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Monday, February 13, 2006

Look who you won over!

And there are more!

Thank you for your comments above. Perhaps someone might take a note: There is White House spin going on. Now, let's consider another issue. Many on this board are in violent agreement "there is a problem."

Well, are you tired of talking to yourselves? Would you like to actually convince some people in RNC that you are right? Well, look no further. I'm in the RNC and I have joined your side. I have seen the light.

So don't give up: Challenge yourselves to go out of your box, and directly engage with those in the RNC. This will help the world see your valid points. If you think I am joking, do this: When you go somewhere and leave comments, come back here, leave my name "Constant" and then we can share "what happened."

Here's is what you can also do:

Remember, every time you engage with them, and hear their points -- you will learn something. It is possible to look at many interactions, and learn what the RNC is doing and what they are trying to do. They are transparent. All you have to do is listen to them, and then share with others what they are saying: Then you will learn how to defeat them.

Next time you are "bored" or "not sure what to do" -- go talk to someone in the RNC, come back here, share what you learn -- and then you will see that you're on the right side. Then let others learn from what you have learned and we can all advance together. Let me show you how this works. Here's is a big approach I put together after engaging with the RNC today: They were floored because I addressed all their points and showed them they were on the wrong side of the law and history.

You can do the same. Be willing to engage them and come back here to share what you learn.

Remember, because you are on the right side of the law, you are in a no-lose situation: So take advantage of that, and use it to your advantage. Learn now, and find their concerns -- then win them over. You won me over!