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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Republicans must decide: Are we for or against the Constitution?

Republicans must choose between the Constitution and unlawful rebellion against the Constitution.

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Republicans have to decide whether you want this Constitution. It is the framework for all we value and cherish; and it remains the source of our power and authority.

Many years ago, the leaders went to King John with the Magna Charta; then they went to King George with the Declaration of Independence. Today, the Republicans need to go to the President with the Constitution.

The country has faced challenges. In 1776 we had to choose whether to stand up; in 1864 we had to decide how to rebuild; in 2006 we have to decide what we’re willing to stand for.

Stonewalling has failed. The struggle is not between civilizations. It is between civilized and the uncivilized.

Lincoln, Goldwater, and Reagan stood for common things: Solutions, order, discipline, free enterprise, responsibility. At the foundation and core of all the Republicans valued has been the Constitution. It has for many years been the silent structure that made free markets possible.

Lincoln stood for the Union because the alternative was unacceptable. Today we have to stand for the Constitution because the alterative is unacceptable.

This President forces us to choose between loyalty to party and the rule of law. That is a false choice. It is one the President must make. He has chosen rebellion. He puts the RNC membership last. He ignores the Constitution. And we have permitted him.

This Republican leadership has made an error. They believe they do not have to commit – up or down – on the rule of law. They incorrectly believe the decision will remain in committee. This is an error. The RNC membership is behind the move to have states force an impeachment proclamation. This will force the RNC leadership to show their hand, not just their excuses.

Some suggest it is permissible to cross the line. It is now a way of life.

The rebellion in the White House calls itself otherwise. They cannot explain the illegal orders, or warfare waged without just cause. They say just because.

The RNC membership continues to organize. They prove elusive. Even the NSA is unable to detect their communications. The NSA program managers know well about the NSA modernization efforts. There are technologies the NSA cannot decrypt -– they modernize because they are not modern.

There is one objective: To preserve, protect, and defend this constitution. The constitution is not protected when we change the laws to ratify what is unlawful.

Look at Guantanamo. We said they were not lawful, but now we say they deserve ICRC protections. This is just an excuse to ignore the bad news from the UN.

The RNC leadership is losing the propaganda war because it has lost everything else. There is no legal foundation or principles. Unlike Lincoln’s defense of the Union, this leadership is devoid of a stable foundation.

What was thought to be simple has proven to be impossible: Honoring the oath, following law, and doing the right thing.

The RNC leadership has no answers.

The troops deserve to know what they’ve been fighting for. Their morale is poor because their leadership is poor. Their good names have been squandered, as has this party and this Constitution.

The right thing is to assert the rule of law, impeach this President, and find out what is going on.