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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

RNC voters must choose: Between the rebellion or the Constitution

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    * * *

    The choice is between the rebellion against the rule of law and the Constitution.

    It is that simple.

    The RNC voters, leadership, and membership have to face their dilemma: Whether they are for the rule of law; or whether they are for the rebellion against the Constitution.

    There is a simple answer. But there are many excuses and diversion.

    The RNC is not about national security; it is about excuses for failures over national security.

    The RNC membership has to choose: Are we going to assert the rule of law, or remain a threat to the American way of life?

    There is only one answer: The Constitution.

    * * *

    Background material

    While you read the following, you'll come across a number of themes. Here are the links.

  • Theme 1: Cattle over the castle wall: The UAE deal is a ruse [ Click ]

    Analogy: When a castle was under siege, and supplies running low, they would catapult a cow over the castle wall, sending the signal, "We can outlast you." The surrounding army retreated. This is what the RNC and White House have done over the UAE deal -- it is a ruse to make the world believe the RNC leadership is serious about the rule of law.

    Logic flaw: If the RNC was "really concerned" about the issues over the UAE deal -- oversight, rules, and statutes -- why are they not also concerned about the "same issues" in the NSA area, and demanding a review?

    Answer: The UAE and President's reputation are like the cow they launched over the castle wall: They have nothing else.

    . . .

    Theme 2: The RNC cannot claim they are for national security

    Everything the RNC has done and achieved is at odds with national security: The get information and warnings, but ignore it; the illegally invade by choice, but do not plan; they have no evidence or legal foundation for NSA activity or detentions, but shift the burden of proof elsewhere.

    The RNC legal arguments fail. The job of the DNC is to reach out to the RNC members and make them realize -- your leadership can only offer you phony arguments.

    There is no merit to any argument that the RNC is about "national security" -- the results are at odds with that. Rather, the RNC has nothing but non-sense; the only thing they can do is scrape non-sense together.

    Nothing adds up. And the voters are smart enough to realize this.

    . . .

    Theme 3: States can force impeachment [ Link ]

    There are solutions. The RNC cannot hide an impeachment -- as they have done this censure -- in the House Judiciary committee. The states can lawfully issue a proclamation, and the House has to vote up or down.

    The DNC leadership and RNC members need to realize that the RNC and White House have run out of legal options, and they have too much time and not enough excuses. The voters can see what is going on.

    . . .

    Theme 4: Lawfully revoking abused powers [ Link ]

    If the Federal government refuses to tame this tyrant, and end this rebellion the states may lawfully revoke the abused powers.

    Make no mistake, we know this is difficult; but we also know that there is a foreseeable end. The RNC and White House must know that this option remains. if they fail to assent to the rule of law, we will do what was done in 1215 with the Magna Charta and compel there be an assent to the law: Protect rights and prevent abuse.

    The message is clear: This non-sense will end. The RNC cannot hope to sustain itself; in the long run the world will know the RNC and the Constitution are at odds with one another.


    The states can compel the Federal government to act on impeachment; have a constittional convention to revoke the abused powers; and force this non-sense to end. The responsibiltiy lies with the RNC: Do they wish to support this rebellion or support the Constitution.

    * * *


    The RNC leadership has a problem. We know they have failed.

    It is clear the RNC leadership has failed to credibly protect America. It has put America at risk.

    The RNC leadership is desperate. It relies on non-sense.

    The voters know.

    The RNC has no answers. They only offer non-sense and distractions.

    They are war criminals.

    * * *

    The UAE Port issue needs to be looked at in the terms of “agenda.” Consider it in terms of the Reichstag, 9-11, and the RNC attacks on their own office in the 2004 election.

    The UAE port issue was created on the basis of simply looking at the political landscape. The RNC looked what could be done to sway voters to the RNC.

    The RNC doesn’t care about national security. If they did they’d have focused on the information prior to 9-11 and would have sufficiently provisioned the troops. Moreover, they would have listened to the CIA analysts over the Iraq WMD issue.

    All the RNC has done is review the voting districts and asked, “What can we do to protect the President” and advance our position in the house.

    The RNC’s goal is simple. TO advance “the points they want to make” without regard to facts. After reviewing the political landscape, they agreed that their strongest point was national security – and it moves the attention off impeachment, the unlawful NSA wiretapping, and distracts attention from the war crimes.

    The “National Security debate” is the RNC’s problem. Despite the flaws of the argument, the “national security”-argument is the best they can do.

