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Friday, March 17, 2006

How to Compel Congress to Assert or Lose Power

Some have pointed to the calendar, saying we should wait to impeach the President. This asks us to do more of what we have been doing: Waiting.

Time is up.

Rather, the Federal government shall be reminded that unless they lawfully remove this President from office by 1 April 2006, we shall hold a Constitutional Convention to lawfully revoke the abused and non-asserted powers.

The threat of a Constitutional Convention is real.

This Federal government has failed. The Constitution provides for a remedy and a mechanism to compel Congress to act, or they shall be lawfully denied power and privilege.

[ There is a Constitutional Convention Archive: Click ]

Article V of the US Constitution provides for a Constitutional Convention. Congress and the President have no voice in what does or does not happen at the Convention, or what the States choose to do. We may or may not wish to respond to the Federal Government.

A Constitutional Convention remains on the table. It is a viable option. The planning continues.

Congress has until 1 April 2006 to lawfully remove the President from office. His crimes are self-evident. Congress must assert or lose power.

* * *

A Constitutional Convention gets triggered when 2/3 of the states tell Congress they will meet. Congress has no say on the agenda.

If Congress would like input, they need to lawfully remove the President by 1 April 2006.

After that date, the Federal Government will clearly tell the world that it is in rebellion against the Constitution. The way forward depends on what will protect our rights and prevent the abuse of power.

What some may suggest is "good or not good" for the country is irrelevant; the issue is the Constitution, our abused rights, and the abuse of power. There is no higher priority.

We need not wait. Rather, we must simply tell the Congress what will happen: They will lose power unless they use it.

* * *

The team has already started. The writing is well along. The issues are clear. The only thing that remains is for the 1 April 2006 deadline to pass. Then Congress will no longer have anything credible to say. They’ve had six years. Another week will make no difference. We need not consider their input nor pay deference. They defy their oath. They assent to war crimes. They refuse to assert the rule of law.

The public knows. The longer Congress waits, the easier it will be to strip their power.

More of the public will realize that the way forward is to do what Congress refuses to do: Assert power.

Today, a substantial number of Americans support lawfully removing the President from office. Congress has a role. If Congress refuses to do its job, more people will see that the President and Congress are both threats to the Constitution – for their use of and failure to assert power.

Today, the majority speaks with one voice: Remove the man from office. Shortly, that majority will meet the Article V requirements.

We do not have to have 2/3 of the population supporting removal. We only need 51%, minus 1/3 of the states. That is fairly easy. And far easier as Congress’ self-evident failure takes its toll on the public confidence.

We already have enough to trigger a single state to call for an impeachment. That movement is spreading. It will imminently combine with forces well entrenched in the halls of the state legislatures. The States are prepared to listen. They will realize it is up to the States to act.

The debate has already started. The Constitutional Convention has already begun. The way forward is to remind Congress they have until 1 April 2006 to lawfully remove the President; or they shall be denied power.

This is consistent with the Constitution. It is what the framers intended. It is workable. We have already proven that it can be done. Simply redoing what has already been done is not difficult. It is simply doing something difficult which Congress could easily do.

We will remember the States had to do what Congress refused to do. Imminently, the Congress will be faced with a choice: Assert the rule of law, or lawfully be denied powers and privileges.

There is once choice: Between the Constitution or their continued defiance of the Constitution.

* * *

The State Proclamations calling for a Constitutional Convention are simple. They simply need to tell the Congress that your state wants a constitutional convention. As with an indictment, we need not include facts, nor are we required to include any agenda. We simply say what is to be said: This Federal Government has failed; and we shall meet to discuss a solution. It is that simple.

This Federal Government has shown no respect for the constitution. Nor has it given the public any respect. We need not trouble ourselves for their calls to wait. Rather, we simply need to remind them of the 1 April 2006 deadline to lawfully remove from office this president.

This Federal government must be compelled by law to do what the framers thought they would do out of personal interest: Have factions clash. Those days are over. These factions have colluded to defy the law. Thus the law must compel them to assent to their oath.

This Congress refuses to compel members of Congress to assert the rule of law. The way forward is to strip the Congress of the power to make and enforce rules; and transfer that power to the states.

This Congress refuses to compel the Members of Congress – as a requirement – to ensure that laws are lawful and that funds will only be appropriated for lawful purposes.

This Congress refuses to compel the Members of Congress – as a requirement – to investigate Presidential war crimes and war waged without regard to the laws of war. The power to declare war must be linked with a requirement that that war be lawful, and that no money may be appropriated to support an unlawful war.

IT doesn’t matter whether congress does or does not agree. The self-evident abuses are clear. This Congress and President defy their oaths, wage unlawful wars, and do nothing to assent to the rule of law. Rather, they openly assent to violates of the law, and discuss retroactively changing laws which have been violated. We have seen enough.

