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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

American Renditions: Where's the CIA IG memo to the Intelligence Committee

How many US citizens have been forcibly removed from the US?

Here's a list of stop-overs: Click

Notice the start and stop locations are often in the US. You can only wonder how many times they move from the US -- they're carrying US citizens on board.

Be curious to find out when the US government will "get tired" of transporting people -- like the German Nazis got "tired" of transporting the Jews -- and start disposing of the detainees.

Or has that already happened?

Someone inside CIA and DOJ knows; and the Inspector General is in a position to find out. Here are the procedures -- what the Ranking Member on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Rockefeller, can do -- that should get looked into: [ Click ]

Or did the intelligence committee get briefed on the program, and told, "This is for national security reasons, and we can't tell you any more."

That's a crock. They have a duty to investigate the issue, find facts, and report whether they were or were not able to find out what is going on.

All this transportation in and out of the US – doesn’t that seem a little odd – makes one wonder, “If this is only related to foreigners overseas, why are they bothering to fly the jets back and forth between the US.” That makes no sense. It would save time and money – if they are only moving non-Americans – if they based the aircraft overseas or used foreign aircraft.

The fact that they’re making many stops in the US, and not basing the activity overseas suggests the aircraft are moving US citizens out of the US, and moving them to places where the US court “has no jurisdiction.”

But this is a non-sense argument: The laws apply to US government personnel, regardless whe3ther they are in or out of the US. IT doesn’t matter what the status of the detainee is.

It looks like the US government has created legal non-sense so that the US government employees will feel better about their war crimes. Stupid Americans.