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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Outlawing the Republican Party

RNC should be outlawed for several reasons.

* * *

The founders wanted the people to assert the rule of law over abusive tyrants.

The RNC, among other things:

  • is isolated, insular, and corrupt;

  • places loyalty to party over loyalty to the law and constitution;

  • does not allow other parties from competing for lobbying efforts within the current government; and

  • encourages its membership to use inside information to buy stocks in companies benefit from government contracts to support unlawful invasions.

    * * *

    The founders carefully crafted the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as a reminder of our inalienable rights.

    The RNC has the burden of proof to justify public confidence.

    The RNC has more than a credibility and veracity problem. It has a fundamental problem with whether it remains a viable counter party to assert the rule of law and preserve the Constitution.

    The RNC has shown that it is willing to violate the law, putting its own interests over that of the American constitution.

    It is time to put the RNC in a new position, not simply under the American Constitution., but bury it in the waste heap of history alongside the Communists and Fascists.

    * * *

    The founders led the nation in separating tyrants from power.

    After WWII, the Germans outlawed Nazis. The war in Iraq is also coming to an end. So too should the RNC be outlawed in America. The RNC has manipulated information and launched illegal wars.

    The American system has a history of outlawing political parties. The communist party was outlawed because of its threat to the American way of law. So too does the RNC present an ever present threat.

    * * *

    The founders wanted checks and balances to destroy tyranny.

    The RNC undermines checks and balances in the American constitution.

    The existing methods of investigation, oversight, and accountability have failed, and these problems not grow in a vacuum.

    At the heart of the problem are existing structural flaws with the existing oversight.

    Where the RNC refuses to assent to the rule of law, it should be denied the legal right to lawfully operate under that rule of law.

    We should consider all members of the RNC to be unfit to govern, unfit for credible consideration for employment, and warranting close public oversight.

    * * *

    The founders wanted all men to be under the rule of law.

    The RNC puts itself above the rule of law.

    The RNC remains unresponsive to the rule of law and remains a threat to the American Constitution.

    The existing systems of checks and balances have not simply failed on their own right, but have been turned on their head to target the population, and thereby nurture three branches of tyranny.

    Rather than simply advocating the violent overthrow of the government, the RNC has done far greater damage by simply ignoring the American constitution.

    The American public has two problems: The abuses committed at the hands of the RNC; and the subsequent abuses on those who dare to challenge these abuses. This entrenched abusive system, when challenged, is thrust upon anything that dares challenge its conduct.

    * * *

    The founders wanted to end government tyranny.

    The RNC engages in widespread abuses.

    The RNC abuses are numerous, mirroring those which sparked the Declaration of Independence. When the King engaged in foreign engagements, the tax burden was levied on those who had no vote in Parliament.

    Today, this RNC directed government does the same. It launches foreign wars of aggression that are illegal; and leaves the domestic population to fend for itself when faced with domestic insurrection in the wake of Katrina.

    The RNC has shown as much contempt for the American values, way of life, and rule of law posed by the fascists and communist party.

    The 9-11 Commission has yet to credibly explain the Able Danger program. DoD continues to suppress evidence.

    * * *

    The founders wanted to encourage public participation in the running of government.

    The RNC is contrary to the spirit of the American Constitution.

    The RNC has had a chilling effect on free speech, public participation, and materially undermined public confidence in the notion of the rule of law.

    JTTF personnel under the Patriot Act continue to go after victims and witnesses. Around the nation, citizens who are simply going about their business and enjoying their rights are challenged by JTTF and forced to present identifying information. This is unconstitutional.

    The Patriot Act has been recognized as unconstitutional; and it is troubling that DoJ continues to fail to exert credible oversight of law enforcement through the DoJ Officer of Professional Responsibility.

    The RNC demonstrations in 2002 were ample evidence of the RNC abuses. Photographic evidence was fabricated. The RNC attempted to shut down free speech over opposition to the war in Iraq.

    * * *

    The founders wanted a mix of ideas to ensure vibrant public policy.

    The RNC leadership is imprudent.

    Personnel within DoD and DoJ are promoted for their loyalty to the RNC. Those who are not party members are not afforded consideration.

    The RNC fosters abuse by choosing only RNC-loyalists to the senior ranks of the military and law enforcement.

    The government asserts a private right of secrecy, then intrudes on the privacy rights of those who question the legality of the government.

    JTTF needs to be stripped of its privileged status. Those members of the JTTF and FBI who are active members of the RNC need to be stripped of their positions of authority.

    * * *

    The founders wanted the people to share ideas to arrive at prudence.

    The RNC shuts down outside views.

    Iraq is a quagmire of illegality.

    There was no evidence of WMD. The action violated international law.