* * *

The State Proclamation and fair warning to congress is simple. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution needs to be modified with 7 simple words. Congress shall not only have the power to do things – but Members of Congress shall have the responsibility – to assert that power.

“Members of Congress shall have the responsibility” – is the key phrase. The clash of factions is insufficient to compel Members of Congress to do what must be done. They must be told – as they were told what our self-evident rights were in the Bill of Rights: That we are to be free from abuse and that our rights are to be protected.

There are no Guides which tell the public how to lawfully remove an Executive using a credible threat of a Constitutional Convention; nor is there any document that tells the Congress that they have passed a deadline to lawfully remove the Executive.

* * *

The Federal government rejects that which must be assented to;
Scorns that which must be embraced;
Defies what which has the power to subdue.

* * *

Some may choose to focus on other things, arguing there is no hope, that they are tired, and nothing can be done. Such talk is the word of those who refuse to be inspired by the Constitution. We need not given deference to those who cannot set the self evident path: The Constitution’s Article V.

Let your friends know the Congress and President have been deliberately set-up – to believe: Nothing could be done; we did not know; and we had no options. They took advantage of our trust and their misplaced belief. They have fallen into this trap by choice.

It is our opportunity to take advantage of their self-evident abuse and compel the Federal Government to assent to the will of the people: The law and Constitution.

State leaders have failed the citizens of the states. State Legislatures need new leaders. State citizens need not do anything – but now we must because the Federal Government and State legislatures refuse to assert their oaths.

It is the job of those who took their oath to explain why they have refused to exercise leadership and tame this rebellion. They have no defense. They have defied their oaths. They have unlawfully assented to this unlawful rebellion.

* * *

When you meet with your local officials to present our local proclamations, know they have little interest. However, they can be quickly woken up with a few interesting comments: The rule of law, negligent oversight, malfeasance, the rule of law, 42 USC 1983, and municipal liability limits Lawyers know about their professional oaths and can be reminded of legal malpractice and the refusal to timely distance themselves from a rebellion. All government officials well know the 14th Amendment Sanctions for engaging in rebellion: They shall lose their public offices and be forever denied.

This Constitutional Convention can assert that there has been a self-evident rebellion. The local leaders must choose: Are they for the rebellion or the rule of law.

Your job is to report in detail – as best as you can – anything you hear, what they say, or what excuses they use to not say, “Yes, I support the Constitution.” Know they will accuse you of causing trouble, threaten to detain and arrest you, and that they will point to the skies feigning some adverse consequences. Do not be alarmed: They do this because they are unable to admit that they have failed. Their only option at this point is to make the problem you. That is a sure sign that you are making progress.

Your job is to share what happens. Notice which security personnel they call to escort you away. Your job is to politely comply with lawful orders. But do not be afraid. You are not alone. Others have gone before you. They know well the ruses JTTF and the States use to assent to this unlawful rebellion. The law enforcement will lie. They will make up things. But all you have to do is remind them you are asserting your right – under Article V [5] to protect the Constitution. Simply ask them, “Are you for or against the Constitution?” They may not answer – because they have no excuse not to say, “Yes.”

* * *

Notice your local officials. Notice what is being discussed in the blogosphere, on the radio, in your town halls, and on the airwaves. Each time you interact with someone, notice whether they are focused on the most important issue: the Constitution. Ask them why they are not putting this first on the agenda.

Get your friends to discuss with your elected officials:

  • Where does your leadership stand on the rule of law

  • Are they willing to support you

  • Do they insult you, tell you to leave

  • Are they refusing to admit the self-evident abuse of power and Congressional inaction

  • Do they say what has occurred is impossible – if they do, remind them people have already laid a path in the Constitution, and there is precedent in Vermont for local proclamations calling for impeachment.

  • Do they say that this cannot be done – remind them it has already started and has been done once before in 1205 and 1789 – we can do it again

  • Do they say that this is impossible – remind them we have many Amendments and it only takes 2/3 of the states – only 51%, minus 1/3. That’s easily done.

  • Do they say that we have not communicated with them – remind them of the self-evident efforts to communicate and their acknowledgement of their annoyance at those lawful efforts

  • Do they say what has happened cannot be done – remind them of House rule 603 permitting local citizens to work with their states to issue a proclamation calling for impeachment and planning a Constitutional Convention.

  • Do they say it is too complicated a process – remind them the process is simple: All they have to do is state clearly whether they are for or against the Constitution and we can revoke powers which are abused or not asserted.

  • Do they say that delegates to the Constitution will corrupt the proceedings and that nothing can be done – remind them the discussions have already started and corruption has been banned.

  • Do they say we need to wait – remind them we have waited long enough, and another week will make no difference.

