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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Imeachment: There is no excuse for Congress not to impeach by 1 March 2006, well before the November election

Impeachment: How to lawfully remove the President despite the RNC majority

Any and all arguments against impeachment are frivolous. It is time to impeach: Now.

There are excellent reasons why – despite the RNC majority – impeachment should start. Most of all, because it will show the voters who they can trust – if anyone -- in Congress to assert their oath of office.

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Some believe that waiting until the DNC has a majority would be the best time to impeachment.

It is our view that this is a frivolous argument.

First, there is a mechanism to force a vote. This involves a state proclamation. There is nothing the Federal government, RNC, or White House can do to stop this.

Second, finding out now -- where the House members stand on their oaths -- is something the voters should know before the election.

Third, compelling the House to vote -- and their failure to act -- is material/important information voters need to make an informed decision.

* * *

If you can do something – and finding out will help you know where the leadership stands on the rule of law – that will help you win in November. There’s no reason to wait. Force the Congress to act and proceed on the basis of a cast vote, not a speculative promise or wish over 2006 election results.

* * *

There is no excuse not to have an immediate impeachment. The burden rests with those who want to delay -- as Congress always does with substantive issues -- rather than simply vote on what we know.

We do not need to have a big investigation. Rather, it is clear what has happened. The decision is for now up to Congress. But if they wait, the States will compel them to face what they have refused to address: Where they stand on the rule of law. The voters need to know where Congress stands on their oaths -- they already know where this President stands.

It is time to force the process. either congress will take action, or the states will force the Congress. There is on reason to wait; but if Congress and the public want to wait -- the states may likely say otherwise after 1 March 2006, the deadline for Congress to act.

It's time to force the House to commit: Are they for or against their oaths of office. It doesn't matter who is the majority party. The voters need to know whether the House members are for or against the Constitution.

One of the flaws with the argument -- "because the RNC has the majority, impeachment is a waste" -- is non-sense.

To be clear, there's a method to circumvent the RNC-controlled House Judiciary Committee: It is a state proclamation. This method was tested in 1903 against a sitting federal judge, and is consistent with the House rules. The State proclamation cannot be buried in committee, and goes straight to the House floor for a vote. The RNC will have to commit. [ Click: Progress at the state level: Click ]

The issue: Local citizens need to realize they can force the House to act on this with local proclamations, which go to the state level. [ Click; Voter Guide for state level discussions on impeachment proclamations: Click ]

The very reason to use an impeachment Now is to

A. Force the House to vote up or down;

B. Then give the voters nine months to evaluate: Is the RNC blind to reality?

The answer isn't to wait until the "speculative DNC victory," but to force the issue -- and then let the voters decide.

I've written extensively on this, and I offer you various links related to this strategy if you want to know more.

A. How a state-level impeachment effort will force the House to act, and give voters 9 months to watch the RNC Squirm [ Click ]

B. How the larger 2006 Election campaign can be trumped by the self-evident RNC refusal to assert their oaths. [ Click ]

C. Clear criteria to evaluate: Is the President fit for office; if not, then Congress -- by refusing to lawfully remove him -- is also unfit. [ Click ]

D. Again, the RNC-controlled Congress is irrelevant. They have an oath. If the Congress refuses to address these issues, the States can call a Constitutional Convention, and order a special master to rebalance the self-evident failed system of checks and balances. [ Click, Click ]

The issue isn't whether the RNC does or does not have a majority; it's the opposite: Once the states force the house to vote, how quickly will the RNC break ranks, realizing if they take no action they'll lose in November.

Impeach now -- if the RNC refuses to act, as the DNC is led to believe -- then let the voters make a decision: Do we want the RNC to continue with the non-sense, or assert their oaths.

Bottom line: The DNC should stop making the RNC-arguments; and throw the impeachment on the table: Force the House to vote up or down. If the Congress will not do this voluntarily, the states are fully prepared to act. Don't wait until November; give the voters information they need.

Again, if DC and the talking heads keep saying, "It will never happen," wake up: This is what has happened in a few short weeks: [ Click ]; and this is how the States can force this issue onto the House floor by passing the RNC controlled leadership: [ Click ]

It appears the States have alot more power than the DC-pundits would like to admit. If DC fails to act, the voters will realize who has no interest in asserting their oaths, and they can make a decision.

If the Congress does not act, the States are fully prepared to force this issue. There is nothing Rove, the White House, or the RNC can do to stop this process. The RNC is in a no-win situation. The only way they're going to get out of this -- as they did with Alito -- is to convince everyone that the problem "is somewhere else."

Don't take the bait. The time to force this issue is at hand. Its self-evident Congress doesn't want to face this issue -- all the more reason to make them eat crow and be clear: Are they with the rule of law, or are they with this President's rebellion. If Congress does not face this issue -- and the States are forced to act, as they are prepared -- then it will be self evident the President not only leads the RNC and Joint Staff in rebellion, but has taken control of the DNC. [ Click ]

The States will force this issue, whether the DNC is or is not prepared. The time to prepare for new leadership is now; not wait until "maybe" the President cooperates or the voters wake up.

It only takes one state to force this. The voters need to know. There is no reason to trust the Congress, DC, or the White House. They have failed. It is time for the voters to realize the Congress has no interested in addressing this issue. The 51 questions out of the House Judiciary Committee are sufficient evidence to show the voters that the House is not serious. [ Click ] They have made a poor choice.

There is no excuse not to impeach by 1 March 2006; if the Congress fails, the States are prepared to move. The voters expect leadership, accountability, and the Congress to assert their oaths -- not excuses for supporting this President's unlawful rebellion against the Constitution and American public's liberties.