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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Arguments against a Constitutional Convention are frivolous

There is no merit to any argument not to have a constitutional convention.

This is the archive of the summary opposition points, and a brief discussion of why each point has no merit.

Format [ Excuse: Basis for no merit ]

Included is a summary analysis of what is or is not a recurring trend in the Federal Government defense over inaction.

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Time: We will be the same age as if we take no action

Difficulty: Assents to abuse

Complexity: So

Won't work: without seeing the details

Uncertainty: Who will defy

Impossible: Done before

Change is impossible: 1215 and 1776 worked

Will never get approved: How know

Not enough support: Can

Disruptive: Parallel

Laughable: Not serious

Other priorities: Parallel

Not good for country: Improvement

Must stick with what have: Alternative


Same people who assert non-sense use non-sense

Those who have given up hope, have no hope