  • Do they say we need an investigation or more evidence – remind them to President provided us no evidence to justify an imminent threat – we need not provide any evidence which does not exist

  • Do they say this needs to be debated – remind them of the self-evident reasons to make changes to keep the abuse of power at by: Power is not being asserted, rather it is abused.

  • Do they say we have more important things to do than the Constitution – remind them of their oath to that document – they have no higher calling.

  • Do they say go away – remind them the Constitution cannot be brushed aside.

  • Do they ban you from the proceedings – remind them you know they are fearful of a solution they have failed to easily do.

  • Do they want to talk about others things – remind them that they refuse to listen and have not read the Constitution or their oath.

    * * *

    Sample State Proclamation Calling for a Constitutional Convention

    Whereas Article V of the US Constitution recognizes the right of the citizens of the State of Vermont to propose Amendments at a Constitutional a convention;

    Where as Congress and the President remain in rebellion against the Constitution;

    Whereas the President has committed self evident abuses of power and impeachable offenses;

    Whereas Congress has refused to assert power and assented to unlawful conduct;

    We the People of the States of Vermont notify Congress we shall continue to draft Amendments for a Constitutional Convention to the constitution to lawfully revoke the powers that are abused; and compel Members of Congress to assert powers which must be asserted.

    * * *

    The next steps are simple. We must simply remind the Congress that they must lawfully remove the President from office by 1 April 2006. Congress must choose between this rebellion and the Constitution.

    Unless this President is impeached and lawfully removed from office by 1 April 2006, we shall Amend this Constitution to revoke all abused and non-asserted Federal Government powers.

    The Federal Government has its last change to assert power; otherwise at a Constitutional convention they shall have no voice or vote.

    The states shall tell the Federal Government what the new Constitution is – what power is revoked, which rebels are legally subdued.

    * * *

    The Constitutional Convention has already started. It builds off what is already in the constitution.

    Whether this Congress or Executive with to assent to or accept the self-evident failure of the Federal Government is irrelevant.

    Just as the legislature and executive have ignored the will of the People – the Constitution – so too shall the people ignore the Executive and Legislature when drafting amendments to end this unlawful rebellion against the Constitution.

    Unless the Executive assents to the will of the People – as did King John – this Executive remains in rebellion;

    Unless this Executive agrees in writing that power cannot be abused and rights must be protected – this Executive must be lawfully removed from office.

    This President shall be compelled to assent to the rule of law and personally hand deliver his written promise to the congress to resign; or the Federal Government’s abused and non-asserted powers shall be lawfully revoked.

    This Executive has no choice but to admit he is no longer a leader. He is a pawn. He has lost the agenda. He shall be forced to assent – as did King John – to words that are on a piece of paper, and then he shall be lawfully removed from office. He has no choice.

    This process has already started. There is nothing the Congress or President can do to stop this. The States have already started action and debate. It is only a matter of a few short days before the President is lawfully removed from office, or the imminent Constitutional Convention accelerates.

    The process has started. It is lawful. It is Consistent with the rule of law. It respectful of the Constitution. It acts in harmony with Article V which outlines a Constitutional Convention. All other chances have passed. The American national leadership has failed.

    The citizens of American must know there has always been a solution to this problem. Your leadership has failed to lawfully assert power – and has chosen to assent to the abuse of power. It was their choice. They refused to lead. It is their failure for them to explain. You need not explain anything.

    * * *

    The Congress has one choice – to either lawfully remove the President form office or have their non-asserted powers revoked.

    The President has one choice – to either depart the political stage through resignation of impeachment, or sign his concurrence to relinquish the abused powers.

    * * *

    This Congress has already chosen to do nothing. It refuses to act. It defies the law. It does not gather evidence. Phase II is buried. Their excuses are meaningless. They are not leaders. They have no evidence. They have no defense. They have no excuse.

    The longer they delay the easer it will get.

    The more they refuse, the easier it will be.

    Already the President’s approval ratings are low. The public is about to learn more. A few more days and it will be impossible to say that a Constitutional Convention is impossible. It is not a high watermark – we the People have already exceeded this watermark with previous Amendments. The self-evident abuses are sufficient to tip the balance.

    This Federal Government must accept it has lost control of the agenda.

    The process to lawfully remove the President has started. Congress must do so or they shall be compelled to do so.

    This process cannot be stopped. The people know. There is more evidence. The states can easily act – they have already demonstrated a willingness to do so.

    The choice is clear: Lawfully remove the Executive or have your power revoked.

    * * *

    Once the Federal Government impeaches the President, we might tell them which powers we plan to revoke. The Federal Government has the burden to justify confidence, loyalty, respect and deference. We see nothing to warrant continued confidence.

    The voters see what the state and federal officials must do. The choice is between the rule of law and the rebellion. Unless they assert the rule of law – with an impeachment – the rule of law shall be asserted on them imminently through a Constitutional Convention.

