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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Constant is checking out -- Adios America

This was the week America voted again for fascism.

America is a cess pool: [ Kos: Click; Booman Click ]

Americans are liars: [ Click ]

The Congress said it wants to change the laws on whether FISA does or does not supervise the President's activity, but this doesn't explain how the "other activities" which Gonzalez pointed to will be monitored.

By admitting the laws need to be changed to "allow for no oversight" -- fatally admitting that the laws weren't followed -- all the US has done is say, "It's OK if we violate the law." Small problem: The voters -- through Congress -- in 1978 passed FISA.

There's alot of non-sense floating around about whether FISA does or does not curtail executive power. That misses the point. There are two aspects to the President's activities: One is ministerial -- where the Congress tells him what to do by statute -- and another is executive power. The problem is the Congress is treating the FISA-ministerial nexus as if it were unconstrained power; and the courts assent to this non-sense.

What does Congress do when there are issues of unconstitutional conduct? They vote "not to investigate" as they did with the Deficit Reduction Act, which had a $2B discrepancy, and the House-Senate versions did not match as required by the constitution before the President signed them. An Alabama attorney has already filed a complaint in Federal Court.

Does the Congress want to hold people accountable for unlawful conduct? Pelosi asked for an ethics investigation -- which was tabled, meaning rejected -- sending a clear signal that the Congress isn't serious about violations of the law, merely calling them -- as they did with all the other Presidential criminal conduct -- "technicalities.

Google and other software companies got a lecture about "assenting" to fascism -- from the very Congress that violates the law, and assents to fascism.

Revelations Cheney attempted to corruptly link 9-11 and Iraq.

The US is only in agreement with democracies if the "democracy" supports American fascism: The US is working behind the scenes with Israel to destabilize a democratically elected government: Hamas. Mind you, Israel -- former terrorist-supporting nation in the 1940s -- turns around, and plans to withhold funding to destabilize the PLO.

* * *

What does all this mean? I fail to see how anyone can point to the US as a "shining example" of anything. It ignores laws, calls for democracy but has two standards on whether or not terrorist-nations are or are not to be negotiated with.

Congress assents to this, the public celebrates it, and the courts fail to step in.

Brilliant -- the US is uncivilized, asking the world to lower the standards for the US, and pretend nothing is being done when the US violates the law and engages in war crimes.

This is how it happened in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. This is creeping, and who's stopping it? Nobody.

That's what makes this ridiculous. It's as if the entire country has found itself starting into the headlights, and is just standing there as it gets closer and closer.

Well, it's arrived. This is fascism. And it makes absolutely no sense.

I will soon be leaving America.

Don't wait, the noose is getting tighter. Nice to have known all of you.

Good luck!

* * *

Committing fraud to commit war crimes overseas: Americans are doing this. [ Click ]

Making reports of crimes illegal, state secrets: Last think America wants is an informed citizenry to make informed decisions about the American war crimes and violations of the Constitution. [ Click ] How can you have a COnstitution if reporting violations of that Constitution will land you in jail?

America, you deserve to have your Constitution trashed. You aren't willing to protect it. You are 300 million people, and refuse to listent. It's a shame it's going to get alot worse, and then some of you will awaken.

It's too late. If you're Ken and Barbie, Americans will let you commit crimes, and blame soemone else. [ Click ] Sounds like alot of Aryan nation non-sense. Count the days until they demand you show your loyalty with "appropriate" hand signals and identifying information, "Zeig Heil."

America is a cess pool. Stay away!

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