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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Beware the idiots

Someone in Washington hasn't quite woken up to the rule of law.

As you review the post-Libby fallout, notice the finger pointing over the information before the war.

There is one small problem: You were all warned of the problem prior to this happening.

This is not a "new problem". Rather, the issue is:

  • What's been going on between when the original fabrications occurred in 2001 and now, 2005?

  • When are we going to get straight answers and facts about what went wrong, who's responsible, and how this will be fixed, not swept under the rug into an amorphous "Phase III or IV or . . ."?

  • Then what's the plan to turn that information over to a prosecutor and have some indictments for
    - war crimes and/or
    - making false statements to Congress and/or
    - knowing about false statements to Congress but failing to timely remove yourself from that alleged conspiracy?

    But we have no answers.

    That's not acceptable.

    It's been three years. That's a long time to confuse things. And some of you are already making mistakes. Big ones.

    The mistakes are what tripped up Libby.

    He's looking at 30 years. Fitzgerald wants some "serious jail time."

    That also applies to those in Congress who are stonewalling the current fact finding, and those of you who knew what was going on with the false information about Iraq.

    The rule of law exists, but there are deadlines.

    The record shows that many of you have not timely resolved this matter; and that some of you appear to be not taking timely action on what appear to be war crimes.

    The law is clear. The rule of law is real.

    Both Republicans and Democrats need to realize that their time is running out, if not already.

    Both parties collectively chose to walk down this path to la-la land.

    Yes, there were a few who dared to speak out and prevent the nation from going to war. Some like Congressman Conyers did hope to prevent what was an unlawful war.

    But now in 2005, we know far more. That the nation was not only deceived, but that the nation's citizenry willingly was deceived.

    We have read reports of deals the Senate Intelligence Committee made to not look into things, or work with the White House to arrive at certain conclusions.

    The problem is that the system of checks and balances, as they currently are used and exist, failed.

    Yet we hear nothing nor see anything to suggest there is a whiff in the air about a solution. Washington continues to hide behind non-sense, distractions, and hand waving.

    When the Senate wants to act, it does.

    When it wants to vote to grant the President the power to use force, it does.

    But there are roadblocks that were not exercised: Filibuster, closing down the Senate, and simply walking out the door after turning off the lights.

    Congress has made a fateful error. They believe that they, in Congress alone, are the ones who can make or break agreements on what was said, what was reviewed, or what would be glossed over.

    You are subject to the rule of law. And your oath.

    Your legislative immunity does not make you immune for failing to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

    It is not simply the job of the RNC and White House to explain "what went wrong," but also the job of the RNC and DNC to figure out: What will we do next time this happens?

    Without a solution, there is, self-evidently, no solution.

    And no reason to believe this nation is willing to put itself under the rule of law.

    Either you are willing to fall under the umbrella of the Constitution; or you are not.

    However, we see no decision, and no solution.

    There should be no reason any American, in the vacuum of accountability, should believe that the same non-sense in re Iraq, Valerie Plame, and Libby would not happen again.

    What is to be done to ensure the rule of law, not smear, is the basis for granting the President the unlawful power to declare war?

    What is to be done to ensure the debates in Congress are based on facts?

    We already have clear statutes that impose sanctions for false statements; but apparently despite the law the DNC appears unwilling to provide the special prosecutor information related to this alleged wrong doing.

    Either the law exists, or it does not.

    If we are in a mess, then the rule of law should sanction those who have violated the law;

    Or, the law should be changed so that this does not happen again.

    At this juncture, I see no leadership. Nor a solution.

    In that vacuum, I can assure that there are plenty of others who can provide alternatives.

    First, let's begin with the duties a Congressman and Senator have: To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

    That is your job. You freely took an oath. We have, before us, signed statements which each of the 535 freely took.

    There are also photographs of you taking that oath.

    Your signed statement and those photos are admissible to a grand jury.

    At the same time, we have a mess on our hands: Clearly, 535 of you have collectively continued to assent to something that is in contravention to our constitution.

    Yet, despite no solution, we have the hand waving claiming how "offended" each of you are.

    Indeed, it is offensive to believe that Congress, given this mess you have created, should believe that you anything but offensive to a civilized society.

