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Monday, March 06, 2006

How far America has progressed since 9-11

Some like to look to gray clouds. Others give us reason for hope.

Life has certainly changed since 9-11.

Who would have thought in the wake of 9-11, someone would say this:
The previous commenter stated: QUOTE "Actually, I don't recall anyone in this administration saying anything about militant Arab NATIONS. Militant islamists, yes. But nations? No." ENDQUOTE

POA stated well, QUOTE: "Oh bullshit. You don't recall Bush naming SPECIFIC nations as "evil doers"??? Face it troll, your hero monkey boy is full of crap."

Posted by Pissed Off American at March 6, 2006 08:23 PM Ref: WashingtonNote

My reason for posting this is merely to celebrate the transition Americans have embraced: No longer is America afraid of standing up to tyranny, and they are truly free to speak their mind.

Well done!

You are free.

Use it.

Personal Note to POA: Keep it up, you're doing well. I expect you to be more vocal in your well placed wisdom. It is a sign of progress that all Americans can learn from.

Opinions are not wrong; they're inspiring -- yours force others to examine things they refuse to see. Excellent!

You’re making waves, and others are taking notes. Remember, the silent audience can hear you and they want to hear more.

Thank you for your continued example: Of simply saying what you honestly believe, think, and desire. You are a true American hero.