    The choice is between the Constitution and rebellion. The RNC is powerless. The RNC has no leadership. The RNC is in rebellion against the Constitution.

    The Agenda is the constitution. It doesn’t matter what the Congressional staffers do or do not do; or what they say: War criminals deserve no deference; rallies to face “other things” are irrelevant. It is fitting for the Country to tame this rebellion and compel Congress and the Executive to assent to the rule of law. There is no other choice. It is the will of the people.

    The staffers in the federal government and lawyers in the legal community have been used: To argue over trivial matters, to organize efforts that are meaningless, and argue points that are of no substance.

    The Federal Government has been used – as a farmer uses a hen to lay eggs – this hen’s eggs are rotten. The hen is sick. We must intervene.

    * * *

    We have other options. Your leaders are worthless. The states have the reserved power to compel the Congress and Executive to assent to the rule of law; the states may lawfully discuss at a Constitutional Convention what specific powers shall be imminently revoked.

    We have seven months to lawfully grind this Federal government into submission to the rule of law. At the state level citizens continue to report who is and who is not asserting their oath. The NSA and JTTF forces are unable to intercept these communications.

    The voters have seven [7] months to digest what is going on – and observe who in their local and state governments are for or against the rule of law. There is only one right answer: the Constitution, and its role in protecting rights and preventing abuse.

    * * *

    The deadline to lawfully remove the President from office remains 1 April 2006. After that date the citizens, voters, and residents of the world will know the Federal Government refused to act; the work to compel assent to the rule of law will accelerate.

    We can outlast this failed Federal Government. We are more determined by their resistance. They have no vision, only excuses.

    We have the power of the Constitution. The Federal Government shall soon be stripped of abused and non-asserted power. This leadership no longer has the time to think about it.

    You were warned. You failed to heed that warning. You have no choice. You shall now be told. It is the will of the people.

    You have wished for this.

    * * *

    Next step

    You are ready: Practice discussing a Constitutional Convention: It will test whether you are committed to protect your rights, and prevent the abuse of power.

    Task: Discuss with your friends where they stand on the rule of law; and mobilize to force your local officials to pass proclamations calling for impeachment and a Constitutional Convention.

    You may practice discussing this wherever you like. Be prepared. The RNC has only non-sense -- as does this Congress to justify inaction, and the failure to assert the rule of law. Your Constitution is about protecting rights and preventing the abuse of power. This leadership has failed.

    Note: Here's a sample of the non-sense you may run into. This is practice. Before you make a comment at the Haloscan link, I recommend you read the full Haloscan comments in item 2. Ask yourself: Are you prepared to fight for the Constitution? If the answer is yes, then enter:

    1. You can discuss this issue here: Click.

    2. You can review this information; and ask those who chat with you -- which side of the Constitution are they on? Read the full Haloscan comments Here -- ask yourselves, before you enter: "Am I prepared to put the Constitution before all things?" If the answer is yes, enter and demand to know: Why this nation's leadership, legal community, and scholars have refused to act. The time for waiting is ended. The time to lawfully remove this man from office is at hand. Congress has until 1 April 2006 to act; if they fail, we shall continue with the imminent Constitutional Convention. This will give voters plenty of time to digest what has not been done, and lawfully find new leaders who put their oath before the rule of law. Either way, we shall lawfully mandate that the Congress assent to the rule of law; and that this Congress act. Otherwise, the Constitutional Convention will be the forum for the world to see that American leaders defy their oaths and are unfit to be elected, hold office, and remain in rebellion against the 14th Amendment.

    Again, at the following link read the entire Haloscan feed -- the long list of comments -- and ask yourself: Are you serious about the rule of law, and who are these people who say, "We're not sure" and "Go away"? [ Review the detailed comments, and prepare yourself for their onslaught: Click ]

    We have returned. We shall be relentless.

    The Constitutional shall prevail. We shall have our rights protected; and we shall compel the abuse of power to end.

    The People have spoken.

    Choose: Are you for the Constitution or are you for the rebellion? State clearly, and do not play games with silly animals, nor be blind.

    You have been given fair warning to have in put all along, and now you only whine that you are "tired" of hearing about this. Thank you for confirming that you knew well what was going on and have refused to participate in.

    For that reason alone, you have lost a seat at the table. You had your chance, but you decided, "we know better."

    Self-evidently, you know very little.

    Congratulations, the entire world knows of this non-sense; and we can proceed swiftly to compel this Congress to lawfully remove this man from office; if they do not act by 1 April 2006 the Constitutional Convention shall lawfully revoke their power and compel them to do what they promised to do.

    You made a very poor choice.

    We shall never forget who got in the way; and who assisted.

    Are you "not interested"? Then be gone! You are unfit to be leaders.

    You must decide whether you want to assert the Constitutional Convention, or take a seat at this forum: [ Click ]

    You have wished for this.