    The 2006 election is orchestrated to focus on national security. This is a bogus issue.

    The real issue is the Constitution and rule of law.

    The 2006 election is not a “debate over whether people are for or against national security” – nor is it a tradeoff between “the rule of law or national security.”

    Rather, it is simply about facing reality: The RNC can only play the “national security argument” because it cannot win on anything else

    * * *

    The trap the national leadership is falling into is responding to the catcalls of “are you for or against national security.” The ruse is simple: Bait people to defend whether they are for or against a red herring.

    The real problem is the RNC’s failure to account for their disastrous “national security” results. The examples are numerous. Consider the Iraq body armor; or the failure to mobilize prior to 9-11 despite the NSA monitoring. If you carefully go down the list you’ll see a pattern: The RNC does more time talking about national security than achieving results in national security.

    * * *

    America cannot wait until the “RNC cooperates” on the war crimes investigation. Rather, the public needs to be encouraged to confidently make adverse inferences – conclusions in the vacuum of facts as the RNC refuses to cooperate.

    * * *

    Some are reluctant to censure. The reluctance is driven by a false fear. The RNC is playing the “are you for or against national security”-argument.

    The President can be censured for violating the law. Because the Senate does or does not take a stand on the rule of law – has no bearing whether the President does or does not have power to wage war. Wars have to be lawfully waged.

    * * *

    The legal community needs to be taken to task. They assented to the non-sense over Guantanamo; and they’ve failed to assert the law in re Iraq.

    This country has been let down. The nation is using non-sense arguments to shift the burden from POTUS in whether there was or was not an imminent threat in Iraq. There was none. This is a war crime. The burden of proof rests with the President: Where is the evidence of an imminent threat – there is none. It is time to prepare for a war crimes trial. The Joint Staff well knows they face legal repercussions for waging unlawful war. They refused to remove themselves.

    * * *

    The national leadership needs to look at the RNC strategy as it is: To avoid accountability for war crimes.

    Their “national security argument” is phony.

    The DNC incorrectly fears they will “lose votes.” Rather, the approach needed is to show that the RNC “national security argument” – the excuse to do nothing – is phony; and why the voters need not focus on this non-sense.

    Leadership is needed. The DNC needs to show how the public is getting manipulated.

    The RNC has one3 goal: To get others to assent to a phony argument, and take no action on impeachment or war crimes. The RNC goal is to delay action and information until after the 2006 election.

    The RNC does not care about national security. Their action and results are at odds with this argument. Their only concern is to protect themselves; they will even make their President “look stupid over the UAE deal” in order to refocus the debate on the phony national security issue. The RNC only hopes to do one thing: Insulate themselves from accountability.

    The Grand Jury and US Attorney continue to gather evidence.

    The voters can make adverse judgments. We have just over seven months to discuss the issues: What is to be done to protect our rights and prevent the abuse of power.

    This nation cannot simply roll over and argue the RNC’s points. Rather, it is time to throw the issue back onto the RNC and make them justify why they should be trusted on the “national security”-argument – they have nothing to stand on, and they know it.

    All they can do is shift the focus from them to others by asking, “Are you for or against national security?”

    The job of the leadership is to point out what the RNC is doing; refocus the debate; and swiftly move to mobilize the voters to see what the RNC is really about: Denial, and protection of themselves not the country and not the Constitution.

    * * *

    It remains to be understood who in the media knows of the UAE ruse and is not reporting the issue.

    * * *

    Nobody can credibly argue that the “NSA illegal monitoring” is about “national security.” The illegal activity started before 9-11. If there was a “connection” between the NSA and “national security” the White House would have listened to what the NSA was saying before 9-11, about Iraq WMD, and from overseas.

  • Before 9-11: The RNC ignored the information

  • After 9-11: The RNC made up information

  • Before Iraq: The RNC made up information

  • After Iraq: The RNC failed to provide body armor.

    This is not leadership. Nor is it defense. They chose to go to war, ignored analysts. The Iraq debacle is the RNC debacle.

    The UAE deal is about refocusing on what the RNC cannot credibly argue is a ‘strong point.”

    * * *

    The UAE is like the 9-11 and RNC attacks on their own office. It simply focuses on a phony issue, and distracts attention from the real problems: A leadership failure.

    * * *

    The “national security argument” is phony over Iran. Iran is not a threat. The NIE informs us that they ‘re 10 years away. There is no imminent threat.

