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Monday, March 06, 2006

NSA Topical Study: How bloggers are outpacing the MSM

One of the problems with dealing with this White House and NSA has been the secrecy. However, there are methods to piece things together. Glenn's visiting blogger, Anonymous Liberal raised some interesting points on the relationship between blogs and the Main Stream Media [MSM].

One thing I've noticed is that some of my blog comments from many weeks ago now appear ripe, but they're buried.

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

I wanted to summarize what this blog has done, and perhaps others have ideas of what bloggers can do to dive into the NSA issue.

This is merely a topical-snapshot that I thought was a focused summary of where I see the President in terms of the NSA unlawful activity and the impeachment issues.

The point of this listing is twofold:

1. that open source information can be used to find out things the President and NSA are hiding; and

2. these gems can be organized to lawfully remove a wayward Executive from office for war crimes, violations of the law, and other high crimes.

The key is to notice the details, then couch them in terms others recognize command attention and lawful action.

Here is the Topical Study

1. The problems are grave for the White House. They have complex ruses to distract attention: [ Click ]

2. Here's a guide bloggers can use to find gems in the NSA-DoD Regulations/Statutes to learn more about the unlawful NSA programs: [ Click ]

3. One approach is understanding the problems with the NSA modernization efforts, and seeing how the pre 9-11 development shed light on what the White House cannot escape: The technology is at odds with the statute. [ Click]

4. Problems with the NSA legal defenses in light of FISA and case law. [ Click ]

5. Sample case showing how the current RNC/WH buzzwords are at odds with precedent. [ Click ]

6. Sample case law giving the Ranking Member on the Senate Intelligence Committee power to order the NSA IG to do something, but doesn't appear to be used, why? [ Click ]

7. A cut at the NSA issues in light of the UCMJ and charges against the Joint Staff. [ Click ]

8. Line of evidence showing the President and Gonzalez are lying about the DoJ workload to do the FISA warrants. [ Click ]

9. Legal trap the President is in on the NSA issue -- reporting requirement to Congress -- haven't heard much on this nuance: [ Click ]

10. Archive: Tidbits about the NSA issues [ here].