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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

State proclamation can trump White House-Congress agreement to do nothing

The States can force Congress to act. The Congress can't get away with refusing to assert their oaths of office.

This White House has violated the law, and this Congress assents to that lawlessness. There are workable options the public can use to assert the rule of law.

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To Bill Quick's Daily Pundit readers: Ref: From someone inside the RNC and a Republican, your leadership is lying to you and making you believe "nothing can be done". There is, and these are the reasons why any excuse to "do nothing" are without merit: [ Click ]

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This article [ click ] shows the White House has no interest in accountability.

The issue isn't simply whether Congress "wants to" do anything; Congress is obligated. Let's consider the full 51 USC 531 statute: The President shall inform Congress of illegalities Details; but the issue isn't just "this program" -- but the entire NSA acquisition process: They've created something that violates the law!

But the problem doesn't end there: The entire legal "argument" hinges on something that is not lawful -- the AUMF was passed on the basis of fraud and should be thrown out: [Case law ]

Some people say, "We have to put up with Congress does" or that the "RNC controlled Congress" won't do anything. Well, there's a solution: A single state can issue a single proclamation calling for the House to vote on impeachment. This will force the House to commit -- up or down -- whether they are serious about asserting their oaths; or assenting to these violations of the law. [Click for more]

The point is if the Congress is not going to assert the rule of law, and assent to these violations -- then Congress is not needed. The States can force Congress to commit, and give voters nine [9] months to find a new crew that takes their jobs seriously.

For those of you who think the States can't do this, you're in for a surprise: The process is already starting. Don’t lose hope. Yes, this Administration and Congress have no regard for their oaths of the law; and they make up information to avoid accountability.

But there is a way forward: The states can assert power. It only takes one state. Click: Don't lose hope, be determined to force accountability with State Action.