    The RNC will do more of what they did on 9-11 and the UAE port deal. Their only goal is to focus on non-legal issues, protect the President, and move the debate from the war crimes and impeachment.

    They will lie about Iran. They will appear to sacrifice their President. They are doing this because they are war criminals and have no defense over the NSA issue.

    The public can understand. All the DNC needs to do is explain what is going on.

    * * *

    Voters can make adverse inferences. We do not need to cooperate with War criminals. It doesn’t matter what the President wants to call himself.

    He chose this war. He refused to act prior to 9-11. The NSA was monitoring.

    He chose the war in Iraq. He failed to plan. He ignored analysts.

    That does not sound like a “national security” concern.

    Rather, the analysts told him that it would be difficult. He did not provide enough support. The commanders asked for more help; he refused to do what the commanders said. He lied about listening. Bremer admits that they did not have enough – the commanders knew this.

    If national security was a real concern to the RNC, they would have acted prior to 9-11. They failed. The NSA was monitoring.

    * * *

    The RNC has simply looked at the country and decided which areas to manipulate. They are lying to the country. Their arguments do not add up.

    The RNC isn’t about national security. It is about denial.

    If the RNC was “concerned” about national security, it would figure out what was wrong in the Phase II report and implement the solutions. But they’ve buried the report. That does not sound like a “concern” with national security.

    Rather, we can make an adverse inference. They are concerned about the revelations of what the facts will make.

    We do not have to wait for the facts. We can make a decision: The RNC is not credible. They are lying. They are misleading the nation.

    If the RNC was “concerned” about national security, they would have used the NSA to monitor the communication between the UK and UAE over the UAE port deal.

    The President wants us to believe “he didn’t know.” It doesn’t matter. We cannot believe that the RNC is “concerned” about national security – they are surprising the country. The NSA is there to give warning.

    The failures are consistent. The RNC is not to be believed about the “national security” argument. The DNC needs to throw this back at the RNC and say, “You have no credibility. You are not for national security—your argument is non0sense.”

    * * *

    The issue is the Constitution. The rule of law is simple: The rules are there to be followed.

    This president ignores the rules when it comes to Guantanamo. Then, he demands the world give him what he denies all: Evidence.

    The President has no credibility. He has no evidence of an imminent threat.

    The President has violated habeas corpus – he refuses to explain – with real evidence – why he detains people.

    The CIA has told the President that the war in Iraq would backfire; that it would likely stir up a response. If the RNC and President were “concerned” with national security they would have taken this into consideration. The President did not. He is not concerned about national security. This President is concerned about something else.

    It doesn’t matter what that “something else is.” Nothing this President or RNC does justify confidence they are about national security. Their results make no sense.

    The RNC can only point to the DNC asking, “We need help, and we are going to blame you for our failures. We in the RNC have no solutions – so we’re going to blame you in the DNC for not solving the problems the RNC have brought to the table.”

    It is time to throw the mess at the RNC: This is your mess, you fix it.

    They have lied. They do not care about national security. They do not plan. They do not add up.

    They are only about one thing: Distractions and excuses.

    They do not care about the Constitution. They make non-sense legal arguments.

    They can provide nothing to justify confidence in their arguments.

    There was no imminent threat in Iraq. They cannot point to any evidence of an imminent threat. All they can point to is propaganda and silly quotes.

    * * *

    The RNC is at odds with the constitution.

    Throw the mess at the RNC voters: Why are they supporting war criminals?

    Why do they believe this non-sense about the “national security”?

    It is up to the RNC voters to explain themselves. They cannot credibly defend their leadership. They cannot defend their choices. They cannot defend their arguments.

    Their only goal is to make up non-sense about the laws, shift the burden, and do non-sense. That is all they are about.

    But the voters know what is going on.

    The RNC doesn’t care about national security. They say they do – but their actions are not consistent with that assertion, nor are their results. They failed before 9-11 despite the unlawful NSA mentoring.

    The “national security”-argument is manufactured.

    The NSA is at the heart of the flaws over 9-11 and the “national security” argument. The NSA knows what is really going on with the UAE deal; and what the President and Congress knew long ago.

    Notice how quickly the deal was done. Now the UAE wants to take a “long time” to undo it. That is absurd. They could simply reverse the transaction.

    Yet, despite all the “big work” and “really complicated reviews” that the UAE supposedly has to do to end this, NSA “didn’t pick up anything” – that’s absurd.

    It doesn’t add up.

