they have the choice.

They know otherwise.

A constitutional convention can remind them what they know, and what they cannot choose.

All answers and statements can be succinctly stated: The Constitution.

There is no other priority. There is every common purpose.

* * *

We know what must be done.

We must do it.

Congress must choose: Whether it is for the Constitution, or the President’s rebellion.

The choice isn’t about them. It is about our right to be free from abusive power.

Victory is to build a new structure.

One that mandates what should be done; and outlaws what should not be done.

We cannot permit the Congress to stand idly by as the abuses mount, or the evidence is suppressed.

Nor can we permit our rights be frittered away as they say otherwise.

We know what is going on.

We know what must be done.

As does Congress.

This system does not work to do what it must: Protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

The issue is what will be done to compel the Congress to ensure that standard is met, not explained away.

There can be no exceptions.

Nor can we secretly agree to do otherwise.

We need to be direct of what we expect – not what we have, but what is required.

Civility is a choice. That choice can be compelled. With meaningful sanctions for failure to choose wisely.

It is unwise to wage unlawful war; as it is unwise to let unlawful war be waged.

It is imprudent to engage in abuse; as it is unwise to let abuse go unchallenged.

Wisdom commands us to move from the ether, and ensure what is wise is done.

Wisdom guides us to pass on the lessons, not ignore them.

* * *

We can plan. We can compel cooperation.

We can make laws. We can compel compliance.

This Congress has a problem. It passes laws, but then waives them.

The law is the will of the people. It is unwise to ignore the will of the people.

* * *

We do little to inspire Congressional respect -- we do not force them to assent to their oath. Rather, they know we are not serious.

The will of the people does not exist in statute or in the Constitution.

We can change that.

Until we force them to do what must be done – protect rights and prevent abuse – they will challenge us to make them.

We owe it to them – and ourselves – to make their promise a requirement, one that suffers penalties for failure.

The best thing to do is speak.

The worst thing to do is to wait.

* * *

Knowing what we know now, what would the framers do?

They would discuss what must be done to protect rights they considered self-evident.

They would discuss what must be done to prevent abuse that was not imagined.

The simple rule is to protect rights and prevent abuse.

What was once expected without speaking, must be required with the force of law.

* * *

There is reason for hope. There is reason for optimism. There is a reason to care.

People are listening. You can believe that. And know it.

This is our problem to solve. It can be solved.

* * *

We have been abused. Had our trust betrayed. There is every reason to have doubts.

You are wise to be cautious. There is a way to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

Our reason is simple and clear: To protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

Simply by speaking you inspire others. There is a way.

It is surprising what people can accomplish when they choose to be inspired by others. There is no doubt – simply an inner knowing what is inevitable: That rights can be protected, and power no longer abused.

We cannot abuse power to tame it; nor can we abuse rights to protect them.

We cannot launch pre-emptive war, unless we have pre-emptive law.

We cannot approve pre-emptive war, unless we have pre-emptive jurisprudence for those who pass the laws.

* * *

There is no reason to be troubled by what might be. We know what can be.

We have no reason to fear whether it will happen. It has already started.

The path is not clouded. It is clear.

The path is not fear, but determination.

* * *

This nation can protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

We do not wait, nor ask why we are waiting.

Simply tell the Congress they have passed the deadline. As they have long ago.

Choosing to improve is not being stuck; nor are we stuck with what isn’t working.

We must choose to force the Congress to want to do their jobs more than they want power. They must be compelled to protect rights more than they protect their right to be free of oversight.

The needed changes are self-evident. There is no reason to fear what is an improvement.

There is a reason to ask why we embrace that which can be improved.

The majority of voters are not the majority who can decide what is in our Constitution. It already exists.

The majority has already assented to the abuse and violation of their rights.

Should they have a say in what is done to protect their rights and prevent abuse? Indeed. They will know that the solution greater protects rights, and more easily prevents the abuse of power.

It can be done.

There is reason for hope. There are solutions. We can agree what can be done to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

Congress needs to fear the law more than they fear the voters or opposing party.

