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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Prudence is based on fact finding

The way forward is to admit: There are many who have reached conclusions.

There is one small problem.

We have no facts.

Thank you for taking the time to write. You made some interesting points.

The poll you cited is by the Rasmussen Group – it is linked to the White House in Open Secrets.

It’s curious at this juncture – given we have no investigation, why the public’s “poll data” is relevant. The will of the people has already been expressed: The FISA remains the mechanism for the President to do what must be done: Protect the nation.

You are correct, the lawful programs need to continue. At this juncture, it is appropriate to ask what is going on. The Statute specifically requires the President – upon learning of an illegal act – to report to Congress what happened, and what he plans to do about it. Again, the problem is we still don’t know what happened, so how can it be argued the President comply or not comply with the law?

It is prudent for the nation to move forward and review this matter. Whether Congress does or does not want to address the issue is irrelevant. The States are poised to order an investigation with a proclamation. There is nothing the RNC, White House, or Congress can do to stop this process.

Although it may be true the RNC controls the committee, they do not control the legislatures of all 50 states. It only takes one.

It is clear: We need to find out what is going on, and ensure our war fighters have the tools they need and the support they deserve to do their jobs.

At this juncture, we need to find out. And the right answer is to admit: The troops deserve to know.

This is not an issue of Partisan Politics. Rather, it is a simple matter whether the rule of law and prudence will be used to find facts. It is premature to insult the President with innuendo; it is also premature to give him his walking papers.

You are right – we do not know. It may or may not have been lawful. The right way forward is to find out. Whether FISA was or was not enhanced is not in dispute. The issue is whether the Congress and President are on the same page.

The debate is clear: We still do not know. The troops deserve to find out. The troops were the one who dared to question the legality of their orders. To date, we haven’t given them a good answer: Are we a nation of laws, or are we something else?
They way forward is to find out why the Congress has been in the dark. If Congress does not want to know, then the States can force Congress to do what they should have always done: Exercise oversight, find out, and gather fact.

More broadly, the way forward is to find out where the NSA’s Independent Oversight Board was. Their job is to keep track of the activities of the NSA. Again, we do not know whether there have or have not been crimes – but in this confusion, one thing is clear: We don’t have answers from the people who should have been there: The Independent Oversight Board.

Going forward, the right way is to gather facts. Then we can assess what has or hasn’t happened. It is fitting for the leadership – this many years after 9-11 – to review where we have been, what has happened, and where we are going. Perhaps, the right answer is to continue with what we’re doing. Perhaps the right answer is to adjust course so that we might better support the troops and make this country something we can be proud of.

* * *

It appears as though there is a reasonable difference of opinion here. Some say there is not problem; others compel swift action.

Let's consider what we're trying to do: Create a place we can call one thing: Our home.

Your task is to decide what that way of life will be. If your life is about one thing, then consider a life based on knowing what is real.

If the truth is there was no problem -- then let's accept the truth: There is no problem.

But if the truth is something else, then let us accept that: Whatever it is.

At this point, the answer is: We don't know. So let's find out. Encourage those in the RNC to believe that you are about one thing: Doing what must be done to make this country what it has always been about: Doing the right thing.

The right thing is what is right; and the wrong thing is to what is wrong.

The right way forward is based on what is right, not what is unclear or uncertain or hidden.

There's nothing the RNC or Congress have to fear. The truth will put us in a better place. Then we will know.

That's what Americans are all about: Standing up based on what is right, and what is real.

Go visit the RNC blogs, and share with them this message: You’ve heard them, so let's find out.

We can find out.