    * * *

    The issue is Habeas corpus -- The President has no evidence to justify holding the people at Guantanamo. The US is lying. The detainees didn’t have anything to do with 9-11. If there were facts, there would be trials. There is nothing. They have no evidence.

    The RNC has failed. It makes up non-sense. The RNC asserts a “standard of evidence” over war crimes – what has to be shown before impeachment -- but fails to provide evidence over the detainees. That is a war crimes.

    The laws of war apply to US service members. Article 1 Section 8 applies to US persons acting in support of the United States. The laws of war apply to how the US will treat people. The status of the detainees is irrelevant; their rights cannot be denied based on what the President asserts – but has not proven.

    It is a myth that the laws of war do not apply to the detainees. The laws of war apply to US military personnel – the US military has no choice but to treat others with respect. It is the law.

    Guantanamo is designed as a show piece. It is also a violation of the law.

    Guantanamo is what the RNC is all about: Shifting evidence, denying the law, and shifting the burden proof.

    Guantanamo is about asserting non-sense legal arguments, and providing no evidence.

    Guantanamo is about making non-sense about the law.

    Guantanamo is non-sense to justify illegal activity – ignoring treaties and making non-sense argument to justify more non-sense and abuse.

    * * *

    Real national security is protecting the constitution and rule of law. The RNC and NSA conduct are at odds with national security.

    National security means lawfully engaging in combat operations. The RNC and NSA are at odds with lawful activity.

    The RNC arguments about “national security’ are non-sense.

    If they were serious the RNC would do the opposite of what it is doing. The RNC would listen to the analysts. The RNC ignores the analysts.

    The RNC would pay attention to the commanders. The RNC ignores the commanders.

    The RNC would lawfully conduct combat operations. The RNC violates the laws of war.

    The RNC would focus on real threats. The RNC chases ghosts

    The RNC would focus on solving problems. The RNC has no solutions.

    The RNC would focus on telling the truth. The RNC lies.

    The RNC would prepare for war. The RNC did not prepare for Iraq.

    The RNC would tell the truth to Congress. The RNC lies to Congress about Iraq.

    The RNC would be honest about the AUMF. The AUMF is based on fraud.

    The RNC would listen to feedback. The RNC smears those who question illegal activity.

    The RNC would pay attention. The RNC does not listen to those who are on the ground.

    * * *

    Nothing the RNC is saying makes sense.

    There is no credible basis for the RNC to go to anyone in Congress – from either party and say, “Be careful what you vote for. Are you against national security?”

    Clearly, the RNC is against national security.

    The real issue is to focus on the Constitution.

    The real agenda is simple: Get the DNC to trust the voters to figure it out: The RNC is meaningless.

    The RNC knew prior to 2002 what would be difficult in Iraq. They were told about the insurgency risks.

    They lie when they say they were not told about the insurgency risks. They were told of the real risk.

    Americans need leadership to show them what the RNC is all about. The RNC is manipulating the public and Congress using non-sense.

    The RNC uses bogus issues to rally voters.

    The arguments are at odds of what they really do. They cannot claim they are for national security – their conduct and results are at odds with that nation.

    They violate the law. They make up information. They wage illegal wars. They detain people with out evidence.

    Their only excuses: More non-sense, more distractions, and more baloney.

    The voters can be shown what the RNC is all about.

    The voters are smart. The voters can see. The voters will listen. The voters can make adverse judgments.

    The voters can be show their trust has been betrayed.

    * * *

    Everything the RNC does or says needs to be thrown back at them: It is their mess. Make them justify. Make them produce the evidence.

    They have no evidence. NO evidence o fan imminent threat. No evidence to justify detentions. No evidence to justify violation the law.

    No evidence. Nothing.

    And Congress wants to investigate. What? What is Congress going to look at? There is no evidence. It is non-existent.

    The RNC hides non-sense. The RNC hides documents. The RNC hides evidence. There’s nothing in the files to “protect” – it is empty. There’s no evidence to justify what they are doing.


    The voters can be shown the way. They will listen. What’s needed is a simple explanation: What is going on, and what is to be done.

    If there is a roadblock, there needs to be solution.

    If there is non-sense, it needs to be thrown back at the RNC.

    * * *

    The DNC needs to do what the RNC did: Look at the country, and face facts. Then reach out to the voters.

    The RNC looks at the US as a pie to carve. Some pieces are moldy and you ignore them; other pieces are nice; and other pieces they already have.

    But the pie is not theirs. It’s ours. We can take back those pieces the RNC thinks it “owns.”

