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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Practice your analysis skills

The RNC is in meltdown mode.

Looking for a way to track the implosion?

You're in for a treat.[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

Training Exercise

This will teach you how to filter through the non-sense from the RNC. I can say this because I'm a Republican.

My goal is to share with you what they're doing, and how they manipulate you -- or try to. Hopefully this information will let you see the flaws with the RNC arguments and give you an extra tool to prevail over them.

There's one simple rule when it comes to the RNC and the NSA: The RNC is on the wrong side of the law. That makes your job alot easier, not in simply spotting the non-sense, but knowing no matter what they say to you it is one thing: Frivolous.

Your job is to stay organized, focused, and diligent.

* * *

This will show you how to practice desirable skills, and learn about your opponents in the RNC. It's one thing to talk about the RNC flaws; quiet another to discover them on your own.

This is not intended to tell you the answers. Rather, it's designed to help you spot what they are doing. Their single strategy: To engage in strategy, regardless the laws, ethics, or soundness; Results, compliance, and decency mean nothing to them.

Their sole agenda is to assert their agenda, regardless its prudence. They are robots. They deny they are in a cult, but that's what cults do: Deny.

* * *

After you've completed this training exercise, you'll have a better sense of what the RNC is all about. You may still get surprised, and baited -- but not to worry, that is to be expected. The RNC is well trained in propaganda. They admire Hitler.

Your goal is simply to know there is a larger agenda in place. Your task is simple: To learn to observe, read between the lines, and know the RNC is failing.

Then, you should share what you learn with others. You are not alone.

Remember to be polite. Understand their position.


Find a current discussion topic. Look for something that is controversial. Your job is to practice your analysis skills.

After you review the content, you should be able to discuss:

  • 1. Their arguments and assumptions;

  • 2. The information they do or do not have;

  • 3. The answers to questions they are or are not asking

  • 4. Sources of the answers;

  • 5. Credible sources of analysis; and

  • 6. How you can apply their questions, comments to improve and make a stronger argument.

    Feel free to add other things.

    * * *

    Your job is simple: You're on the winning side.

    Their job is tough: They are Republicans. And stupid.

    Be observant. They give you everything you need to lawfully defeat them.

    They have wished for this.

    Do not let them down.