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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Constitutional Convention: Things you can do

This is a list of things you can do.

It is not intended to tell you what you should do.

These are just ideas for those of you who are wondering where to start.

[ There is a Constitutional Convention Archive Click ]

Blog about it

Look at the table of contents of this blog:
- Review Constitutional Convention Archive
- Look for samples/examples/things from State Proclamation archive
- Create your own analogies and make up new lists of things you can do

Discuss House rule 603 in a Constitutional Convention

Review the Constitutional Convention reslts: Notice the results and the percentage opposing in each state.

Read the Federalist Papers

List to/report on reasons to do nothng

Discussion Topics

Knowing what you now know, what would you tell the Famers about the constitutoin

- What would be a soultion

- What assumptions did they have that need to be revisited

- Consider the arguments for and against the Bill of Rights; how does the explicit lanague on what government can or cannot do compare to what is going on today.

- Are there reasons to not include something specific in the constitution

- What rationale is given to not include remarks and restrictions; which restrictions and rules did the Congress not include; should there be specific requirements included in the Constitution; why were these left out

- Have factions failed to clash

- Should speciic rules be included to nassert which Article 1 Sectoin 8 powers must be asserted, or face personal liability

- Are there meaningful consequences for Congressional malfeasance

- What will stop a majority party from waging and funding an unlawful war?

- What remedy is there to require Members of Congress to remove themselves from an ulnaful activity?

Things you can do

Research Constituional Conventions

- How are they organized

- What methods were used to reduce conflict

- How did the participants arrive at agreement

Review the Federalist and Anti-Fedearlit Papers

- Read about the Constituional Convention and Articles of Confederation

- What wen twrong

- What failed

- What solutions, philosphy, and assumptions led the way

- What needs to be revisited