    The RNC voters need to be treated with respect. They need to be reassured that the DNC is going to be strong. Will lead. And really solve problems.

    Yes, it is easy to say, “Are you for or against national security”. But that question has to be answered with results and solutions. The RNC isn’t giving us that. It’s giving us excuses.

    Is the RNC better organized? Look at Iraq and Katrina. That is a mess.

    What’s the DNC solution? That’s a non-sense question: It proves the RNC has run out of solutions.

    The issue is who do you trust to tell you the truth; and what needs to be done.

    If you want to get lied to – you’ve got it.

    If you want to protect your rights and prevent the abuse of power – you’ve got it -- it’s in the Constitution.

    * * *

    The RNC simply looked at the districts they hope to win because of non-sense issues.

    The RNC goal is to defeat any questions over their claim to national security. Their claim is meaningless.

    The way forward is to focus the issue on the real issue: The Constitution, and what is to be done to protect the document that is the framework for our national security.

    The way forward has to be based on the rule of law. Failure to assert the rule of law is not consistent with national security.

    The way forward is based on accountability. Failure to figure things out and solve problems is not consistent with national security.

    * * *

    It’s time to quit “talking about being leaders” and being leaders.

    The voters can figure it out. They can understand the problem. They know that they can figure things out. They don’t need to be led.

    They need a reason to believe that they’re being led in the right direction.

    But the right direction is clear: The Constitution, the rule of law, sound reasons, evidence, and prudent policy.

    The RNC is not offering that. They offer lies and deception.

    It’s time for the legal community to speak out: Are you for or against the Constitution; if you are for the rule of law, then you need to encourage others to walk through the legal non-sense and explain the prudent adverse inferences the public can make.

    Stop talking about your “fiduciary duty”. Start talking about your Constitution.

    Where were you when the call came and the country needed leaders? Were you “too busy” to speak; were you “too busy” to point the voters on the real issues?

    Lawyers have the command of reason and prudence. It must be put to good use: To keep the nation focused on the law, sound reasons, and prudence. That is the framework of our constitution.

    * * *

    The public can understand, and they need to know: there are sound people doing sound things.

    This entire war has been manufactured. There is no reason to give deference to POTUS as “commander in chief.”

    The overseas issues – UAE, Iran, and Iraq – are manufactured to distract attention from the war crimes.

    The domestic issues – ports, the Constitution, and the rule of law – can be addressed.

    The issue isn’t national security. The issue is: What are the solutions.

    The way forward is to compel the White House to provide evidence – to justify confidence – prove to the American people that the reason they are doing things is based on evidence.

    To date, there is no evidence. No evidence to justify war crimes, no evidence to justify detentions.

    When there is no evidence, but we have a war – that is a war crime.

    When there is no evidence, but we have detentions, that is a violation of the law.

    The NSA and illegal activity have one goal: Avoid accountability for abusing power.

    The conduct at Guantanamo is at odds with the Standards the President demands of others. The President wants the world to “run around” and “find things” – but this is the job of the President: Find the evidence to justify confidence.

    They have no evidence. They have non0sense.

    That is no leadership. That is reckless. That is negligent. That is a war crime.

    * * *

    American leaders need to stop playing the “RNC agenda”. Start leading.

    Explain why the national security issue is a non-sense RNC fabrication.

    American leaders need to sit down and review the issues.

    Explain why they know what is happening.

    Show what is needed to assert the rule of law.

    Show we are meeting our humanitarian obligations.

    Show how we are reaching out to the states to listen to their concerns.

    Show what the RNC is doing: How they mobilize based on non-sense.

    Show how the RNC is at odds with the “best argument they have” – national security.

    The real leaders will quit responding. The real leaders will set the agenda: The Constitution, the rule of law, impeachment, and lawfully advancing the American Constitution.

    There is a simple goal: To protect rights and abuse power.

    If there are no leaders, then the States are going to individually assert their power to mandate that there be leaders who do something that resembles leadership.

    * * *

    The RNC conduct brings discredit upon the legal profession.

    The RNC should be mocked. Their cause is lost.

    They can only hope to avoid impeachment and war crimes trials with non-sense.

    The RNC manufactures disasters. The RNC is at odds with disasters.

    The RNC is reckless, negligent, and not all that bright.

    They believe the voters are stupid.

    The RNC has no hope. The case law is at odds with their conduct.

    The case law is at odds with their illegal war in Iraq.

    The case law is at odds with their illegal Presidential programs.

