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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Constitutional Convention Planning Milestones

These are the Milestones for A Constitutional Convention

[ There is a Constitutional Convention Archive Click ]

Review Previous Constitutional Conventions, Federalist Papers

Problem definition: What to solve, what's outside the discussion

Solution success criteria

Pre-Convention coordination on language and solutions

Proposed rules
- Number of votes to adopt
- Relevance or cumbersomeness of Roberts Rules of Order vs. streamlined version

Draft Amendment for State Consideration


Adoption of rules and procedures

Number of votes needed

Delegates: How selected, who attends
- Choosing delegates
- Ensuring there is legitimacy in the result
- Delegate binders

Delegations vs. delegates


Ratification procedures

Discussion leaders
- Information required to make informed decisions

Dissenting views
- How afford equal time and prominence
- Handling disruptions
- Tolerance/limits on non-germane points

Adoption procedures
- Who approves
- Voting with direct vote -vs- State vote

Coordination with states
- Documents
- Balloting

Documentation, records, Archives
- Interesting points but not germane