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Friday, March 17, 2006

Iran: US looking at another mirror

The problem with Iraq -- yes, Iraq -- was we were looking at our fears.

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The issue is who initiated the talks -- looks like the US was behind the effort, not as the US would have us believe.

It's also not clear that the Iranians and Americans are talking about what the US would ahve us believe.

Rather, it's likely the US and Iraq are hoping to figure things out over Iraq: The US cannot guarantee Iraq-Iran border or internal security -- signs the American mlitary is not only stretched thin, but incapable of operating in a single theater.

US comments about Iran should be looked as the UAE issue: A diversion, backwards, and ignoring the real issues: The Constitution, NSA unlawful activity, and the failure of this Federal Government to effecitvely lead/manage/lawfully assert power.

Note the Iranians have requeested a meeting in a third countr -- not Iraq; but the US wants talks in Baghdad.

US is absurdly "worryijng" that the "Iranian offer" will "incrase Iranian stature." That may happen, but it means nothing -- the US's stature is already destroyed; Iran's relative increase isn't going to make the US positions less disasterous. This isn't a new problem, so it's irrelevant.