    Where is the leadership, the solutions, the fact finding, and the "big answer" to how we got into this mess?

    Self-evidently, there are those among you who do not want to know the truth. Are afraid of letting the world, much less the Americans, see what "really happened."

    Yet, at the same time, in this vacuum of facts, we are asked to believe that Congress makes rules based on prudence; that the founding fathers "inspiring words" are bringing tears to your eyes and you go about your business.

    Oh, please. The Founders if they were alive today would simply laugh and say, "See, they failed to preserve the rule of law, so they must be compelled to fall under that rule of law."

    There is no crisis. The business of the people is to ensure that all are under the rule of law.

    Even 535 Congressmen.

    And the business of government is to ensure all citizens, even those who believe they are above the law, or are immune to fact finding and accountability, receive the needed downpour.

    Rain -- that lovely watery substance that tends to get people wet when they are not under the umbrella of the Constitution.

    It's grown into fashion for the CEOs of major corporations to assert that they are doing their job.

    Each accounting period they must sign a statement attesting to the validity of their data.

    They now sign a statement attesting to the veracity of their claims.

    Surely, such a trivial requirement imposed on the CEO is something any free and lawful citizen should be willing to do.

    For those who are under the umbrella of the Constitution have no fear of getting wet.

    In that spirit, would it not be lovely if we, as the investors have, a small token of your state craft, and a simple writing that attests to your continued compliance with your oath.

    That is not a question.

    I call upon each Congressman and Senator to personally assert under penalty of perjury that you have reviewed your oath of office [again] and that you are willing to provide immediately all information you have related to the apparent dereliction of duty of your fellow Congressman in the matters of

  • the intelligence prior to launching combat operations in 2002;

  • the information Congress used to make a decision about granting the President the authority to start a war;

  • the apparent conspiracy to mislead the Congress, and

  • the apparent failure to timely provide information on the status of the investigations to review the facts leading to the run up to the war in Iraq.

    We need facts. The longer you wait, the longer grand juries have to ask more questions.

    The list is getting longer.

    And each of you are in a mess that you have created.

    You are not immune from the rule of law.

    Your legislative acts may have immunity, but you are not above your oath of office.

    Either you are for the constitution, and are going to get facts to make remedies in the existing system of checks and balances; or you are part of the problem that has violated your oath of office.

    I expect the Congress to figure out a way to find by name the specific names of individuals that have provided the false information to Congress; and that information related to that alleged conspiracy be provided to Mr. Fitzgerald.

    If you are aware of what was or wasn't done, but you fail to come forward, then we will find you. Rest assured, you are not under any threat -- you are subject to the laws of the land.

    As any civilized nation would expect.

    How fitting, that the rule of law, may ultimately be the sword at your throats, and compel the Congress to assert that they are still in compliance with their oath of office.

    In the absence of that certification, then it would be reasonable to believe you are fearful of being held to account to your original oath.

    Why would that be?

    What could possibly have gotten in the way of you "not being clear" whether your actions were inside or outside the umbrella of the rule of law?

    We have no answers, just more excuses.

    Here's a hint: Libby's indictment is an indictment against the Congress as well. It is just a matter of time before individually each of you are brought into the center stage.

    But know that the longer the collective group of you -- and I mean all 535 of you -- dance around as if "nobody is going to figure this out" the worse you're making it for yourselves.

    Let me remind you that Delay and Frisk are already under indictment. There are ongoing investigations. The grand juries are already empanelled.

    You do not know about all of them.

    I would encourage you, all 535 of you, to realize how close you are to the brink of a major problem: The American people know there is a problem with the rule of law, and Congress is part of the problem.

    Not the answer.

    But the rule of law will prevail.

    You are not immune when you fail to act, and you obstruct justice, or you are found to be part of an enterprise to mislead your fellow Congressmen.

    Information presented to the Joint Intelligence Committee does not disappear into a black hole. There are meeting minutes. Although classified, the information you discuss is admissible and can be reviewed by a Grand Jury; and the information you have seen that is classified can be redacted.

    In short, all 535 of you are fooling yourselves if you believe that you are about to escape what you have been part of: A failure of you to assert the rule of law and ensure that the rule of law prevails.

    Your oath is clear.

    If we need to, more evidence can be gleaned.