Congress must be forced to assent to the law, rather than permitted to rebellion against he law.

The way forward is to put the Congress into action.

* * *

Congress can be forcefully injected into the other branches – and vice versa -- to ensure the power is checked in practice, not just on paper or in words.

The law is clear. The commitment is there. The results are at odds with what is needed.

Congress must be compelled to do what is required and powerful, not given deference to do what is convenient and powerless.

* * *

The way forward is to know you are not alone. And you share a common goal.

You need not fight each other.

Rather, we must compel the Congress to fight the law – and be lawfully defeated when they choose to defy rights and assent to the abuse of power.

It is simple. The Constitution grants no implied power.

Congress shall have the obligation – not just the power – to refuse to assent to any implied power.

Congress shall have the obligation – not just the power -- to intrude into the Executive; he does not have absolute immunity to defy the Constitution.

Congress shall have the obligation – not just the power – to declare only lawful war; Congress shall face a sanction when they continue to fund unlawful war.

Congress must be sanctioned – and be stripped of legislative immunity – when they assent to a Presidential rebellion against the rule of law.

Congress shall have the obligation – not just the power to lawfully intrude into the other branches to check that power is not abused; not simply talk about oversight, but falling well below that standard.

The People shall retain the power to declare the Congress and Executive to be in rebellion against the Constitution and lawfully organize a Constitutional Convention to protect rights and prevent new abuse of power.

* * *

We need not seriously consider excuses not to tame the abuse of power; nor assent to violations of protected rights.

This Congress defies our Constitution. They can be denied their power.

Members of Congress shall be stripped of legislative immunity when they pass laws which violate our protected rights.

Members of Congress shall be stripped of legislative immunity when they fund wars which violate the laws of war.

Members of Congress shall be compelled to assert their power to check the Executive and investigate impeachable offenses.

Members of Congress shall be stripped of their legislative immunity when they approve acts which authorize abuse, illegal war, or violation of protected rights.

Members of Congress shall be forced to assent to the laws they choose to impose on others.

No member of Congress may rely on any protected right they have denied others.

* * *

We need not consider the Member of Congress’s view. They have overstayed their deference.

We the People must protect our rights and prevent the abuse of power by Congress and the Executive.

* * *

The founders compelled evidence before power was used. We must ensure that there are meaningful restrictions on – not excuses for – abusive power.

There must also be meaningful sanctions on Members of Congress when they appropriate funds for programs which violate our rights and abuse power. Congress may not start the printing press, but keep its eyes closed or silent when the money is unlawfully spent.

* * *

Power may ebb and flow. But power cannot be allowed to remain at perpetual flood stage.

Protected rights may or may not be asserted. But they cannot be denied by any power.

There must be sanctions when power is permitted to violate protected rights; or not asserted to ensure clearly established rights are ignored.

The laws apply to We the People. It doesn’t matter who else is involved. We cannot permit any Member of Congress to assent to unlawful conduct or barbarism.

Rather, it shall be a crime for Members of Congress to assent to unlawful signing statements which are contrary to our laws and treaties. No Member of Congress may sit silent when the Executive asserts his intention to ignore the laws of land.

There shall be sanctions on Members of Congress when they refuse to assert not just their power – but their responsibility of their oath – to challenge what is not protected speech: The Executive’s stated intention to defy the law – the will of the people.

Members of Congress shall be expected to assent to the State Constitutional Convention Oversight Committee.

Congress shall be lawfully revoked of the Article 1 Section 5 power to make and enforce rules. They cannot be trusted to self-regulate; We the People must ensure the rules are consistent with the obligation to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

This Federal Government has failed to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

It is time to have a Constitutional Convention. We can show Congress they shall be forced to choose between the rule of law and rights on rebellion; or rebellion against the law and abuse of power.

After they choose, we shall either revoke their power, or they shall impeach the President.

We have already started work to protect our rights and prevent this abuse of power.

Congress shall soon lose the power to vote on what shall happen.

We the People shall lawfully tell Congress what is to be done to protect our rights and prevent the abuse of power.

They have wished for this.