    The case law is at odds with their illegal NSA domestic spying.

    The RNC relies on fear and non-sense of 9-11 and the UAE. They use non-sense to sway voters, not lead them.

    The public can make adverse inferences.

    POTUS and the RNCY rely on the “constitutional rights” to avoid war crimes trials; but they deny these rights to others.

    That is not leadership. That is evidence of a criminal, an abusive criminal at that.

    The laws of war apply to US troops. It doesn’t matter whether the US does or does like someone. The laws mandate that the US troops treat others with respect. What the US does or does not “want” to do is irrelevant.

    There is no evidence to justify anything.

    There is plenty of evidence to encourage the RNC voters to consider who they really call a leader; and what they really hope to accomplish with their votes.

    Yes, you have a choice. But you may not choose to assent to an unlawful Presidential rebellion; nor may you assent to violations of the law.

    You cannot permit the violations of our rights to continue; nor may you permit the Federal Government to abuse power.

    There is only one answer: the Constitution. It is there to protect rights and proven the abuse of power.

    The RNC relies on non-sense to distract attention from their abuse; and then violates rights to abuse. They have no real goal – their only goal is to abuse power.

    They’ve done that.

    Now it is time to find new leaders with new goals.

    The RNC has exhausted their time on the political stage. They remain a threat to this country’s national security. They rely on non-sense. And they manipulate the public.

    The RNC isn’t about national security. It is about the abuse of power. They do not care about America or the constitution. They say they do – but their actions are at odds with that.

    If the RNC really cared about America they would tell the truth; be honest; follow the laws; and lawfully assert power to tame this President’s rebellion.

    If the RNC really cared about national security – it would tell the truth; be honest; follow the laws; and lawfully assert power to tame this President’s war crimes.

    The RNC refuses to act. It has no solution. It only asserts power.

    The RNC voters need to decide: Are you going to assent to more non-sense, and be manipulated; are you going to ask your leadership the questions they need to ask; or are you going to blame the world because you failed to assent to the laws of war and standards of conduct you impose on others.

    You must choose: Whether you are for or against the Constitution.

    The RNC membership must decide: Are you going to support this President’s unlawful rebellion; or are you going to remove yourself from that rebellion.

    Civilians can be tried for war crimes. Title 18 applies to all people. It is not uniquely applicable to “just military personnel.” Those who assent to non-sense can be used to support war crimes.

    Those in the RNC who continue to believe this non-sense about “national security” and “what the RNC is or is not doing” – need to start asking your leadership for the evidence.

    Why should we in the RNC believe this leadership?

    What is the evidence we in the RNC can believe that will justify our support?

    Are we supporting an unlawful war?

    Are we blaming others?

    The answer is: Yes, you are supporting an unlawful war; and no, there is no evidence to justify your support.

    The answer in clear: You blame others, and there is not reason you should believe your leadership.

    Rather, the only reason you believe is that there are no facts or evidence.

    You do not know.

    * * *

    The issue is single and simple: The Constitution.

    The RNC membership must decide whether you are for or against that document.

    Your leadership is in rebellion.

    Those who defy the laws and rebel against the constitution will lose all powers.

    The 14th Amendment talks about those who are in rebellion.

    Your job in the RNC is to decide whether you want to have a country based on national security and the rule of law; or whether you want the non-sense you RNC leadership is giving you.

    It is not too late to remove yourself from this conspiracy.

    You do not have to wait to have the evidence. It is clear: there is no evidence.

    You are being asked to wait to decide – but you have non reason to wait.

    The evidence is clear: Your President is a war criminal; and the RNC is a threat to national security.

    The way forward is to support the laws of war; and assert the Constitution and rule of law.

    Your job is to compel the leadership pin the RNC to show you the evidence; to come clean; and justify why you should believe them.

    They have no reason. They only have non-sense.

    The voters know.

    The time to act is now. If the RNC membership refuses to tame this rebellion, the States will.

    If the RNC membership refutes to assent to the rule of law, the States are prepared to lawfully revoke the power of the Federal Government that is getting abused.

    You cannot argue it will never happen. It has already started.

    The issue is whether you are going to still have that power – or whether you will forever be barred from holding public office.

    You have to choose: Between the Constitution and your rebellion.

    You have been warned before. You must decide.

    You have brought this on yourself. The answer lies within you.

    The right answer is the Constitution.

    You must choose.

    If you fail to choose the Constitution, know you shall be respected and lawfully defeated.

    You shall lose.

    You have wished for this.