    But at this juncture, make no mistake: None of your stories add up.

    Recall what you were warned about prior to the Iraq invasion: That when a leader bangs the drums of war, the risk is that the leadership and citizenry will give up their minds to that leader.

    Congratulations: You have done that.

    Your job is simple: To assert the rule of law and preserve this constitution.

    If there is evidence that would warrant a special counsel to indict one of your fellow Senators or Congressmen, then that information needs to be provided to the Special Counsel and Grand Jury.

    If you are aware of information, but fail to act on it, or you are involved as many suspect in a cover-up by the Senate Intelligence Committee, then you have a choice: Either you cooperate with the ongoing secret Grand Jury that is already empanelled; or you do what Libby does and continue to spin around in a web of lies.

    Let me assure you, each of the 535 of you is equally subject to close examination.

    None of you are going to escape this mess unless you decide to put your Constitution before your party and assert the rule of law.

    It is time to make a decision: Do you want more non-sense as was clearly predicted after 9-11; or do you want to have the rule of law.

    There is no middle ground.

    The choice is simple.

    Indeed, there are many of your peers who may have already been secretly cooperating with the Grand Jury and Special Counsel and, as the DoJ likes to do, give you a green light to continue to engage in unlawful activity, or the appearance of a conspiracy.

    Right now, each of the 535 of you have to make a bet: That nobody has talked to the Grand Jury, and that nobody that you "believe is doing something wrong" is not also given a green light to engage in unlawful conduct.

    You have made a mistake.

    Know, that unless you freely come forward now, that it is only going to get worse.

    Your job is to make it clear:

    The time for this non-sense has ended.

    We need straight answers.

    And those who get in the way of that fact finding, as has Mr. Libby found, shall be subject to the full wrath of our judicial system.

    It is independent, unlike the 535 of you: Who have shown the miserable inclination to sway and weave as the political winds dictate.

    But who are you to command that anyone believe you are "upset" or "take a personal affront" or are "outraged" that someone dares to call you on your non-sense.

    This is absurd. Just as all of you are: Absurd people who believe that more non-sense is going to make this go away.

    Let us recall that the purpose of elections is to keep accountability. Thus, it is absurd for anyone to say, "Someone is taking action because of politics and the elections."

    Congratulations: You are speaking to people who has been described as a complete morons, and even we have figured this out.

    News flash: The village idiot realizes what is going on.

    News flash: The Congress has run out of options.

    News flash: Congressional representatives do not know who within their ranks in secretly passing information to Fitzgerald and the other Grand Juries.

    News flash: Congressional representatives on the Senate Intelligence Committee know they are in trouble because they, like Libby, were part of an effort to spin facts; but now they realize that they don't know who is "better connected" or "have a better deal" with Fitzgerald and the other secret Grand Juries.

    Let me say this using a baseball analogy:

    Each of the 535 of you believe that you're involved in a baseball game. As you look around the stadium, you look at the crowd.

    There is one small problem: You have no idea whether the game that you're watching or a part of is the real game, or the one that you believe is real.

    There's actually a second game that is going on: You.

    You are dancing before us, pretending that we don't know what is going on. But the evidence, inconsistencies, and other problems that tripped up Libby, is also closing in on you.

    We are not the pawns.

    You are.

    The game is this: You don't realize how deep you are in this mess.

    The American public has figured out that none of you have demonstrated a commitment to the rule of law; only a commitment to the rule of "whatever you want it to be".

    Fitzgerald, and others, are waiting for you to make more mistakes.

    The mistakes in the Senate Intelligence Committee are blunders. The same information that has already been used to indict Libby can and may very well be used against each of the 535 of you as well.

    Your job is to wake up and realize that this is real: you are not longer a passive observer. You are now under the spotlight, and each of your moves shall continue to be closely monitored: What you say, why you are saying it, and whether you assert the rule of law.

    There is once choice: The Constitution.

    But some of you have the small inclination that that doesn't matter. That you can delay things.

    America has spent the last 2 years waiting for Fitzgerald.

    We can wait another 2 years. Or longer.

    We are not going away.

    The Constitution is not going away.

    But, if you fail to wake up, you and both the RNC and DNC may go away.

    Your time on the political ball field is not a divine right of nature; your tenure there is only because you are willing to fulfill your oath of office.

