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Thursday, February 23, 2006

DoD Smoke Screen Fails -- NSA Unlawful Activity Obvious

If only the RNC was as "concerned" about the legal issues, oversight, and outside reporting agencies with the NSA as they "are" with UAE, I might believe they were actually concerned about anything of substance. Click

Bush is a weenie. This leadership proves if you can't get people to back off on the NSA issue, all they can do is talk about the threat of terrorism. That's DoD-speak for, "Hay, we know we're caught; the only way we can defend ourselves is to accuse you of being in bed with those we trained to do 9-11." [More: Key word: [ Thesis ] ]

DoD is worried about war crimes tribunals. DoD is sure motivated to violate the laws, and distract attention. It would be interesting if DoD put as much "concern" into following the law, as they do with pointing to things other than the Constitution.

DoD Propaganda: Confirmed in High Gear

DoD is generating disinformation. Here's the confirmation that DoD is part of this NSA-diversion game, and hoping to distract attention from the unlawful NSA activity..

It’s all here. If you want to read about the "either or" options, look at the latest from DoD:
"The terrorists want our nation to become distrustful," England said. "They want us to become paranoid and isolationist, and my view is we cannot allow this to happen. It needs to be just the opposite."

Key points:

  • Constitution: All other things are distractions

    The Constitution and their oath are what is important. RNC is pretending that "the big scary story" is the reason that all things happen. That's non-sense.

  • Excellence: This crew is incompetent

    Those who can, are. RNC sews the seeds of doubt. They can't be for things, they just undermine what they cannot credibly compete with.

  • Standard setters: This crew faces indictments

    There are consequences. RNC is paranoid -- and they should be, given the war crimes, Fitzgerald indictment, and the fact that Libby is a lawyer and still got indicted. These guys are screw ups.

  • Lawful: That’s the standard

    Law abiding conduct inspires confidence. Being islationist is preferable to unlawful invasions -- hear hear!

  • Required: What is to be done

    The law is there to remind you of the lessons of history. It is required to follow the laws of war -- Now we're talking. Why is it so hard to follow the law? These people are lawyers, can't they read the [ wait for it ] . . . law?!?!

  • Responsibility: To make sure it is done

    You do what should be done. The leadership has no option other than to assert the rule of law -- that's why DoD is spewing forth non-sense.

  • Accountability: To resign when it is not done

    It’s something you do, not blame others for. It doesn't matter what the "big scary story is," this leadership has a responsibility to account for the unlawful NSA activity with as much vigor as they are "shedding tears" over the UAE issue.

    * * *

    The RNC has one goal: To distract attention from the Constitution, and sew seeds of mistrust. AlQueda and the RNC are from the same seed.

    The RNC is already paranoid; all the DoD is doing is distracting attention from their paranoia, and making it appear as though "anyone who talks about reality, and distractions from the NSA unlawful activity . . . "[blah blah]

    "We cannot allow that to happen" is asking the world to rally behind the failed RNC.

    The RNC has no credibility. When people speak out about "what the RNC is pointing at," then the RNC complains.

    The RNC is not happy because the world knows how to organize war crimes trials, and lawfully execute civilians who commit war crimes.