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Friday, September 30, 2005

DoD in crisis over Able Danger

DoD has a major problem. It promoted Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer to a field grade officer rank, and now wants us to believe that there's a problem with his discipline.

DoD's public statements are without merit, not to be relied upon, and there should be launched an immediate Congressional inquiry, DoD IG investigation, and GAO review of Able Danger.

* * *

House Intelligence Committee Chairman inconsistent statements on whether Able Danger will be reviewed.

* * *

Officer ranks are only approved with the concurrence of the President of the United States.

DoD needs to explain why it is concerned about the officers recollections of the Able Danger program.

* * *

DoD personnel also need to identify those who are in charge of these smear efforts. Normally, the American population has to wade through this non-sense when reviewing WMD non-sense or allegations that the bundling White House has "evidence" of something.

I want to know, by name which official is asserting that LtCol Schaefer has done anything wrong. If you don't want to come forward, then your allegations are without merit and entered as defamatoy, unreliable, and without any factual credibility.

I also want to see the report of survey done on these items that were allegedly misplaced. Without a timely response to the request for that report of survey, I shall assume DoD is hiding probative information and presume DoD is committing fraud in re Able Danger.

I also want to know why someone is asserting that funds were or were not inappropriately used. Why wasn't this resolved within the auditing community at the OSD level? Again, OSD and SecDef's failure to timely provide documents relating to these financial transactions will be entered as a presumption of fraud.

* * *

When a service member is traveling, they are required to travel with their military ID. It is outrageous that the military is alleging that "complying with requirement to show identification" is a problem.

* * *

If there was a "problem" with anyone's background, then that should have been already part of the decision in re promotion and special access.

At this juncture, we conclude commanders have already factored this information into their decisions in re promotions, awards, and special access.

We defer to the self-evident promotions as evidence that the issue was satisfactorily resolved at the time of the alleged infractions.

It is too late in the game for DoD to credibly argue in 2005 that actions from many years ago warrant a "sudden" change in access to classified information.

* * *

It is reasonable to conclude that DoD's efforts have one objective: To interfere with lawful transmission to Congress material information about DoD.

It remains to be understood whether DoD actions are part of a larger conspiracy designed to avoid public or Congressional knowledge of alleged illegal acts in re Able Danger.

It remains to be investigated by Congress to what extent DoD personnel have engaged in a course of conduct designed to intimidate a witness before a Congressional hearing.

This is an allegation of witness tampering.

* * *

At this juncture, its clear that TDY vouchers for the travel and mileage were appropriately filed.

DoD provides no named officials, nor does it cite any specific basis to suddenly rejected the fees paid for mileage; nor can DoD explain why it's subsequent investigation findings are at odds with the guidance given to military personnel through military personnel and the travel office.

What's more problematic, is that DoD in the black program world identifies individuals who are afforded special access to classified information. It is troubling that this late in the game, DoD is now rewriting those rules.

In a black program, there are special communication, reporting, and command protocols related to information, oversight, and communication.

At this point, based solely on DoD allegations, it would appear as though DoD is willing to use the black program rules against those who dare participate in black programs.

There are special rules which DoD uses in order to advance the interests of the state. Part of those rules mean identifying special personnel who are able to ensure the nation's security and information are protected, while at the same time having a special trust to ensure the objectives of that program are met.

We find out that DoD has knowingly engaged in an illegal program; and those who were ordered to follow those illegal orders have now come forward. The allegations have been confirmed by multiple individuals.

We defer to those who speak of DoD Able Danger, and tend to have lower confidence in DoD statements in 2005 about their military personnel training, funds, or other issues already adjudicated.

We're also asked to believe that the special briefing and oversight functions afforded to a black program like Able Danger can suddenly face "oversight", the very antithesis of what a black program is.

* * *

All personnel in DoD black programs beware: You are given wide latitude to operate in secrecy. But if your DoD masters get into trouble, know that they will turn their back on you and leave you hanging.

If you're afforded the "opportunity" to work in a black program, you may get publicly smeared if you come across malfeasance, or illegal acts.

All those years of "doing the right thing," can get flushed down the toilet simply because you wanted to "keep doing the right thing."

America wants its warriors to be good little soldiers, even when they violate the laws of war and the US Constitution.

These trends reflect poorly on the Pentagon. DoD management actions in re Able Danger dissuade both public support and contribution to national security.

If that's the kind of leadership you want to reward, then move to Iraq. America is asserting the "rule of law" in name only, all the while it is arrogantly abandoning those who dare assert that rule of law on the leadership.

Beware the arrogant DoD. They are aligned with DoJ to undermine the rule of law, and they will attempt to destroy those who dare to assert the rule of law over the rule of violence.

DoD is in trouble. Their only option is to go after those who dare "fight for freedom" and those who want to serve their country.

It's time for you to choose: Do you want to serve your Constitution, or do you want to serve the tyrants in the White House?

Choose wisely, the Constitution will suffocate those who need to be made an example.

And the US government wonders why they have a recruitment problem.