    You do not have free license to wave your hands and pretend the facts aren't there.

    For if you have been part of something that failed to assert the rule of law, or has undermined the Constitution, then you have failed in your oath.

    Can that be proven? Indeed.

    Can someone charge you with a crime of failing to live up to your oath of office? Sure.

    Can facts be gathered outside your control? Indeed.

    There are messages.

    There is information contained within the US and overseas. There is message traffic.

    Conversations can be reconstructed.

    We know which information can or cannot be verified.

    Fitzgerald has already indicted someone in the Vice presidents office.

    Last time I checked, each of you are also federal employees, just as Libby. Each of you are also subject to the rule of law.

    This means you can't issue a press release, and then expect to create an imaginary shield to indictments.

    Your legislative immunity does not mean that you are immune from violations of your oath of office.

    You have a job to do.

    We expect that you do that job: Make decisions based on facts, not illusions.

    But we're not there yet. Some of you appear to need a wakeup call: And the Grand Juries are capable of discerning whether you are, or are not meeting your obligations as representatives of the United States.

    You are not immune to oversight by the courts.

    You are not free to create distractions and delays to fact finding.

    If you would like to think other wise, remember one name: Libby.

    The same can happen to you.

    The choice is simple: The time for fact finding has arrived. In fact, it never left.

    The time has come for the political defenses to end, and the real work of government to start: What is to be done to preserve this Constitution; and can you show that your work is in harmony with your oath of office.

    The burden of proof is on you.

    You, as a "leader" have the obligation to justify continued confidence in what you say, do, or ask the nation to believe.

    At this juncture, your credibility is low. That is your problem.

    The rule of law is what makes this country work; and when it is ignored, we self-evidently have the current disaster that you find yourselves.

    Your solution is to cooperate with this ongoing investigation.

    Your job is to ensure that the facts are found, and that the problems are fixed.

    If the problems are known, but you get in the way of that solution, then we have a reasonable basis to inquire into whether you are part of an ongoing effort to violate your oaths of office: Failing to preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution.

    That judgment is something, when linked with finance flows, or secret deals, can be proven before a court.

    It is not "outside the real of the American people" to comprehend.

    Either you are, or are not, doing what is in your oath of office.

    There can be new parties created. The DNC and RNC do not have a monopoly. We as the public are not required to choose between lawlessness in the DNC and the lawlessness in the RNC.

    A motivated citizenry, when it sees what is going on, will make a decision. Whether that decision is at the ballot box, or in a jury room: The results are the same -- your fellow citizens, not a tyrant, shall impose judgment on your actions.

    You have been reminded many times what the problems are: That a nation that chooses to embrace absurdity, will then descend to lawlessness.

    Fitzgerald is part of the solution. I suggest you quickly go through your notes, organize them, and quickly get them to Attorney Fitzgerald.

    At this juncture, you're betting that someone else hasn't done so, and that you can maybe get over there "when you feel like it."

    As I have said, there are others who are already cooperating, but they are pretending to be involved in what is going on. They have no special immunity; they have just been given a green light to pretend to be involved.

    They have been given permission by the DoJ to engage in unlawful acts so that they will continue to provide evidence of your wrong doing.

    Your problem is that you don't know who they are.

    They're there.

    Your job is to decide when you are going to stop acting like leaders, and actually lead.

    If you have a hard time understanding that, then it is perhaps time for you to do nothing, and let others who are more capable make decisions about the rule of law, the Constitution, be the leaders.

    You, in Washington, have failed. Let there be no mistake, we are not on an escalator to "what we've already had."

    Nor are we on some arbitrary timeline that "by X-date if nothing is done, nothing will happen."

    You are making a mistake. A very large one. The evidence is already stacking up, and just as Libby learned the hard way, there are very capable people who can sit down, look at what you're saying, and find out if you are lying.

    That is where you, not us, find yourselves: Why should anyone believe anything coming out of your mouths?

    We have no reason. Just excuses. And your stories don't add up.

    Do you want to continue down this path? If so, do nothing.

    But if you want to do your job, make a decision: Are you with the Constitution, or are you going to bet that someone else is slower in getting to the Grand Jury.

    That is not a question.


    Hoc Voluerunt