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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Constitutional Convention Archive

You're in the right place. Spread the word, it's started: We're going to lawfully revoke the power of the Federal Government and recalibrate those who are in rebellion.

This is our Constitution, not theirs to ignore.

[ There is a Constitutional Convention Archive: Click ]

Credible Lawful Threat of a New, Stronger Constitution

We can draft a new Constitution outside Article V. [ Click ]

Pre-emptive government oversight doctrine. [ Click ]

There need to be consequences for failing to calibrate conduct with the law. [ Click ]

Credible Lawful Threat of a Constitutional Convention

Congress has until 1 April 2006 to lawfully remove the President, or the Constitutional Convention shall lawfully revoke abused and non-asserted powers. [ Click ]

No excuse: The Congressional leadership and staff are well aware of this imminent, lawful, credible threat of a constitutional convention. [ Click ]


Language of the Constitutional Convention [ Click ]

Peaceful, lawful support/Interest

Billy Bob Joe [Click ] [ Click ]

Katharine [ Click ]

Ellie [ Click ]

Joe [ Click ]

#1 Blog [ Click ]

Gregory Lyons [ Click ]

Tufubo [ Click ]

Aunty Ism [ Click ]

ShockNAppalled [ Click ]

Anthony [ Click ]

Lawfully revoking [ Click ]

Anecdote of unresponsive Congress to Constitutional Obligations

Unhelpful, rude Senate Staffers [Click ]

Example Proposed Agenda Item

Argument: The Constitution -- not simply Members of Congress -- is defective in protecting rights and preventing abuse of power. The remedy is to lawfully revoke powers that are abused, and strengthen the Constitution. [ Click ]

Remedy: Strip Congress of absolute immunity, and revoke Article 1 Section 5 power of Congress to make/enforce rules; transfer oversight to States. [Click ]

Congressional liability: Jurisprudence in re Pre-emptive war crimes [ Click ]

* * *

Requested Action -- Discussion: [ Click ] I want to hear your agenda items, and solutions. Here are some samples that will give you some ideas:

Authorities: Constitutional Convention Precedents

Magna Charta 1215 [ Click ] -- No one is above the law; the People have the power to remind the leadership what is appropriate, and outline reasonable remedies to make a civilized society.

Declaration of Independence 1776 [Click ] -- Grievances can be peacefully discussed, and lawful remedies created.

US Constitution 1787 [ Click ] -- Sample timeline.

State Proclamation Efforts 2006 [ Click ] -- Blogosphere is a means to assert the rule of law over tyranny.

Preliminary Constitutional Convention Agenda

Criteria to evaluate whether checks and balances are working, or whether other lawfully options have to be used to protect rights and prevent abusive power [ Click ]

Rationale behind lawfully revoking abused powers [ Click ]

42 USC 1983 liability on Members of Congress; stripping absolute immunity [ Click ]

Jurisprudence of pre-emptive State action against individual Federal Government officials [ Click ]

A Constitutional Convention is the tool to strengthen this Constitution [ Click ] ;

It is self-evident the Federal Government has failed to assert the rule of law, honor their oaths, or protect this Constitution [ Click ] ;

Federal officials do not take their oath seriously [ Click ] ;

It is time to lawfully and peacefully revoke the abused power granted to the Federal Government with a Constitutional Convention Click ;

We the People :

  • May lawfully revoke the abused power of Congress to make rules for the Chambers, in Article 1 Section 5 ;

  • May lawfully require the States, not the Federal Government, have the sole power to create and enforce a Congressional Code of Conduct [ Click ] ;

  • May lawfully establish new rules and solutions, as was done with the Magna Charta;

  • May lawfully require the States administer a Congressional Code of Conduct using an effective oversight system responsible directly to the People and States, not the Federal Government or Congress [Click ] .

  • Sample agenda items

    Lawfully standing down the RNC rebellion against the Constitution [ Click ]

    Citizen involvement clause: [ Click]

    Similar effort: It's already started

    Others already working at the local level: [Click ] [Archive: Click]

    Collaborative Constitutional writing on-line [ Click ]


    Leaders have to lead all people, not those you are familiar with. Click

    The Secret to Success is a Rigorous Debate [ ]

    How A Constitutional Convention is a convergence: [ Click ]

    Planning Checklists

    Things you can do [ Click ]

    Planning Milestones [ Click ]

    Success Criteria

    Risk Mitigations [ Click ]

    Arguments for and against [ Click ]

    Outside links

    Outside link archive. [ Click ]