    The Downing Street Memo shows the Administration launched the war knowingly on the basis of false facts.

    Even efforts to stop the war prior to launching combat operations failed in the court of law. Now we learn that actual combat operations started months before Congress was officially notified.

    * * *

    The founders wanted responsive government.

    The RNC has, among other things:

  • A. Undermined the system of checks and balances;

  • B. Orchestrated the unlawful invasion of Iraq;

  • C. Unlawfully invades sovereign nations; and

  • D. Uses false evidence to imprison those who challenged these unlawful military operations.

    * * *

    The founders wanted there to be a check on government debt for costly wars.

    The support for the Iraq war is in its last throes; yet, the Congress refuses to cease funding the war effort.

    The citizens should be able to review the evidence related to the Downing Street Memo and stop funding an unlawful war.

    * * *

    The founders wanted to have other views presented to the Congress.

    The RNC denies access to important papers.

    The RNC uses threats to dissuade public oversight.

    The RNC blocks public review of unlawful programs like Able Danger.

    Group think flourishes when there is no outside review.

    The RNC turns the constitution upside down.

    The RNC asserts a private right of immunity, while intruding into the private lives of Americans.

    * * *

    The founders wanted government to be responsive to the rule of law.

    The RNC is lawless and undermines the American Constitutional System.

    The RNC has led America down a dangerous path to the land of war crimes, unlawful invasions, and the expectation that there be no full accountability on those in positions of leadership and authority.

    The RNC has been in charge of contractors and personnel who were trained on torture and committed acts of barbarity in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Afghanistan.

    RNC unlawfully prohibits other parties from competing for contracts or to get lobbying access to influence public policy.

    The RNC has violated procurement laws by requiring successful bidders to be members of the RNC

    Contracts were awarded not on the basis of fair and open competition, but their pre-selection based solely on their loyalty to the RNC, not the American constitution.

    * * *

    The founders wanted the citizens to assert the rule of law over tyrants.

    The RNC targets American citizens for asserting the rule of law.

    The RNC smears those who dare challenge the illegalities.

    DOJ translators like Sibel Edmonds continue to face gag orders over matters that the public should know about: Funds from drug runners going into the political campaign process.

    US Attorneys like Daniel Convertino are getting smeared for speaking out about the insufficient manning in DoJ to support prosecutors.

    Military personnel like LtCol Schaeffer are smeared for speaking out about unlawful programs like Able Danger which unlawfully collected information on Americans.

    CIA agents like Valarie Plame have their identifies exposed, threatening not only their ability to conduct valuable work, but their contacts overseas.

    * * *

    The founders wanted civilian control over the military.

    The answer is not to inject DoD and the military into domestic affairs. The solution is to keep the RNC out of national affairs.

    One mechanism to challenge the string of abuses is the RICO statue. However, as we have seen in the 9-11 investigation, RICO has proven ineffectual in unearthing data or getting accountability.

    * * *

    The founders wanted frequent elections to have responsive government.

    The RNC uses the threat of elections as the excuse to assert tyranny, avoid accountability, and foster inaction.

    The long string of abuses will have to grow longer.

    The RNC objective is to paint the problems as matters of local concern.

    Absurdly, FEMA pointed to the locals as the cause of the problem in Katrina.

    It is a local matter when public institutions seize local property and hand it over to the highest bidder.

    But it is a national matter when the constitution preserving the right to property are ignored and the RNC allows the local government to revert to the pre-Magna Carta days.

    * * *

    The founders wanted factions to be under the rule of law.

    The RNC membership will have to suffer abuses at the hands of their own leadership.

    This is more than a leadership failure. It is a corrupt system that shows little inclination to be tamed by the rule of law.

    A grand jury reviewed the written evidence and returned indictments. The RNC leadership knew they were part of something unlawful.

    It’s time to end their unfettered access to power.

    Their actions are against public policy, allowing the forces of lawlessness to spread.

    * * *

    The founders wanted prudent leadership.

    The RNC remains irrelevant as a viable force to organize.

    The RNC was in charge, but their Iraq and Katrina plans failed.

    They diverted scarce resource for an unlawful war, leaving our homeland exposed and vulnerable when needed at home.

    * * *

    The founders wanted the people to create Constitutional governments.

    It should be the finding of Congress and the American People that

  • The RNC be prohibited from bidding on contracts related to war;

  • Anyone who is a member of the RNC be barred from public office; and

  • The RNC be broken up and its membership prohibited from lawfully meeting at any time in the United States of America.

    * * *

    The founders wanted you to be free under the protection of a constitution, not puppets the tyrannical RNC buffoons.

    It’s your Constitution, only so long as you are willing to assert the rule of law over the RNC, ban it from the American landscape, and then bury it with the Communist and Fascist Parties.